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Liar Liar
from album (Liar Liar/Sentimental Piggy Romance) by Lm.C
POKETTO ni tsumekonda ikusen no monogatari Kyou wa nani wo hanasouka yozora no shita Kimi no machi g.. 
Di San Zhe
from album (Lian Ai De Li Liang) by Liang Jing Ru
ni de hua wo xiao de wu lun ni shuo de duo me wen he mou yi xie nan jie de ge he ba ai shang hai le.. 
Fly Away
from album (Lian Ai De Li Liang) by Liang Jing Ru
Che yi ci she wo zi ji wei zi ji xia de jue ding Hen xiao xin ni shuo man man lai bie ba lai bu ji R.. 
Life As A Liar
from album (Life As A Liar) by Plans For Revenge
I light the match I watch the fire burn I fight the pain, till it subsides I bite my tongue. I'm.. 

Yi Dian Guang Yi Dian Liang
from album (Tong Hua) by Guang Liang
hei ye luo zai ni de jian bang ni de lian you yi xie you shang ai you kan bu jian de zhong liang yi.. 
Guang Dao Zhi Lian
from album (Album Unknown) by Karen Mok & Zhang Hong Liang
(zhang hong liang) ni zao jiu gai ju jue wo bu gai fang ren wo de zhui qiu gei wo ke wang de gu shi.. 
Counting Headlights
from album (Liam Titcomb) by Liam Titcomb
Lying on the floor and I can't sleep The burning in my heart is the only light I see Doing time.. 
Awakening Of The Liar
from album (Awakening Of The Liar) by Hate
I am Satan's blood and you're Satan's blood, We're on uor way down to hell, We'r.. 
Júlia Nem Akar A Földön Járni
from album (Júlia Nem Akar A Földön Járni) by Napoleon Boulevard
Szépen vagyunk öltözve,csillog a hajunk Gondolhatod,erre most is adunk A város felett Ã.. 
Liar Liar
from album (Album Unknown) by The Castaways
Liar, liar, pants on fire Your nose is longer than a telephone wire Ask me, baby, why I'm sad Y.. 
Zhi Neng Bao Zhe Ni
from album (Album Unknown) by Liang Jing Ru & Guang Liang
Fish: Hao xiang zhe yang bao zhe ni Wo zhi dao ni you xie zai yi Gei ta shang le xin Cai xiang dao.. 
Sentimental Piggy Romance
from album (Liar Liar/Sentimental Piggy Romance) by Lm.C
Hello- tenki ga iikara ohirune shite tanpoponi goaisatsu How long- tokei wo kini sezu nagamete ita s.. 
Liar, Liar (Fine Frenzy)
from album (One Cell In The Sea) by A Fine Frenzy
Liar, liar You're such a great big liar With the tallest tales that I have ever heard Fire, fire.. 
I'm A Liar
from album (On A Day Like Today) by Bryan Adams
maybe i told you right from the start you can have me but you can't have my heart it&.. 

Liars One Believers Zero
from album (Album Unknown) by Bill Anderson
Hi honey, I'm workin' late again tonight Yeah, I just called so you'd know Liars one, be.. 
from album (At The BBC) by Queen
Words and music by Freddie Mercury I have sinned dear Father Father I have sinned Try and help me F.. 
Little Liar
from album (Crimson And Clover) by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Little LiarJoan Jett And The Blackhearts(Joan Jett, Desmond Child)I was taught to never tell a lieTo.. 
from album (Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (Complete Sessions)) by The Cranberries
Say it if you want to And say it if you will But if you don't say what you are thinking No, I wo.. 
Liars A To E
from album (Too-Rye-Ay) by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Nobody tells you. You end up knowing Bad habits: you should sleep alone Open to suggestions, is that.. 
Hes A Liar
from album ((The Lights Went Out In) Massachussets) by The Bee Gees
He's A LiarBee GeesI was stood by the light as I looked through the windowWith the greatest inte.. 
He's A Liar (Lp Version)
from album (Living Eyes) by The Bee Gees
verse 1: I was stood by the light as I looked through your window. With the greatest intention not m.. 
I'm A Liar (And That's The Truth)
from album (Red, White & Crue (Japanese Edition)) by Motley Crue
You sleep to dream cause I am your nightmare Wake up and scream cause this is warfare I like to pla.. 
from album (Republic) by New Order
I haven't time to sympathise With all this nonsense and your lies You are the king of nothing Bu.. 
I Can See A Liar
from album (Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants) by Oasis
Baby the time is right to tell it all like it is And now that I feel god like there's nothing th.. 
from album (See You On The Other Side) by Korn
My brother, you love her But don't give up your instincts Hang onto you know what They'll be.. 
from album (Open Your Eyes) by Goldfinger
Everybody lies What you gonna do Everybody lies What you gonna do Everybody lies What you gonna.. 
from album (Head On Straight) by Tonic
I fell down on my head Made me start to wonder How I'd grown so mad Knocked me from the shit tha.. 
from album (Never Mind The Bollocks) by *** Pistols
Lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie lie tell me why tell me why Why d'you have to lie shoul.. 
from album (Black And White) by Three Dog Night
I won't ever leave while you want me to stay Nothing you could do that would turn me away Hangin.. 
from album (So Far So Good...So What) by Megadeth
You take great pride in never having lived up to anything Lie, steal, cheat and kill, a real bad guy.. 
I Bought Myself A Liarbird
from album (The Big Express) by XTC
I bought myself a liarbird He came with free drinks just to blur The lies falling out like rain O.. 
Liars Everywhere
from album (Pale) by Toad The Wet Sprocket
here in my mind is a wall i can't climb don't listen now there are liars everywhere deep i.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Profyle
Tell my why did you do this to me After we made plans for a family And you swear you would bare my c.. 
from album (I'm Just A Girl) by Deana Carter
You promised me that I'd be The only one you'd ever love And all of our dreams would come tr.. 
from album (Trilogy) by Yngwie Malmsteen
You came to me You said you were my friend I shared my art and my mind. You found it easier To steal.. 
You Made A Liar Out Of Me
from album (Chad Brock) by Chad Brock
There's no magic between you and me I said good friends is all we'll ever be No more, no les.. 
Suzanne (Is A Liar)
from album (At The Rocks) by Liquido
It´s coming down on us like it´s coming down on you . and while I forced myself you came with many.. 
from album (Tropicália) by Caetano Veloso
Você precisa saber da piscina Da margarina Da Carolina Da gasolina Você precisa saber de mim Baby.. 
Panis Et Circenses
from album (Tropicália) by Caetano Veloso
Eu quis cantar Minha canção iluminada de sol Soltei os panos, sobre os mastros no ar Soltei os ti.. 
Liars' Bar
from album (Blue Is The Colour) by The Beautiful South
(Heaton/Rotheray) Well sitting in a bar alone where no-one knows your name is like laying in a gra.. 

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