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El Adversario
from album (Babasónica) by Babasonicos
Sacude Tu Cuerpo Una Explosión Ha Llegado El Adversario El Horizonte Tiñe Tu Color Y El Suelo Se.. 
Esther Narcótica
from album (Babasónica) by Babasonicos
Esther Narcótica Marchita Su Mandrágora Se Hundió Mañana De Gloria Suicida Y Elegante Despertó.. 
from album (Babasónica) by Babasonicos
Cuando La Calamidad Se Aviva Perfuma El Aire Que Va A Pasar Velas Negras Y Sangre De Gallo Plumas D.. 
Pasta De Hablar
from album (Babasónica) by Babasonicos
Puedo Sentir La Naturaleza Descalza Su Palpitar Es Como Un Cisne Que Se Eleva Y Su Volar Descubre.. 

Seis Vírgenes Descalzas
from album (Babasónica) by Babasonicos
Reflexioná Tu Caso Ya No Tiene Solución Sos La Malicia Retratada Y Vas Mezclada Entre La Gente De.. 
Baba Novac
from album (Baba Novak) by Phoenix
Armia Mariei sale, Constantinopol La furat si la monopol Urca in tara din hotar Mahometzii vin la da.. 
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Hey girl how's by you Sing your rock and roll Sing your blues I'm all right I pay my dues I.. 
Blues Man
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Blues man Play your hand Do it right Come on strong Don't stay too long Runnin' wild Singin.. 
Both Of Us (Bound To Lose)
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Why can't you hear me Why can't you see me How can you be so blind To this feelin' in m.. 
Bound To Fall
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Just as everythings going fine Lose my grip and slide Bounce the rock and catch the ball Bound to f.. 
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
I am a man I live alone Don't much bother me. It won't be long Come a woman who wants to be.. 
Don't Look At My Shadow (It's Behind Me)
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
New York City years ago Tourists in the rain Singin' on the swing shift For pennies Thinkin'.. 
Fallen Eagle
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Sing to the fallen eagle Helicopters fly Chase him 'round the mountains Chase him 'til he di.. 
Hide It So Deep
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
If I fell in love with you again Would you simply want it said you once knew me Could you care enou.. 

How Far
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Most of my life I have spent alone Most of this past year I been searchin' for my home I met a.. 
It Doesn't Matter
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Falling and spinning Losing and winning Keeping my head Watching for signals Wearisome vigil Wa.. 
Jesus Gave Love Away For Free
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
If you're trav'lin' out west And you see a dark haired girl Tell her her love is a'w.. 
Jet Set (Sigh)
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
If you do grow Then you must know When you get so jive You only half alive Show me right now That yo.. 
Johnny's Garden
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
There's a place I can get to Where I'm safe From the city blues And it's green And it.. 
Move Around
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
What do we do Given life We move around Solitude Reach for light Rich... Or slight... We move aroun.. 
Right Now
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
The last time I spoke to her She couldn't talk to me The script she read was very strange But wh.. 
Rock'n Roll Crazies/Cuban Bluegrass
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Lookout, mama Its comin' to you I can't tell you What you gonna do Rock and roll crazies Get.. 
So Begins The Task
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
And so begins the task I have dreaded the coming of For so long I wait for the sun To remind my body.. 
Song Of Love
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
And it's all in the way you wonder If you think you're learnin' how Pick up your feet yo.. 
The Love Gangster
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Have you got a feelin' botherin' you like a bumble bee Give yourself room for breathin'.. 
The Treasure (Take One)
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Alone with my guitar Living on a mountain Far away I saw girl Gypsy woman deepest in the world When.. 
What To Do
from album (Manassas) by Manassas
Makin' it hard on each other Makin' it hard on yourself Makin' it hard on me Makin'.. 
Barbara Manatee
from album (Barbara Manatee) by Veggie Tales
Larry: Barbara Manatee (Manatee, Manatee) You are the one for me (one for me, one for me) Sent fro.. 
from album (Manazashi) by AnNina
itaku nai you ni yasashiku ayameta kotoba ni okikaete kanashimi o wasureta aa ima nani o nakushita n.. 
Ya Baba Makhdoom
from album (Ya Baba Makhdoom) by Mohammad Aziz
trayutsyughusitsbghuytisuyghgvhvhtgwtkhgljsh;khbljdsbnbsljhglsj shlhskhs k s;khs;ks hkh;ks khsk ***l.. 
Hasta Manana
from album (Abba) by ABBA
Where is the spring and the summer That once was yours and mine? Where did it go? I just don&#.. 
I'm Your Mana
from album (And The Music Speaks) by All 4 One
If you've been hurt And you feel you can't go on The pain in your heart is much too strong I.. 
from album (Ceremony - Remixes & Rarities) by Santana
Oh no no oh no no Verse 1: Sometimes I wish I knew your name At times I want to say hello But you s.. 
from album (A Soapbox Opera) by Supertramp
all of my life i felt that you were listening watching for ways to help me stay in tune lord of my.. 
The Green Manalishi
from album (98' Live Meltdown) by Judas Priest
Now when the day goes to sleep and the full moon looks And the night is so black that the darkness c.. 
Baba O'Riley
from album (My Generation) by The Who
Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back into my living. I won't need to fig.. 
Chi Baba
from album (A Youre Adorable) by Perry Como
Many a year ago in old Sorrento A certain ditty was quite the thing Whenever a mother rocked her bab.. 
from album (Son Of A Son Of A Sailor) by Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett She said I can't go back to America soon It's so goddamn cold it's gonna s.. 
from album (Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie) by Alanis Morissette
I've seen them kneel with baited breath for the ritual I've watched this experience rai.. 
Managua Nicaragua
from album (Album Unknown) by Freddy Martin
Managua, Nicaragua- words by Albert Gamse, music by Irving Fields- as recorded in New York November.. 

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