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Sweet Nothings Gone Forever
from album (Loosing All Hope Is Freedom) by Evergreen Terrace
Betrayed by a love. Sweet nothings gone forever. Sweet nothings gone. Please let me go. You dont kn.. 
Nothing Like You
from album (The Notwist) by The Notwist
nothing like you you say we are all falling so we can't arrive anywhere if you hold me we fall t.. 
Age Aint Nothing But A Number
from album (Age Aint Nothing But A Number) by Aaliyah
(chorus) Age ain't nothing but a number, throwing down ain't nothing but a thang, This somet.. 
Yankee Rose
from album (The Best Of David Lee Roth) by David Lee Roth
What? Well, let me roll up on to the sidewalk and take a look… Yes, whoa! She's beauti.. 

A House Is Not A Home
from album (A House Is Not A Home) by Dionne Warwick
A chair is still a chair Even when there's no one sitting there But a chair is not a house And a.. 
History Will Teach Us Nothing
from album (Nothing Like The Sun) by Sting
If we seek solace in the prisons of the distant past Security in human systems we're told.. 
She's Not There
from album (She's Not There) by The Zombies
Well no one told me about her, the way she lied Well no one told me about her, how many people cried.. 
Time Gone By
from album (Time Gone By) by Carole King
The rebel cry of desolation To which we used to hearken Echoes now in isolation As the skies in fury.. 
Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone)
from album (Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone)) by Hanson
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone It's not warm when she's away Ain't no sunsh.. 
Notorious K.I.M.
from album (The Notorious K.I.M.) by Lil' Kim
Lil' Kim (Notorious B.I.G.)- What? Here's another one What? (Uh-huh uh) What? Uh! Here's.. 
After Hours
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
All the gang has gone home Standing on the corner All alone You and me, streetlight We'll paint.. 
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
I'll remember you too clearly But I'll survive another day Conversations to share When there.. 
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
I and Braggar, and Junior Lee, well that's the way we always thought it would be In the wind-str.. 
Danny's All-Star Joint
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
Downstairs at danny's all-star joint They got a juke box that goes doyt-doyt The vice is nice, t.. 

Easy Money
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
There was a Joe Leanin' on the back door A couple Jills with their eyes on a couple bills Their.. 
Night Train
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
Here I'm going Wlakin' with my baby in my arms 'Cuz I am in the wrong end of the eight b.. 
On Saturday Afternoons In 1963
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
The most as you'll ever go Is back where you used to know If grown-ups could laugh this slow Whe.. 
The Last Chance Texaco
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
A long stretch of headlights Bends into I-9 Tiptoe into truck stops And sleepy diesel eyes Volcanoes.. 
Weasel And The White Boys Cool
from album (Rickie Lee Jones) by Rickie Lee Jones
Sal was working at Nyro's nook in downtown Selling articles of congress to these people downtown.. 
Not 4 Sale
from album (Not 4 Sale) by Sammy Hagar
All the money in the world Wouldn't change my life or make my life, no All the money in the wo.. 
Gone Til November
from album (Gone Til November) by Wyclef Jean
Gone Til NovemberWyclef Jean The CarnivalI dedicate this record the carnival to all you brothers tak.. 
Gone 'Til November (Pop Version)
from album (Gone 'Til November 12") by Wyclef Jean
[Wyclef - Spoken] I wanna dedicate this song, Gone 'Til November... To all you ladies o.. 
Gone Til November (The Makin' Runs Remix)
from album (Gone 'Til November 12") by Wyclef Jean
featuring Canibus, R. Kelly, Khadejiah Bass [Wyclef Jean] Tell me how you like it Right.. 
Moon River
from album (The Andy Williams Collection) by Andy Williams
Moon river, wider than a mile I'm crossing you in style some day Oh, dream maker, you heart brea.. 
Stack A Lee
from album (World Gone Wrong) by Bob Dylan
Hawlin Alley on a dark and drizzly night, Billy Lyons and Stack-A-Lee had one terrible fight. All ab.. 
World Gone Wrong
from album (World Gone Wrong) by Bob Dylan
1. Strange things have happened, like never before. My baby told me I would have to go. I can't.. 
Good Ole Boys Like
from album (The Best Of Don Williams) by Don Williams
When I was a kid Uncle Remus put me to bed/ With a picture of Stonewall Jackson above my head/ Then.. 
After The Love Has Gone
from album (After The Love Has Gone) by Earth, Wind & Fire
For awhile, to love was all we could do We were young and we knew In our eyes were alive Deep inside.. 
Already Gone
from album (Already Gone) by The Eagles
Well, I heard some people talking just the other day And they said you were gonna put me on a shelf.. 
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone
from album (Where Have All The Cowboys Gone) by Paula Cole
Oh, you get me ready in your '56 Chevy Why don't we go sit down in the shade? Take shelter o.. 
Never Gone
from album (Never Gone) by Backstreet Boys
I really miss you... There's something that I gotta say... The things we did, the things we sa.. 
Sweet Nothins
from album (All Alone Am I) by Brenda Lee
Sweet Nothin'sBrenda Lee(Dub Allbritten/Ronnie Self)Peaked at #4 on April 18, 1960(whispering) U.. 
Let's Jump The Broomstick
from album (Brenda Lee) by Brenda Lee
Well, come-a little baby let's jump the broomstick Come on let's tie a knot Come-a little ba.. 
The World Is Not Enough
from album (The World Is Not Enough (soundtrack)) by Garbage
I know how to hurt I know how to heal I know what to show And what to conceal I know when to tal.. 
Dont Forget Me When Im Gone
from album (Dont Forget Me When Im Gone) by Glass Tiger
Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)Glass TigerYou take my breath awayLove thinks it's here t.. 
Bad Luck
from album (If You Don't Know Me By Now: The Best Of Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes) by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
Bad Luck Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes featuring Theodore Pendergrass (John Whitehead/Gene McFa.. 
Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing
from album (Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing) by Michael McDonald
(Chorus) Ain't nothin' like the real thing baby Ain't nothin' like the real thing Ai.. 
Nothin' To Lose (Naughty Live)
from album (Nothing To Lose Soundtrack) by Naughty By Nature
Intro/Chorus: Jump (jump) jump (jump) jump (jump) jump (jump) jump (jump) Not yet...... 
Not A Moment To Soon
from album (Not A Moment Too Soon) by Tim McGraw
I was standing At the end of my rainbow Nowhere to go And no pot of gold in sight All my wishes Wer.. 
Summer's Gone
from album (Without You I'm Nothing) by Placebo
Cue to your face so forsaken Crushed by the way that you cry Cue to your face so forsaken.. 




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