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(You Are My) Radio
from album ((You Are My) Radio) by Squirrel Nut Zippers
The melody thats calling me Wont disappear You are that sweet song that I long to hear Youre my elat.. 
Be As You Are
from album (Be As You Are) by Kenny Chesney
Man, I could use a Pina Colada Little bit of sun on my skin A hammock, a book Never gonna look back.. 
All That You Are
from album (All That You Are) by Econoline Crush
If I said it, I meant it I'm not really demented I'm just saying it's been said again.. 

Come As You Are
from album (Come As You Are) by Beverly Knight
Yeah yeah The weather's hot like hell It's gonna cast a spell I want a friendly face Ins.. 
Who Do You Think You Are?
from album (Who Do You Think You Are?) by Gamma Ray
Lookin' for a lady, walkin' through the bar Supercool 'n' easy, he's a superstar.. 
Wherever You Are
from album (Wherever You Are) by Laava
When I feel blue, I think of you, cause you're true, Wherever you are Near or far you still ar.. 
Wherever You Are (Spanish Translation)
from album (Wherever You Are) by Laava
Cuando me siento triste pienso en ti, porque eres real. Donde quiera q estes, serca o lejos, tu si.. 
You Are My God
from album (You Are My God) by The Knights
You you are my God and I worhship you Because you saved my soul from all of my sins and I thank you.. 
You Are The One
from album (You Are The One) by American Juniors
Have you ever had a friend that never let you down Right by your side every night and day Always hea.. 
You Are My World
from album (You Are My World) by Hillsongs
My Father, I adore You more than anything my heart could wish for I just want you And Jesus, my bel.. 
Just The Way You Are
from album (Just The Way You Are) by Ryan Malcolm
Don't go changing, all to try and please me You never let me down before Don't imagine, you&.. 
This Is Who You Are
from album (This Is Who You Are) by The Beautiful Mistake
Sometimes time brings us down Washes us with guilt and questions We'll stand tall, and in the en.. 
Because Of Who You Are
from album (Because Of Who You Are) by Martha Munizzi
Because of who you are I give you glory Because of who you are I give you praise Because of who you.. 

You Are My Love
from album (You Are My Love) by Tsubasa Chronicle
Kiss me sweet I'm sleeping in silence All alone In ice and snow In my dream I'm calling you.. 
Come As You Are
from album (Come As You Are) by Peter Wolf
They hung a sign out, Sign out at the seven, Down at the hive of such a busy bee, So sorry honey sig.. 
You Are Good
from album (You Are Good) by Lakewood Live
Lord You are Good And your mercy endureth forever Lord You are good And your mercy endureth forever.. 
From Where You Are
from album (From Where You Are) by Lifehouse
So far away from where you are These miles have torn us worlds apart And I miss you Yeah, I miss.. 
Are You Sure
from album (For Who You Are) by Face Tomorrow
i am braking all my rules and promises by feeling what i'm thinking forcing myself to be in cont.. 
The More You Talk The Less I Hear
from album (What To Do What You Are Dead) by Armor For Sleep
you see me do i look okay to you? give me your hand i'll shake it and shake it again i'l.. 
Smog Gets In Your Eyes
from album (Live!!! (Hoping You Are All The Same)) by Allan Sherman
They asked me through the years Why I shed these tears. I of course replied, When you live in Van Nu.. 
Wherever You Are/Donde Quiera Que Estes
from album (Dreaming Of You) by Selena
(Barrio Boyzz) If I could only hear your voice (oir tu voz) your words (tus palabras) your thoughts.. 
You Are My Sunshine
from album (A Fool For You) by Ray Charles
The other night dear, as I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms When I awoke, dear, I was mi.. 
All The Things You Are
from album (All I Remember Is You) by Tommy Dorsey
ALL THE THINGS YOU ARETommy Dorsey- words by Oscar Hammerstein II- music by Jerome KernYou are the p.. 
Could I Be You
from album (More Than You Think You Are) by Matchbox 20
Something is wrong with the sum of us That I can't seem to erase How I can I be the only one Wit.. 
You're So Real
from album (More Than You Think You Are) by Matchbox 20
Yes, I am I hope you think you beat me Hope I start talking crazy Before you understand me Are we t.. 
You Are
from album (I Need You) by LeAnn Rimes
( One, Two, Three, ...) You, you've made no mistake You take everything I ever wanted into accou.. 
If You Were Mine
from album ((You Are My) Radio) by Squirrel Nut Zippers
If you were mine Id be a ruler of kings And if you were mine, Oh I could do such wonderful things Id.. 
As Your Ghost Takes Flight
from album (Stay What You Are) by Saves The Day
The last time that I saw you, August of '99, I should have had my hammer and a few rusty spikes.. 
Still Desire You
from album (You Are What You Love) by Melanie Doane
You, you leave me wanting more Leave me waiting at the door You leave alot to be desired You, leave.. 
You Are
from album (Someone Like You) by Wynonna Judd
Yeah How do you do it anyway? Like there ain't nothin to it to make me stay No tricks with smok.. 
I Like You
from album (You Are The Quarry) by Morrissey
Something in you caused me to, Take a new tact with you, You were going through something, I had jus.. 
Let Me Kiss You
from album (You Are The Quarry) by Morrissey
There’s a place in the sun, For anyone who has the will to chase one And I think I've found min.. 
You Know I Couldn't Last
from album (You Are The Quarry) by Morrissey
The whispering, May hurt you, But the printed word might kill you The whispering, May hurt you, But.. 
Wherever You Are (Dondequiera Que Estés)
from album (Dreaming Of You) by Selena & Barrio Boyzz
[Intro:] If I could only hear your voice (Oír tu voz) Your words (Tus palabras) Your thoughts (Tus.. 
You Are The One LaLaLa
from album (I'll Come Back And Love You Forever) by Morten Abel
A sun sets in the horizon oh.. one dollar spark comin' down she said phone me with the golden.. 
You Are My Hope
from album (Alien Youth) by Skillet
Times are hard, times have chagned, don't you say? But I keep holding on to you It's har.. 
To You
from album (You Are My World) by Hillsongs
Here I stand forever in Your mighty hand Living with Your promise Written on my heart I am Yours Su.. 
You Stand Alone
from album (You Are My World) by Hillsongs
I will lay me down At Your feet in worship And listen to the sweetest sound of all Oh God You are m.. 




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