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Always The Last To Know
from album (Always The Last To Know) by Del Amitri
So youre in love with someone else Someone who burns within your soul And it looks like I am the las.. 
The Last To Know
from album (Always The Last To Know) by Del Amitri
So you're in love with someone else Someone who burns with in your soul And it looks like I am t.. 
One More Last Chance
from album (One More Last Chance) by Ray Stevens
electric guitar solo Just give me One More Last Chance, baby. To prove that i love you. Just give m.. 
Last Kiss
from album (Last Kiss) by Pearl Jam
Oh, where oh where can my baby be? The Lord took her away from me She's gone to heaven, so I got.. 

The Last One To Know
from album (Last One To Know) by Reba McEntire
(Matraca Berg, Jane Mariash) I didn't see the fire burn to ashes. I couldn't feel the win.. 
Free At Last
from album (Free At Last) by DC Talk
Young people Welcome to the... heaven... ... and ministry tonight Won't you please turn in your.. 
Hard Rain Don't Last
from album (Hard Rain Don't Last) by Darryl Worley
Girl tonight it's pouring down on us It's been building for so long Yeah, it's dark I kn.. 
Da Last Don
from album (MP Da Last Don) by Master P
Ughhhhh....... Good Day America this is Mr. No Limit So you want to get rid of gansta rap.. 
The Last Day On Earth
from album (Last Tour On Earth) by Marilyn Manson
yesterday was a million years ago in all my past lives i played an asshole now i found you, it's.. 
Last Action Hero
from album (Last Action Hero Soundtrack) by Tesla
Evil, do ya feel the thunder? This time he's got your number, comin' after you. Hate to th.. 
The Last DJ
from album (The Last DJ) by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
The Last DJ Well you can't turn him into a company man You can't turn him into a whore And.. 
Last Time
from album (Last Time) by Methrone
The Last Note Of Freedom
from album (The Last Note Of Freedom) by David Coverdale
Here I am, burnin' man, Singing the song of my open soul. Will time pass me? All my dreams a hea.. 
If It's The Last Thing I Do
from album (If It's The Last Thing I Do) by Montgomery Gentry
I've been living on truck stop coffee Cigarettes and vitamin C It's a wonder that the devil.. 

Last Flight Out
from album (Last Flight Out) by Plus One
Im so scared that you will see All the weakness inside of me Im so scared of letting go That the pai.. 
Last Temptation
from album (The Last Temptation) by Ja Rule Featuring Charli Baltimore
[Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, heh You feel that Can you feel that Yall cant feel that, heh, yeah We gonna do.. 
Goldie's Last Day
from album (Goldie's Last Day) by PFR
(Intro) Puppy love puppy love Yes, she gave all she had Not like a brother or sister More lik a Mom.. 
Last In Line
from album (Last In Line) by Dio
We're a ship without a storm Cold without the warm Light inside the darkness lit at peace We.. 
Last Broadcast
from album (The Last Broadcast) by Doves
I was thinking about what you said I was thinking about shame The funny thing how you said Cause.. 
Last Hour
from album (Last Hour) by Handjobs For Hobos
I can't say this 'cause you'll cry Just let go... I'll say goodbye This last hour of.. 
Soldier's Last Letter
from album (Kerouac's Last Dream) by Ramblin' Jack Elliot
When the postman delivered the letter Well, it filled her old heart full of joy But she din't k.. 
Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
from album (Prophet Of The Last Eclipse) by Luca Turilli
[music & lyrics: Luca Turilli] Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis Si.. 
First And Last And Always
from album (First And Last And Always) by Sisters Of Mercy
See a body and a dream of the dead days A following lost and blind Living far from here Tomorrow.. 
Last Cheaters Waltz
from album (Last Cheaters Waltz) by T.G. Sheppard
She's going to pieces When he walked in the door She just has to see him She can't wait no m.. 
Last Last One
from album (Last Last One) by The Weakerthans
You always stole all my last words. Here's no exception then, one more for me to send. And nothi.. 
Last Drop
from album (Last Drop) by Kevin Lyttle
(You..you..you..you..you..you oh yes..) (You..you..you..you..baby..you..) I wanna say.. you say.. 
Kill The Last Romantic
from album (Kill The Last Romantic) by Easyworld
Play back this tape I swear you'll see I only wanted you to be with me I killed the last romanti.. 
The Last Time
from album (The Last Time) by Paradise Lost
It's a struggle with a failures frown And it crashes in front of me I see the clouds divide Will.. 
A Last Illusion
from album (Beethoven's Last Night) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Last Days
from album (Violent Demise: The Last Days) by Body Count
Last days, last days. As I stare off the stage and try to understand why you feel that I am someone.. 
One Last Day
from album (One Last Day) by Count The Stars
As we sank our souls into the last good moment we'll ever know yet could I Stop to think about m.. 
Last One On Earth
from album (Last One On Earth) by Asphyx
Behold my final testimony I'm the survivor of my race hear the tale of sadness and genocide wher.. 
Last Song
from album (Last Song) by Gackt
atemonaku hitori samayoi aruki tsudzuketa kasukana toiki wo tada shiroku somete utsuri kawari yuku k.. 
Last Summer
from album (Last Summer) by Frickin' A
Sneakin out with you midnight in June picked you up couldnÂ’t stand to be apart you said you knew ab.. 
Last Love Song
from album (Last Love Song) by 17:28
The Last One For Life
from album (The Last One For Life (2000)) by Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
I hear the silent whispers, Darkness still upon me, All those empty words from the buried heart.. 
The Last Supper
from album (Last Supper) by Grave Digger
Well done my friend. Thanks fort he offer We'll catch him at night to end this game Take these t.. 
Last Man Standing
from album (Last Man Standing) by Lucie Silvas
When I feel every thing in my life's a mess And I can't lift my head up above the rest When.. 
The Last Sunset
from album (The Last Sunset) by Conception
Wave after wave is breaking on the shore Keeping the secrets of destiny The sun goes down I'm tr.. 
While The Music Lasts
from album (While The Music Lasts) by Jesse Harris And The Ferdinandos
See you out on the floor Where the speakers blast Dancing while the music lasts Up and above the st.. 




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