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Lady Lust Lilith
from album (Lady Lust Lilith) by Satariel
Soft skin - on this beautiful vicious lady Must in - 'cause she keeps calling me till crazy [CH.. 
Lili Marlene
from album (Film Noir) by Carly Simon
Outside the barracks by the corner light Darling I remember how I'd wait for you at night There.. 
Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
from album (Pop Pop) by Rickie Lee Jones
The song of love is a sad song Hi Lili Hi Lili Hi lo The song of love is a sound of woe Don't as.. 
Eternal Flame (Live)
from album (Lilith Fair: A Celebration Of Women In Music) by Susanna Hoffs
Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling Do you feel my heart beating Do you understand Do you fe.. 

Hi Lili Hi Lo
from album (Album Unknown) by Lesle Caron And Mel Ferrer
A song of love is a sad song, Hi-Lili, Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo A song of love is a song of woe Don't ask.. 
from album (Playing The Angel) by Depeche Mode
Oh, Lillian Look what you've done You've stripped my heart Ripped it apart In the name of fu.. 
Do You Love?
from album (White Lilies Island) by Natalie Imbruglia
Child, it's broke And I feel you Slipping away Child, you spoke And the world Fell silent again.. 
from album (White Lilies Island) by Natalie Imbruglia
It came on like a hurricane And I don't understand And it moved me Like a slow dance Still I don.. 
from album (White Lilies Island) by Natalie Imbruglia
Do you lie awake in the morning Trying to find a reason to call me Cause honey all that I've bee.. 
Talk In Tongues
from album (White Lilies Island) by Natalie Imbruglia
When you beat on that drum Talk in that tongue You're just scratching On the surface So tell.. 
That Day
from album (White Lilies Island) by Natalie Imbruglia
That day, That day What a mess what a marvel I walked into that cloud again And I lost myself And I&.. 
from album (Palabra De Honor) by Luis Miguel
Tienes ojos de haber llorado Quién supiera por qué, Lili No me apagues la luz No te dé vergüenza.. 
Lili Marlene
from album (Very Best Of Marlene Dietrich) by Marlene Dietrich
Outside the barracks, by the corner light I'll always stand and wait for you at night We will cr.. 
from album (6:66 - Satan's Child) by Danzig
She's got the smile of the Lilin-child Her spiral ink crawling down her spine When she walks in.. 

Lili Marlene
from album (Vera Lynn Collection) by Vera Lynn
Underneath the lantern By the barrack gate Darling I remember The way you used to wait 'Twas.. 
The Cainian Chronicle Pt. 2: Lilith's Embrace
from album (The Cainian Chronicle) by Ancient
Lilith: "Come to me Caine." Caine: "Alone in the darkness I can hear The sweetest vo.. 
That's What I Like About You
from album (That's What I Like About You) by Lilix
Hey! Hey! Ooohhh Hey! Ooohhh What I like about you You hold me tight Tell me I'm the only one w.. 
It's About Life
from album (All Work, No Play) by Lilix
It's about life... It's about fun... I hate you, I love you I just can't remember to fo.. 
It's About Time
from album (All Work, No Play) by Lilix
It's about life... It's about fun... I hate you, I love you I just can't remember to.. 
Balada Lili
from album (Syukur 21) by Raihan
from album (Shout) by Lilian Garcia
its two am ure stuck inside ure head again ure replayin all of ure mistakes to think u got nothing.. 
You Just Don't Know Me At All
from album (WWE Originals) by Lilian Garcia
You don't know You just don't know me at all Can you tell me what happened here? Tell me ho.. 
Tomb Lilies
from album (The Astonished Eyes Of Evening) by Cinema Strange
"Please stop by, I'm still alive, though I'm missing fifty tomb lilies! (Even my sister.. 
from album (Against The Grey) by Meg Hutchinson
Lilith says gravity is nothing to fear She's been talking to angels Trying to find a way, to l.. 
Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova)
from album (Be) by Pain Of Salvation
On the Loss of Innocence Music, lyric and arrangements by Daniel Gildenlöw A Scene in Brown and Ye.. 
Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
from album (Hello Young Lovers) by Jimmy Durante
Spoken: On every tree there sits a bird Singing a song of love On every tree there sits a bird And e.. 
Lili Marlene
from album (I've Been Everywhere) by Hank Snow
Would you like to hear the story of A girl that many soldiers know It's a tale of love and all.. 
Satu Lilin Sehening Malam
from album (Album Unknown) by Ukays
Masih samar lagi Cinta mu terhadap ku Dan boleh diumpamakan Satu lilin seluruh malam Bukan lagi rah.. 
Evening On The Ground (Lilith's Song)
from album (Woman King) by Iron & Wine
Hey man, evening on the ground and there is no one else around so you will blame me blame me for the.. 
from album (Concentration) by Machines Of Loving Grace
I'm talking darkest night a shoddy simulation of paradise in leopard tights there's a sin.. 
Heart Of Lilith
from album (Vampyre ***a) by Inkubus Sukkubus
She has come from the shadows of the dream world A dark angel from the darker side of love Across a.. 
Unholy Spell Of Lilith
from album (Enter The Moonlight Gate) by Lord Belial
Lilith, come forth to me as I blazon these words ... Shem Ham Forash Come forth, I summon thee- come.. 
Lilith - Demonic Queen Of The Black Light
from album (Kiss The Goat) by Lord Belial
In the deepest forests In the shades of grey Beyond fear Lilith- Queen of the black light awaits Sh.. 
Lilin Seorang Guru
from album (Impian Kasih) by In-Team
Pernah langkah ku payah Menuju ke destinasi Kerana malam gelap Dan bintang hilang kerdipnya Menjadik.. 
Son Of Lilith
from album (Mental Vortex) by Coroner
I'm coming out of the void Along a spiral trace Escorted by a thousand souls Remembered but stil.. 
from album (Elfen Lied) by Elfen Lied
Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam, Et lingua eius loquetur indicium. Beatus vir qui suffert tentation.. 
Dolores Lesion
from album (The Delores Lesion) by Lilitu
There's a bruised & broken sky. It's pressed up against us But odds are there's a he.. 
from album (The Delores Lesion) by Lilitu

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