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from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
What did I do to deserve such a fate I didn't really want to get Involved in this thing Someone.. 
Cereal Killer
from album (Cereal Killer Soundtrack) by Green Jelly
Follow your nose It always knows The flavor of death Where ever it goes Terror in the supermarket.. 
Who's Da Killer?
from album (Who's Da Killer?) by TRU
featuring Big Ed E A Ski King George [C Murder] who's da killer whos the mother***.. 
Killer On The Loose
from album (Killer On The Loose) by Thin Lizzy
Some people they call me Jack Some people they call me insane I'm looking for somebody And I don.. 

from album (Virgin Killer) by Scorpions
Music :Ulrich Roth Lyrics:Ulrich Roth Cry like you feel, Try like you feel, feel it ...! Try to.. 
Are You Ready
from album (Killer Dwarfs) by Killer Dwarfs
On the road to nowhere Leaving really soon Could be heaven, could be hell Could be on the moon Are.. 
Acid Killer
from album (Acid Killer) by Infected Mushroom
'As LAPD officers gather evidence at the grisly crime scene, you can only ask yourselves: what k.. 
Breed The Killer
from album (Breed The Killers) by Earth Crisis
Designed to deceive myths of supremacy. A climate ingrained of fear and disdain. Spawning murderers.. 
Killer Joe
from album (Album Unknown) by The Rocky Fellers
Oh, whoa, oh, no Oh, whoa, oh, yeah Look at Killer Joe go (ah-ah-ah) Dancing with Marie (oh-oh-no).. 
Killer Wants To Go To College
from album (Songs From The Capeman) by Paul Simon
from album (Seal (Debut Album)) by Seal
(Tinley/Seal) 1991 Brother... Brother... (L) Sister... Sister... (L) It's the loneliness.. 
from album (Live Rust) by Neil Young
He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the new world In that palace.. 
Psycho Killer
from album (Stop Making Sense) by Talking Heads
I can't seem to face up to the facts I'm tense and nervous and I Can't relax I can't.. 
Killer Queen
from album (April Lady) by Queen
She keeps Moet et Chandon In her pretty cabinet 'Let them eat cake' she says Just like Marie.. 

Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)
from album (Live Killers) by Queen
Words and music by Freddie Mercury You suck my blood like a leech You break the law and you preach.. 
Get Down Make Love
from album (Live Killers) by Queen
Words and music by Freddie Mercury Get down make love Get down make love Get down make love Get dow.. 
I'm In Love With My Car
from album (Live Killers) by Queen
Words and music by Roger Taylor The machine of a dream Such a clean machine With the pistons a pump.. 
Sheer Heart Attack
from album (Live Killers) by Queen
Words and music by Roger Taylor Well you're just 17 and all you want to do is disappear You kno.. 
Spread Your Wings
from album (Live Killers) by Queen
Southland Killers
from album (Stoned Raiders) by Cypress Hill
(performed by Cypress Hill / MC Ren / King Tee) Intro: [MC Ren] Yeah, y'all know what the ***.. 
Killer's Eyes
from album (Give The People What They Want) by The Kinks
I see so little hope in you, So much despair, As I look in your eyes I wonder, What thoughts ling.. 
Killer M.C. (Interlude)
from album (The Carnival) by Wyclef Jean
Wyclef: Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to Wyclef Words of Wisdom. I am here with an m.c... 
Down On Your Knees
from album (Killers) by Kiss
Alright, ooh yeah Are you ready to rock, I'm talking about satisfaction So let's cut the t.. 
I'm A Legend Tonight
from album (Killers) by Kiss
I've been working at my job, slaving like a dog all day And I've been thinking about you, gi.. 
Nowhere To Run
from album (Killers) by Kiss
Don't know what's been going on in your head, no When you knew that his love was through You.. 
Partners In Crime
from album (Killers) by Kiss
Alright I know your wheels are turning, got your fire burning I know your heart's as cold as sto.. 
Lady Killer
from album (Dancin' On The Edge) by Lita Ford
Crank It He's got a heart of stone Don't look him in the eye He'll tuck you in And then.. 
Be My Lover
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper - Be My Lover She struts into the room Well I don't know her But with a magnifyi.. 
Dead Babies
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
Little Betty ate a pound of aspirin She got them from the shelf up on the wall Betty's mommy was.. 
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
I'm a gambler And I'm a runner But you knew that When you lay down I'm a picture Of ugl.. 
Halo Of Flies
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
I've got the answers To all of your questions If you've got the money To pay me in gold I wi.. 
Under My Wheels
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
The telephone is ringing,... You got me on the run I'm driving in my car now Anticipating fun.. 
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
You can be my slave And I'll be a stranger We could be in passion We could be in danger Take y.. 
You Drive Me Nervous
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
Yeah, you Seem so civilized Your mama's tryin To run your life Your daddy's tryin To pick yo.. 
New Killer Star
from album (Reality) by David Bowie
See the great white scar Over Battery Park Then a flare glides over But I won't look at that sca.. 
from album (Five) by George Michael
So you want to be free To live your life the way you wanna be Will you give if we cry Will we live o.. 
Obey The Cowgod
from album (Cereal Killer) by Green Jelly
Are you ready to obey the Cowgod??? We live in a country, we can't eat meat! Obey the Cowgod!.. 
Anarchy In The U.K.
from album (Cereal Killer Soundtrack) by Green Jelly
Anarchy! in bedrock, twitch twitch. [One, two, three, four] Right now, hahaha.. I am an antichrist.. 
Electric Harley House (Of Love)
from album (Cereal Killer Soundtrack) by Green Jelly
So you wanna go on the road? Wanna see my love to unfold? You must be young, and you must be bold.. 
Flight Of The Skajaquada
from album (Cereal Killer Soundtrack) by Green Jelly
When clouds of iron gather nigh, Blackening the winter sky, Storms gather fury from the lake, Bes.. 

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