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Songs From The Wood
from album (Songs From The Wood) by Jethro Tull
Let me bring you songs from the wood: to make you feel much better than you could know. Dust you dow.. 
Songs In Red And Gray
from album (Songs In Red And Gray) by Suzanne Vega
the reproach in your daughter's most beautiful face made me wonder just how she could know of th.. 
Night Songs
from album (Night Songs) by Cinderella
Workin this job aint payin the bills Sick and tired rat race takin my thrills Kickin down a road, no.. 
Songs From An American Movie Part 1
from album (Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How To Smile) by Everclear
*dog barks* The only thing that ever made sence to me Is the world that I saw from an American movie.. 

from album (A MILLION LOVE SONGS) by Take That
Put your head against my life What do you hear A million words just trying to make The love song.. 
Listening For The Weather
from album (Listening For The Weather) by Bic Runga
So I'm listening for the weather to predict the coming day Leave all thought of expectation to t.. 
Snuff The Punk
from album (Snuff The Punk) by P.O.D.
Snuff the punk I'm gettin' tired of you chump Bass in your face You'll get a taste fo th.. 
Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix)
from album (Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down 12") by Brand Nubian
featuring Diamond D [Diamond] Step up, step up and catch a bad one... [Sadat X] A l.. 
Punk Song
from album (45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records) by NOFX
Am I supposed to do things right? No I don't have the time This is how I live my life cuz I Have.. 
Punk Guy
from album (Punk In Drublic) by NOFX
Crazier than GG, yet more PC than Ian Got colored teeth like Johnny Exudes a vicious disposition.. 
from album (Songs From The Big Chair) by Tears For Fears
Mother Russia badly burned Your children lick your wounds Pilgrim father sailed away Found a brave.. 
Punk Rock Song (German Version)
from album (Punk Rock Song The Epic Years) by Bad Religion
Warst du schon mal in der Wueste? Schon mal den Tod gesehen? Hunderttausend Kinder sterben fuer Brot.. 
Are The Songs My Disease?
from album (Are The Songs My Disease?) by Queen Adreena
I used to know this wretched girl, I made her open for me, I took her heart, And I kissed it clean,.. 
Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine
from album (The Shape Of Punk To Come) by Refused
I'm tired of losing myself to some stupid childhood dream of what I could have been Money proves.. 

The Shape Of Punk To Come
from album (The Shape Of Punk To Come) by Refused
Hey baby you never felt this good Freedom through the stereo and you wish you could take a bite do a.. 
I'm Not A Punk
from album (I'm Not A Punk) by Descendents
I'm not a punk, how can I be? Show me the way to conformity Try to be different but it's alw.. 
Songs From The Earth
from album (Songs From The Earth) by Son Of Sam
As the thorns grow with care start to twist they make new colored eyes, As the flesh starts to split.. 
Pop Punk Band
from album (Pop Punk Band) by Avoid One Thing
(feat. Matt Skiba) i wanna be in a pop punk band tryin to ride to pop punk land i know what i'm.. 
Songs Of Praise
from album (Songs Of Praise) by The Adicts
Sing to me And I'll whistle along Because I haven't learnt the language And I might get it w.. 
Various Songs
from album (Various Songs) by Juan Gabriel
Punk Ist Keine Religion
from album (Das Ist Punk) by Normahl
Normahl - Punk ist keine Religion Ihr sagt, wir sollen schweigen wenn uns grad nach schreien ist Ih.. 
from album (The Kids From Fame Songs) by Coco Hernandez & Troy Phillips
Songs are around whenever you need them Songs follow you wherever you lead them Songs, they seem to.. 
Listen To The Bomb
from album (Songs About Decay) by Julia
some days are just like this small spots on your skin where you cannot stop itching all day long an.. 
Punk Invasion
from album (Punk Invasion) by Total Chaos
I'm not ashamed of punk today. We're pissed off punks in anarchy. There's nothing less a.. 
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
from album (Daft Punk Is Playing At My House) by LCD Soundsystem
Daft punk is playing at my house, my house I'll show you the ropes kid, show you the ropes Got a.. 
Once Again We Sing These Songs Of Failure
from album (Once Again We Sing These Songs Of Failure) by Who Nose
thinking back to the times you told me things will work out fine you'll see i stayed long enough.. 
from album (Punkrocksong) by Der Dicke Polizist
Ich weiß das ich kein Weltverbesserer bin Nur weil ich meine Lieder sing Da will ich garkein Blende.. 
Under The Scotsman's Kilt
from album (Irish Drinking Songs) by Irish Drinking Songs
A Scotsman clad in kilt left the bar one evening fair And one could tell by how he walked he'd d.. 
Listen To Your Heart
from album (Listen To Your Heart) by D.H.T
Listen to your heart D.H.T. I know there’s something in the wake of your smile I get a notion.. 
Listen To Your Heart (Slow)
from album (Listen To Your Heart) by D.H.T
I know there’s something in the wake of your smile I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.. 
Punk And Anger
from album (Punk And Anger) by Uncurbed
Another *** asshole Tells me I am ugly and drunk Well *** off to you I'll never go and drow.. 
Punk Rock Confidential
from album (Punk Rock Confidential) by Queers
Girls like you make me feel it's OK To write a silly song I can't wait till I see you again.. 
Sad Songsa
from album (Album Unknown) by Alessi
It's early in the morning Today I'm moving away Sittin' here for the last time Makes.. 
Food For Songs
from album (Twisted) by Del Amitri
There's people hauling people Out from under their homes There's people hauling people Out t.. 
Punk Rock Classic
from album (Mother's Milk) by Red Hot Chili Peppers
i'm a radio joe of the biz called show i'm a rockin popstar with a get up and go rubbin'.. 
Listen To Your Heart
from album (Almost Unreal) by Roxette
Listen To Your Heart Roxette I know there's something in the wake of your smile. I get a notion.. 
Habla El Corazon (Listen To Your Heart)
from album (Baladas En Espanol) by Roxette
En realidad yo dudo tanto de ti, por m¡­s que intento no me dejp llevar Pruebo tu amor y me siento.. 
Songs Out Of Clay
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
"Oh I know that you are an artist" she said "For you make your songs out of clay You.. 
You Should Have Listened To Al
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
She said "Don't you think we're going downhill? And I would hate it to be run-of-the mi.. 
Love Power
from album (Other Songs) by Dionne Warwick
Saw a psychic in LA Was just the other day And she told me what I knew was true She told me that.. 



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