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Joyful Noise
from album (Disturb The Devil) by Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown Band
Make a joyful noise Let's disturb the devil Let's make a joyful noise And shame the devil.. 
We Got The Noise
from album (Got The Noise) by Donots
The kids, the sound, the passion We got our hopes, we have our say No rules, no fakes, no fashion an.. 
from album (Noise) by Archive
Noise Stay in your coma, in your own frustration Lip sinking haircut, blow me away Cos I’d rather.. 
Take Me Back
from album (Noiseworks) by Noiseworks
Oh-woh-woh-oh... Oh-oh-oh... You never expect it to be in your wildest dreams So take a step backwar.. 

Noise Pollution
from album (Noise Pollution) by Uncommonmenfrommars
What am I gonna today ? Smoke some weed and try to play Gonna make some noise pollution Cause it'.. 
Telescope Eyes (Room Noises)
from album (Room Noises) by Eisley
Oh you humor me today Calling me out to play With your telescope eyes, metal teeth I can't be se.. 
A Way To The Heart
from album (Noise Ratchet) by Noise Ratchet
Welcome to this world today, You're seeing things a different way This blood is here to save yo.. 
from album (Noise Ratchet) by Noise Ratchet
A summerset to my eyes, with memories of a child I had no responsibilities, to help or to have more.. 
Friction Arms
from album (Noise Ratchet) by Noise Ratchet
Dreaming in a nightmare, a dream you beg of me to lay you down to sleep And your reality is lifeless.. 
From Your Lips
from album (Noise Ratchet) by Noise Ratchet
Of modern man the melody of dysfunction is functional Words that will race, could kill and disgrace.. 
New Room
from album (Noise Ratchet) by Noise Ratchet
Break through these scars, I'm holding on to past desperation Stepping towards the only door I s.. 
When Losing Ends
from album (Noise Ratchet) by Noise Ratchet
Who can enjoy being born just to die, I took it this far for love My feet are hanging over the edge,.. 
No Lies
from album (Noiseworks) by Noiseworks
Ooooooooh, Ooooooooh, Ooooooooh, Ooooooooh You send invitations I Don't want again I find every.. 
White Noise
from album (White Noise) by Alpinestars
All that I'm hearing from you Is White Noise All that I'm hearing from you Is White Noise I.. 

Rock 'N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
from album ((New) Satellite Blues) by AC/DC
(All right) Hey there, all you middle men Throw away your fancy clothes And while you're out the.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by The Art Of Noise Featuring Tom Jones
You don't have to be beautiful To turn me on I just need your body baby From dusk till dawn You.. 
***y Noises Turn Me On
from album (Very Necessary) by Salt-N-Pepa
***y noises turn me on and on Talk to me and you can't go wrong I love the.. 
Come On Feel The Noise
from album (Album Unknown) by Quiet Riot
Cum on feel the noize Girls rock your boys We'll get wild, wild, wild, Wild, wild, wild So you.. 
The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues
from album (This Is The Story) by The Proclaimers
I'm not going to talk about doubts and confusion On a night when I can see with my eyes shut I&#.. 
Out Of The Noise
from album (Roots To Branches) by Jethro Tull
Glued to the kerbstone, staring. Frozen at the stop-sign too. See that crazy suicide mongrel. He'.. 
from album (State Of Confusion) by The Kinks
Dad's stuck in the factory, machines are banging all around. Momma's in the kitchen, she go.. 
Big Noise
from album (The Scattering) by Cutting Crew
One more to tie To the whipping post Papers that peddle The holy ghost Once more the victim Of ci.. 
Blood Makes Noise
from album (99.9f) by Suzanne Vega
I'd like to help you doctor Yes I really really would But the din in my head It's too much a.. 
High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise
from album (All Shook Up) by Cheap Trick
It's been a long time, baby High priest of rhytmic noise Living inside of me I been goin' ro.. 
Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus)
from album (Stereopathetic Soulmanure) by Beck
The tortures, the torment Pink noise, delicious The danger, the victims Demeaning religion She rides.. 
Jump They Say
from album (Black Tie White Noise) by David Bowie
When comes the shaking man A nation in his eyes Striped with blood and emblazed tattoo Streaking cat.. 
Quietly Making Noise
from album (Fruitcakes) by Jimmy Buffett
Oscar Wilde died in bed Several floors above my head Living well beyond his means In that crazy Pari.. 
Beautiful Noise
from album (Greatest Hits 1966-92) by Neil Diamond
Written by: Neil Diamond What a beautiful noise Comin' up from the street Got a beautiful sound.. 
Bringin Da Noise
from album (No Strings Attached) by 'N Sync
Bringin' da noise Bring down the house We came here to turn the party out Say come on come on.. 
Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
from album (Rock Of Ages) by Amy Grant
Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee God of glory, Lord of love Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee Open.. 
I'm The Cure
from album (Bird Noises) by Midnight Oil
Tell all your friends I'm the cure Tell them again and again Watching the walls, spinning in doo.. 
Knife's Edge
from album (Bird Noises) by Midnight Oil
On a knife edge razor day If you listen long enough they've got nothing to say It's a time.. 
No Time For Games
from album (Bird Noises) by Midnight Oil
The raising of children, the rearing of young Used to be simple but look what it's become The ch.. 
Wedding Cake Island
from album (Bird Noises) by Midnight Oil
Signal To Noise
from album (Up) by Peter Gabriel
you know the way that things go when what you fight for starts to fall and in that fuzzy picture the.. 
from album (World Of Noise) by Everclear
Evergleam and I know why God is good and Jesus loves me Heaven lives and I know where Sound.. 
Fire Maple Song
from album (World Of Noise) by Everclear
Turn away from the pain you don't want Turning down to avoid them when they call Strang.. 
from album (World Of Noise) by Everclear
I will I will live for a year or two Maybe just for a year I will die yes I will die I.. 
Loser Makes Good
from album (World Of Noise) by Everclear
I hate waking up it means that I have to die again tonight 35 years old and I'm still sle.. 
from album (World Of Noise) by Everclear
Maybe I went too far this time I just go crazy when she says no Angel turns away pulls her d.. 

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