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from album (Ta Mara & The Seen) by Ta Mara & The Seen
All I want is to get to know you better Be together very soon Me and you have a connection baby And.. 
from album (Maraca) by Sleater-Kinney
Uh-oh, Uh-oh We went backwards "Directionally impaired" Those were your words Oh I was s.. 
from album (1981-87 Retrospective II) by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson It's not how fast you can go The forc.. 
Hard Times
from album (Marathon) by Santana
Have you ever felt That your life is a wasting Happiness beyond your reach Sweet love has gone astra.. 

Lightning In The Sky
from album (Marathon) by Santana
Lightning in the sky Thunder on the ground Man and beast alike Seeking shelter from the storm All ar.. 
Love (Carlos Santana & Chris Solberg)
from album (Marathon) by Santana
Sufferin¡¯ night and day People all around me crying Enough--what¡¯s the use We don¡¯t even fe.. 
Stand Up
from album (Marathon) by Santana
Love brings a change I wanna take a chance And let it grow I trust my feelings I wanna be with you W.. 
Stay (Beside Me)
from album (Marathon) by Santana
Stay Beside me Don¡¯t go away Cause if you leave me I will lose my inspiration I don¡¯t wanna be.. 
Summer Lady
from album (Marathon) by Santana
Loving you this way Has made my tired heart sing Lady, you touch my soul With all the love you bring.. 
from album (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) by Midnight Oil
(spoken) I come from a land of wide open spaces Where the world turns around us and we just follow s.. 
Peanut Butter
from album (Album Unknown) by The Marathons
PEANUT BUTTERTHE MARATHONSWell there's a food goin round that's a sticky sticky goo(Peanut,.. 
from album (Tasty) by Kelis
Love is this marathon im running for you baby and you dont know me yet but faith is all i have See a.. 
8 Million Stories
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
Verse One: Phife Dawg Went to Carvel to get a milk shake This honey ripped me off of my loot c.. 
Award Tour
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
chorus Dove from De La Soul: We on Award Tour with Muhammad my man Goin each and every place wi.. 

Clap Your Hands
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
Chorus(scratching): Clap your hands now Phife: Brothas know the flavs when the Quest gets loo.. 
Electric Relaxation
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
++ corrections to this address only Relax yourself girl, please set-tle down (4X) Verse One:.. 
God Lives Through
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
"Oh my God!" -> Busta Rhymes (16X) [Phife Dawg] There's a million MC's th.. 
Keep It Rollin'
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
Verse One: Phife Dawg Aiyyo swing swing swing, to chop chop chop Yo that's the sound when.. 
Lyrics To Go
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
[Q-Tip] Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) uhh Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) ahh yeah, c'mon Lyrics.. 
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
Q-Tip: The night is my mind The sun'll still shine But the night is on my mind So parlay.. 
Oh My God
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
[Q-tip]: Listen up everybody the bottom line I'm a black intellect, but unrefined with pre.. 
Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
[Phife] Linden Boulevard represent, represent Tribe Called Quest represent, represent When the.. 
Sucka Nigga
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
"hey sucka nigga, whoever you are" (repeat 2X) "hey sucka nigga, hey sucka nigga.. 
The Chase Pt. II
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
"I'm bout to wreck ya body and say turn the party out" --> BizMarkie (repeat 4X.. 
We Can Get Down
from album (Midnight Marauders) by A Tribe Called Quest
chorus: We can get down We can, we can get down(both lines 4X) Ah, it's like that man, it&.. 
The Marauders
from album (Saturnine Martial & Lunatic) by Tears For Fears
Diary Of A Workingman
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
In a room all alone waiting by the telephone With a tear in his eye and a pen in his hand So begin.. 
Dry County
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
Ah, sitting in the back seat of a low Ride automobile We're cruisin' on the outskirts Lookin.. 
Fire Of The Dragon
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
A young man lies with a needle in his arm, China white in his hand Say a little prayer for his unluc.. 
Fly Away
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
Wake up baby, smile at me The sun is shinin' and the wind's blowin' free I got to thinki.. 
Good Morning
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
Well, it's minus five outside your house And ninety degrees in bed Your wife says get up and go.. 
Payin' For It
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
Ah, she was a roller and a midnight stroller Used to walk in the night A little teaser, full time pl.. 
Rattlesnake Rock 'N' Roller
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
Well I'd rather be a fishin' Or at least just a wishin' I was And if you really ask me I.. 
from album (Marauder) by Blackfoot
Well, I'm walkin' on a road that ends when I'm gone Lawd, I'm runnin', yeah, fro.. 
Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis
from album (Deja Entendu) by Brand New
after one or two i get used to the room we go slow when we first make our moves by five or six i'.. 
Santa Maradona
from album (Chinita) by Manu Chao
Tous les mecs se déchainent Devant la Télé St Etienne, Bourg La Reine Tous des enculés! Dans les.. 
Everybody Dance
from album (Everybody Dance) by Ta Mara & The Seen
Everybody`s dancin` with the new determination But that U didn`t know Dancing is the move, played wi.. 
from album (Geia) by Despina Vandi
Spiti mu meno Ki ola esena Perimeno Dihos noima Keros pernai Ki oli mu lene Oti eho fai Mazi su kol.. 
Maralinga (Rainy Land)
from album (Gossip) by Paul Kelly
This is a rainy land this is a rainy land no thunder in our sky no trees stretching high but this is.. 
from album (Nose) by Andrés Calamaro
Maradona no es una persona cualquiera es un hombre pegado a una pelota de cuero tiéne el don celest.. 

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