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Episode: Hush Season:4
from album (Episode: Hush Season:4) by Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cast
Can't even shout Can't even cry The Gentlemen are coming by Knocking on windows Knocking on.. 
A Man For All Seasons
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
What if you reached the age of reason Only to find there was no reprieve Would you still be a man fo.. 
4 Seasons Of Loneliness
from album (4 Seasons Of Loneliness) by Boyz II Men
I long for the warmth of days gone by When you were mine But now those days are memories in time.. 
Mad Season
from album (Mad Season) by Matchbox 20
I feel stupid but I know it won't last for long I've been guessing I coulda been guessin wro.. 

Episodes Of A Hustla
from album (Episodes Of A Hustla) by Big Noyd
[Big Noyd] I'm the type of gentleman finessin timbalands Flippin like three grand, cop.. 
A Change Of Seasons
from album (A Change Of Seasons) by Dream Theater
I. The Crimson Sunrise [00:00] (Instrumental) II. Innocence [03:50] I remember a time My frail, v.. 
The Rainy Season
from album (The Rainy Season) by Marc Cohn
Clouds move in From off the horizon Feels like nighttime In the middle of the day And I don'.. 
from album (Seasons) by Sevendust
Everytime…..Everytime…..Everytime….Everytime……. Every time the truth gets broken, I'm the.. 
Seasons End
from album (Seasons End) by Marillion
Getting close to seasons end I heard somebody say That it might never snow again In England Snow fl.. 
from album (Episode) by Stratovarius
Season Of Change
from album (Episode) by Stratovarius
Season of change life feels so strange Look into my eyes do you see the truth I´m lost and alone fe.. 
Give It Up
from album (Season 2. Episode 14) by Family Guy
You'll get chills all through your body, and you'll lose all control, of your bladder and yo.. 
Season For Assault
from album (Season For Assault) by 8 Foot Sativa
It's the season for bleeding The season for eternal death You were born for this reason As I cut.. 
Don't Leave Me, Jesus
from album (South Park Season-7 Episode 9) by Eric Cartman
(Sung) Don't ever leave me, Jesus, I couldn't stand to see you go. My heart will simply sna.. 

I Need You In My Life, Jesus
from album (South Park Season-7 Episode 9) by Eric Cartman
(Spoken) Godammit. Hey, nice fellas, nice. (Sung) I need you in my life, Jesus. I can't live.. 
Jesus, Baby
from album (South Park Season-7 Episode 9) by Eric Cartman
(Spoken) You know Jesus, I've been thinking about you alot lately. Really, That's why I wro.. 
from album (Superheroes) by Edguy
City Lights are calling Slowly coming back to life Speeding in the fast lane Mama let us waste no ti.. 
from album (South Park Season - 4 Episode 16) by Kyle Broflovski
(Sung) If I had one wish, it be for Cuba to change, because I think that all the Cubans are in pain.. 
Legions Bow To A Faceless God
from album (Legions Bow To A Faceless God) by As Hope Dies
Legions bow to a faceless God faithful to their lord willing to die for this savior they can not see.. 
Legions Of Perkele
from album (Legions Of Perkele) by Barathrum
You followed the strongest hailstorm And you heard those voices so eerie Through flames of hell, inf.. 
Legiones Del Sur
from album (Legiones Del Sur) by Jezabel
Cruzando distancias sobre el mar, Las puertas de un sueño se abrirán, en el sur Y en medio de abis.. 
The Burning Season
from album (The Burning Season) by Faith And The Muse
I'm having a weak moment A moment that may not end Lonely in my own skin Everything is changing.. 
Mark Of The Legion
from album (Mark Of The Legion) by Deeds Of Flesh
The dawn illuminates The field of battle The legion, ten thousand strong Frontline infantry, showing.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
I can not believe these things that you say to me But its something that you cant defy Outside is al.. 
Carry On
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Its overtaking, Obsesed with faking, Im blind, Looking at my own reflection. Theres nothing changin.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
You say i'm stuck somewhere back in between My blured memories Some say I kicked myself right in.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
We wont make it this time Did my soul run off And get lost without you Fake it this time This is the.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Im not falling down Im falling away Theres nothing left Nothing to say Im wanting more I want to bid.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Well alright I'll put my heart into one more thing Put my life on one more page That I know ever.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
I can't be held responsible For anything that I say to you tonight And I won't be help respo.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Follow me, follow me, follow me Can you hear me? Can you see? There's your enemy, enemy, enemy.. 
Save Me
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Face down today, is this almost over, Face down this way, i am sticking out, So lost that im swimmin.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Look in these eyes, Show how im spending time, The blind designs, Follow the red over white. I hear.. 
Walk Away
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Thinking Am I making More mistakes again Am I ever gonna win Chasing Never reaching For an open han.. 
from album (Burn Season) by Burn Season
Man, you got a zero on your shirt Last chance to save yourself From my corrupted Selfish notions I.. 
Seasons Apart
from album (Turning Season Within) by Draconian
Take my hand; Follow me through tranquility Stay with me, you will see ardor where shadows grow Fe.. 
Changing Of The Seasons
from album (Changing Of The Seasons) by Ane Brun
He falls asleep on her chest the best sleep heÃ?´d ever met nevertheless he dreams of some.. 
Football Season Is Over
from album (Suicide Season) by Bring Me The Horizon
Why the *** can I not hail a taxi? Arm out like a nazi Every cunt's driving past. Where the fu.. 
Season Of Love
from album (Season Of Poison) by Shiny Toy Guns
Love, feel love! Every question Every answer too Ever constant Ever changing you It's all m.. 
Suicide Season
from album (Suicide Season) by Bring Me The Horizon
We stare at broken clocks, the hands don't turn anymore The days turn into nights, empty hearts.. 




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