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from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
It seems like I'm trapped in my own dreams It feels like the walls are caving in When I close my.. 
A Touch Of Evil
from album (A Touch Of Evil) by Judas Priest
You mesmerise slowly Till I can't believe my eyes Ecstasy controls me What you give just serves.. 
You Can't Fight Fate
from album (Can't Fight Fate) by Taylor Dayne
(Diane Warren) You can tell the truth You can tell a lie You can try to run from What you feel insi.. 
Evil Streets (remix)
from album (Evil Streets 12") by Onyx
featuring Method Man Intro: Method Man Spark that shit up and lets fly Oh my people.. 

The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
from album (The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh) by Cradle Of Filth
From the primeval mass let precious chaos vent Sacred flesh drenched in fornication beloved by Set m.. 
Dream Evil
from album (Dream Evil) by Dio
All's well at the midnight hour You're ready to fly Don't think about the darkness Or th.. 
from album (Melissa) by Mercyful Fate
Evil I was born on the cemetery Under the sign of the moon Raised from my grave by the dead I was m.. 
A Corpse Without Soul
from album (Mercyful Fate) by Mercyful Fate
Listen, I'm a corpse, I'm a corpse I'm a corpse without soul Satan, he's taken, he&#.. 
Nuns Have No Fun
from album (Mercyful Fate) by Mercyful Fate
Upon a cross a nun will be hanged She will be raped by an evil man Knock spikes through her hands Th.. 
Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem - Dr. Evil Remix)
from album (Austin Powers In Goldmember Soundtrack) by Dr. Evil & Mini Me
Take the baseline out: No? You dont have to... BOUNCE WITH IT!! It's a hard knock life for us I.. 
Can Only Dream
from album (Evil Alney) by Evil Alney
For me to be with you Is a dream that would never come true True happyness is out there Ive found it.. 
Evil Is Good
from album (Evil Is Good) by Murderdolls
Will God get things back to get, will God get things back to get, will God get things back to get, w.. 
The Fate Of Norns
from album (Fate Of Norns) by Amon Amarth
I feel a chill in my heart Like lingering winter cold I and my son are torn apart He was just 6 wint.. 

When You're Evil
from album (When You're Evil) by Voltaire
When the Devil is too busy And Death's a bit too much They call on me by name you see, For my sp.. 
4 Robots And An Evil Scientist
from album (4 Robots And An Evil Scientist) by Tsunami Bomb
What you did to us was inexcusable you disappointing, sallow scab Took advantage of us got your way,.. 
from album (Fate Of A Dreamer) by Ambeon
The Evil In You
from album (The Evil In You) by At Vance
Well there's something there that's frightning It lives close to your heart Something makes.. 
My Heart Was Broken
from album (Evil World) by The Evil Samaritans
CH I could see it in her eyes, I could see she did'nt love me. Now shame cast all around me, Thi.. 
from album (Encyclopedia Of Evil) by Bewitched
I was born on the cemetery Under the sign of the moon Raised from my grave by the dead I was made a.. 
from album (Axis Of Evil) by Suicide Commando
We are the Slaves of Goverment Leaders We are the free but we're locked in a cage We are invento.. 
Evil Eye
from album (Evil Eye) by Fu Manchu
6 hours before With an evil grin Better brace yourself Straightaway or win Call power slide Separate.. 
Bad Dreams
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
I dreamt I woke up in the middle of the night My heart was pounding like a drum The world was colour.. 
Break The Chains
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
Locked up he's been, into his cell They said he has to overcome his fears Living in darkness now.. 
By My Side
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
With venom of steel, the enemy's closing in With dark intentions and souls of black Blood in the.. 
Children Of The Night
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
I've been waiting For a sign to lead the way And to take me there someday Even maybe I will not.. 
Fear The Night
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
You watch the setting sun The fear hast just begun All living things now fall asleep You keep a burn.. 
Fight You 'Till The End
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
Just come inside and see It's not just fantasy It's where you want to be I lead you through.. 
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
Things I would love to have undone Those thoughts are useless, now you are gone I've never felt.. 
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
People see right through me Treat me like I'm air Talking shit about me as As if I am not there.. 
Live A Lie
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
Nothing is sacred - Not even what you tell me It doesn't matter what you say It's only hatre.. 
Made Of Metal
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
Made of metal, made of metal, made of metal, made of metal Can't bend what's made of metal.. 
The End
from album (Evilized) by Dream Evil
Right now I know it hurts But it'll get better I oughta know - I do Wish I could take away All s.. 
Theatre Of Fate
from album (Theatre Of Fate) by Viper
The crowd came to silence The spotlights are shining A tale has to be told In any age All the world.. 
Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure
from album (Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure) by Illnath
At the brink of Hell an island swims in lakes of fire by the darkened plains Deserted and dead it d.. 
Outbreak Of Evil
from album (In The Sign Of Evil) by Sodom
It's time to die Death stands behind the door Satan sends his warriors Demons break out of Hell.. 
Evil Prophecies
from album (The Prophet Of Evil) by Nostradameus
[Narrator:] In the royal court there was an evil man, telling prophecies He was the advisor to the n.. 
The Prophet Of Evil
from album (The Prophet Of Evil) by Nostradameus
Somewhere in time In a far away place A wonderful country is falling from grace They don't know.. 
A Proclamation Of Evil's Fate
from album (A Chorus Of Obliteration) by The Showdown
Behold, I come like a thief My kingdom I bring I come to purge the prince of death from off the eart.. 
Twist Of Fate
from album (Inventor Of Evil) by Destruction
Trust is nothin' to spit on It's something that you don't deserve You are a scheming pla.. 



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