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Lucky Town
from album (Lucky Town) by Bruce Springsteen
House got too crowded clothes got too tight And I don't know just where I'm going tonight Ou.. 
from album (Lucky) by Melissa Etheridge
I want to see how lucky Lucky can be I saw you through my blind intoxication My shock induced insan.. 
Used To Be Luck
from album (Used To Be Luck) by The Wallflowers
Mine is a sunshine kind of a valentine But sometimes I still don't feel even worth a dime But it.. 
Better Luck Next Time
from album (Better Luck Next Time) by Gladys Knight
I wish I could have given you Everything you need The power to believe The stuff that sets you free.. 

Any Lucky Penny
from album (Any Lucky Penny) by Nikki Hassman
Let me in Let me in Baby, look around See that I'm nowhere to be found You wanna feel me near T.. 
Blast On Me
from album (Lucky's) by Lucky
just waking up in the morning gotta thank a for last night when I almost got my***shot this putos.. 
Better Luck
from album (Better Luck) by Scissor Sisters
I know I'm into you I don't know what to do When we talk I feel like I've died twice.. 
Falling Asleep
from album (Lucky 7) by Lucky 7
Stressed out, hurting like a Monday. Blacked out all the words I couldn't say. Too much is never.. 
Gray Summer Day
from album (Lucky7) by Lucky 7
Another summer day turns gray, And I don't know what to do. Searching for just anyway, To turn.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Luck209
When evr im in bed, I can sleep so well, But then i think of youuuu, And i want 2 thro u in the sink.. 
Adolescent Song Of Mindless Devotion
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
I love you from the heart of my bottom I love you from the bottom of my soul I love the soles on you.. 
Andrew's Pleasure
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
Andrew’s pleasure is a beautiful girlfriend They both wear sunglasses and hide their faces Andrew’.. 
Birthday Present For Katrina
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
Happy birthday dear Katrina We hope you have a lovely day Your father and I are oh so proud In fact.. 
Cat In Sunshine
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
You tell me you don't like the way I comb my hair But there are two of us at this table Only one.. 

Cliched Title For Kris
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
I know a girl called Kris Who believes in God and Elvis And I'm an atheist But we get on fine.. 
English Murder Mystery
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
I love her but she loves Agatha Christie And she’s so wrapped up in the English Murder Mystery I wa.. 
Remote Control
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
Twenty-five year old teenager steals every scene He's got wrinkles in his forehead He's sup.. 
Run Spot Run
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
Accidents will happen Catastrophes will occur One hour in your kitchen is boring enough You locked m.. 
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
I walk right past his window when the light is growing dim He looks away from me and as I glance in.. 
Tale Of Two Cities
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
You and I have got a postpak relationship It's a tale of two cities I don't know how many se.. 
from album (Lucksmiths) by Lucksmiths
It was summer when she moved in And it was winter when she moved out again And the sky was usually b.. 
Lucky Lips
from album (Lucky) by Asha Bhosle
rama rama ....... (hai rama rama ho hai more rama dil main macha hai kyon koi hungama aayega koi bah.. 
Lucky For Me
from album (Lucky For Me) by Aaron Pritchett
My jaw hit the floor the day you walked in All eyes were pointed in your direction With nothing to l.. 
Welcome To Better Luck Next Time
from album (Start From Skratch) by Better Luck Next Time
hello and welcome to something we like to call behind the music - we'd like to invite you all si.. 
O Sanam
from album (Lucky's) by Lucky
shaam sawere teri yaadien aati hai, aa k mere dil ko yun tadpaati hai, o sanam teri yaadon ki kasa.. 
Goodbye And Good Riddance To Bad Luck
from album (The Razors Edge) by AC/DC
Getting bombed out on booze Got nothing to lose Run out of money Disposable blues Sleazy hotels Like.. 
Lucky Love
from album (The Bridge) by Ace Of Base
Life is a paradise...whoa oh yeah 1-Lucky love belongs in teenage heaven I know, I know '.. 
Oh, Lucky Me
from album (Out Of The Blue) by Amazing Rhythm Aces
On the dark side of town On the edge of the night I cried in the darkness Till I saw your light Now.. 
You Are My Lucky Star
from album (A Kiss To Build A Dream On) by Louis Armstrong
You are my lucky star. I saw you from, afar. Two lovely eyes at me, They were gleaming,beaming I was.. 
Lady Luck
from album (A Little Ain't Enough) by David Lee Roth
Aww yeah! I'm off an' runnin' Clear off the beaten path I don't know where I'm g.. 
A Little Luck
from album (Your Filthy Little Mouth) by David Lee Roth
All right! Give it to me now I know I ain't lucky in nothin' Well, that's a constant une.. 
Lucky For You
from album (You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish) by REO Speedwagon
"Lucky" I call you 'cus that's the way you make me feel. Love in the air and the w.. 
Lucky Day
from album (On The Beach) by Chris Rea
A little bit of daylight shine on your pillow Come through your window pane Speak of the morning, ho.. 
Lucky Lips
from album (A Little In Love) by Cliff Richard
When I was just a little baby I didn't have many toys but my mama used to say son you got more t.. 
I Was So Lucky
from album (Have A Nice Day) by Roxette
It¡¯s No Secret I¡¯ve Been Waiting But I Didn¡¯t Expect This Nothing Will Remain Nothing Stays.. 
from album (Oops...I Did It Again) by Britney Spears
This is a story about a girl named Lucky... Early morning, she wakes up Knock, knock, knock on the.. 
Book Of Dreams
from album (Lucky Town) by Bruce Springsteen
I'm standing in the backyard Listening to the party Inside Tonight I'm drinkin' in the f.. 
If I Should Fall Behind
from album (Lucky Town) by Bruce Springsteen
We said we'd walk together baby come what may That come the twilight should we lose our way If a.. 
Leap Of Faith
from album (Lucky Town) by Bruce Springsteen
All over the world the rain was pourin' I was scratchin' where it itched Oh heartbreak and d.. 
Living Proof
from album (Lucky Town) by Bruce Springsteen
Well now on a summer night in a dusky room Come a little piece of the Lord's undying light Cryin.. 

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