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Monkey Kong
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
There's nothing real about your fight Nothing in the shit you write You've got charisma in y.. 
Kronet Til Konge
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
Stundom..Stundom, ser vi Deres hjemkomst, Hit hvor ondskap råder tidlost Og slik fryd det er å knu.. 
En Verden Af Liv
from album (Løvernes Konge) by Løvernes Konge
Fra den dag vi blir' sat her pÃ¥ Jorden er alting umÃ¥delig' stort der er mere at se, en.. 
King Kong Song
from album (Waterloo) by ABBA
Well I was looking at a movie on the TV last night Then I had a very funny notion, yeah I reall.. 

Concrete And Clay
from album (Album Unknown) by Hong Kong Syndicate
You to me Are sweet as roses in the morning And you to me Are soft as summer rain at dawn, in love w.. 
King Kong
from album (The Everything Man: The Best Of The Jimmy Castor Bunch) by The Jimmy Castor Bunch
Komo Sambe Kong Kong! Woo wooo woo He lived in the jungle where he was born the king His great str.. 
Hong Kong Bar
from album (Greetings From L.A.) by Tim Buckley
Sittin' in a Hong Kong bar Sweet dreams of you darling Ah when we were sweet sixteen Mama makin.. 
Donkey Kong
from album (Get This Party Started) by Kilo
Go go go go (x 8) Chorus Well this my pinky this my thumb Bankhead bounce donkey.. 
Kong Unleashed
from album (Great Balls Of Fire) by Misfits
Natutulog Kong Mundo
from album (Album Unknown) by Wolfgang
At naglaho ang liwanag sa dilim walang in***ngunit nakakabingi bote ng alak na hindi nabuksan mga.. 
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
Hey, we're gonna be around Hey, we're gonna work it out Hey, there's nothing to fight ab.. 
Don't Be Punks
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
It's a badly calculated move When you think we feel we need to prove That we paid our *** du.. 
Down On The Floor
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
I'm down on the floor, there's a man on the door He won't let me in 'cause he thinks.. 

For Starters
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
Waaaaaaa! Well, we did this once before And we're giving it some more And it's OK to be as.. 
Getting Around
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
All of your friends are famous You're the man at pulling favours Is that the best that you can d.. 
Hopper Jonnus Fang
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
I want to feel important, want to think I'm worth it Still feeling lame in the end Sit in, in th.. 
I Love Lake Tahoe
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
Four long years ago Searching for the snow We found the Tahoe lakes Just about the perfect place F.. 
If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
Coming back at you, record number two What a way to start the day Think you're big enough, with.. 
Jason's Addiction
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
Pretty scary how they know you It depends on who you talk to From the end to the beginning Only happ.. 
Miles Away
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
You're miles away... I'm not messing about, I've got a mile of self doubt Yeah, you.. 
Old Folks
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
I don't know I'm born, I'm only young I don't have a choice, you know I'm only y.. 
Summer On The Underground
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
It's summer on the underground There's so much sweat a man could drown There's panic on.. 
from album (A Vs Monkey Kong) by A
It's a warning, that's as far as we go Save it for the jury 'Cause I dont care anymore Y.. 
Cowboys In Hong Kong
from album (Avenue "A") by Red Rider
Me and some friends, whoa We been buddies since Boca Raton Signed on a ship To take a trip to old Ta.. 
Kong Foo Sing
from album (Tu-Plang) by Regurgitator
happiness is a kong foo sing with good fortune that it brings so quit your moping and crack one open.. 
Hinahanap Hanap Kita
from album (Pangarap Kong Ibigin Ka OST) by Regine Velasquez
Addict sayo awit sa akin nilang sawa na saking mga kwentong marathon Tungkol sayo at sa ligaya iyong.. 
Power Of Love (Konglish)
from album (Again) by Boa
Nege marhe jursu obni mannamui uimiga mwonji we to sarange pajinunji naui mamui han bubunur ani ne m.. 
Valeti (Konglish)
from album (Again) by Boa
Valenti (Konglish) Geuh dae leul bah lah bohn nae moh seub Geuh dae gah bah lah bohn nae moh seub.. 
King Kong Blees You
from album (Strip Tease) by Acid Drinkers
Attention everybody attention***s and women I've made a proclamation you've got to hear it.. 
Kong Hydnes Haug
from album (Arntor) by Windir
Yst i ran mektige Norafjorn, frao gudn Nor si ti. Yst i Lomeldi, heimsta Slind vart 'a pao Hyd.. 
Tian Kong
from album (J-game) by Jolin Tsai
ting zhe zi ji de xin tiao mei you gui ze de tiao yue wo an jing de zai si kao bing bu xiang bei she.. 
En Krig Å Seire
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
Tornede veier hvor minner farer Od hviskes vekk Forvitret som gammel stein Aldri shulle vi legge det.. 
Jesu Blod
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
De skulle foprvare en trone og dommedags juvelen svant i Slummer av falne kår Jeg la min sovne i is.. 
Kuldeblest Over Evig Isode
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
Stormens endelose kulde Over evige vidder av et tomt og mektig isode Tynger ensomhetens morke vinter.. 
Midnattskogens Sorte Kjerne
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
Taus som graven siger skodden Våt og mork mot skogen Legger seg olmt til rette så, Og hvisker kald.. 
Mournul, Yet And Forever
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
In the wind of evil eyes I watched every frozen star Surrounding a dyong sun Twilight climbing up s.. 
Når Vi Har Dolket Guds Hjerte
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
Så tetnet tåken til sist Så vandrer vi endelig til Dødheimsgard. Tilvaerelsens morkeste elemente.. 
Starcave, Depths And Chained
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
Slumbering in swamps Drowned my purest power For centuries to see A dawn to come I watch it every s.. 
When Heaven End
from album (Kronet Til Konge) by Dødheimsgard
Glance so far up in the pyre As flames hunts heaven high It's brought forth, a long Awaited illu.. 

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