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I Can Dream About You
from album (I Can Dream About You) by Dan Hartman
No more timing each tear that falls from my eyes I'm not hiding the remedy to cure this old hear.. 
Dream About You
from album (Because I Love You) by Stevie B
There was a time in my life when I opened my eyes and there you were You were more than a dream I co.. 
Instant Replay
from album (I Can Dream About You) by Dan Hartman
(Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one) (Ah-ah-ah-ah) (Oh) You set my lips on fire.. 
Had A Dream About You, Baby
from album (Down In The Groove) by Bob Dylan
I got to see you, baby, I don't care It may be some place, baby, you say you where I had a dream.. 

I Get So Lonely When I Dream About You
from album (Album Unknown) by The Four Knights
Oh baby mine, oh baby mine CHORUS: Oh baby mine I get so lonely when I dream about you Can't.. 
Dream About Me
from album (Hotel) by Moby
Babe Dream about me Lie On the phone to me Tell me no truth If it hurts bad There's enough in m.. 
You're The One I Dream About
from album (Reba) by Reba McEntire
(Pamela Bowen, Teresa Jackson) I caught you smiling at me again out of the corner of my eye. It is.. 
I Don't Like To Dream About Gettin Paid
from album (Dogg Food) by Tha Dogg Pound
Verse One: Dat Nigga Daz Working LA tryin to get paid tha right way but somehow the right.. 
Dream About It
from album (Thinking It Over) by Liberty X
I don't wanna talk I didn't even know your name But the way that you moved your body I co.. 
All Day Long I Dream About ***
from album (Schizophrenic) by JC Chasez
So you wanna be a rockstar Keep it going, don't stop Work it while you're on top, call the c.. 
Dream About End Of Times
from album (Infinity) by Better Off Dead
1. In this gloomy reality We can choice only Passivity, resistance Or Fight Suicide as a fourth way.. 
Jane's Getting Serious
from album (Everyone Loves The Pilot (Except The Crew)) by Jon Astley
I like get up With my partner in crime We love to dress up And have ourselves a good time We have an.. 
People Used To Dream About The Future
from album (A Girl Called Eddy) by A Girl Called Eddy
Drinking our coffee It's a quarter to three No one in this place Just us and our mistakes You in.. 
To Dream About You
from album (Demo Tape) by Alexz Johnson
Yeah First time I saw you made my heart go bang, Next time I saw you it was all the same, oh I felt.. 

Don't Make Me Dream About You
from album (Album Unknown) by Spiral Staircase
Don't make me dream about you, don't make me dream about you. Don't make me dream about.. 
Still Dream About You
from album (Album Unknown) by Dr. Demento (Traveling Pilsburys)
I still dream about you.. 
Dream About Your Love
from album (Vanguart) by Vanguart
I gazed a forgivelessness star Thinkin' about my life I've been so old and youg nowadays Fe.. 
Dream On
from album (Jones Country) by George Jones
I've heard there's talk around sayin' i'm out of control. Something about too many b.. 
One Dream
from album (Dream Academy) by Dream Academy
There's one dream in my life One that I love more Than settle down Fool around Games that only d.. 
In My Dreams
from album (It Was All A Dream) by Dream
Spoken: Ashely...Melissa...Diana...Holly...Dream..Bad Boy baby...Lets go (verse 1) Don't know.. 
It Was All A Dream (Intro)
from album (It Was All A Dream) by Dream
Dream... it was all a dream (It was all a dream) I can't believe this is happening Hmm, hmm, hm.. 
What We Gonna Do About Us
from album (It Was All A Dream) by Dream
What we gonna do about us What we gonna do about us What we gonna do about us What, what, what, what.. 
Dream On
from album (Dream On) by Dream Street
Dream On
from album (Dreamstreet) by Dreamstreet
Well, we've come a long long way And there's no turning back The road ahead is clear at.. 
Bombay Dreams
from album (Bombay Dreams) by Bombay Dreams
(HINDI).... Sunrise, burning heat Nothing is as travelled as a Bombay street Contradictions, city o.. 
There's Something About Mary
from album (There's Something About Mary) by Jonathan Richman
His friends say stop whining, they've had enough of that. His friends would say stop pining, th.. 
from album (Las Jonathan) by Las Jonathan
Mis vocales no suenan bien sera porque no hablo ingles y en todo lo que ya escuche las vocales sonab.. 
What Ya Know About
from album (Who Is Mike Jones?) by Mike Jones
[Chorus 3x] What ya know about switching lanes holding wood grain What ya know about switching lanes.. 
A Kiss To Build A Dream On
from album (A Kiss To Build A Dream On) by Louis Armstrong
Give me a kiss to build a dream on, And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss. Sweetheart, I ask.. 
I've Got Dreams To Remember
from album (Dreams To Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology) by Otis Redding
I've got dreams Dreams to remember I've got dreams Dreams to remember Honey I saw you ther.. 
Big Dreams In A Small Town
from album (Big Dreams In A Small Town) by Restless Heart
(Chorus) Big dreams in a small town Eighteen and glory bound Nothing here to tie us down Big dre.. 
A Thing About You
from album (A Thing About You) by Roxette
A thing about you I pick up the phone, I'm dialing your number While I pray you're at hom.. 
A Dream Goes On Forever
from album (A Dream Goes On Forever) by Todd Rundgren
A million old soldiers will fade away But a dream goes on forever I'm left standing here, I'.. 
Otro Día Más Sin Verte
from album (Jon Secada) by Jon Secada
Sólo al pensar Que cuando no estás me siento diferente Cuando estás en mis brazos Quiero amarrar.. 
Window To My Heart
from album (Same Dream) by Jon Secada
Alone in the dark Waiting for the sunrise Feeling wide awake Pretending you’re there with me Don’.. 
Prone To Bad Dreams
from album (Prone To Bad Dreams) by Point Blank
[Voice] Hah...Hell what's up fool? It's me your conscience motha***a... You.. 
Dreamin' About U
from album (Emancipation (Edited)) by Prince
If the wind blew every petal from your precious red rose Would U be afraid of what U'd find insi.. 
It's All About The Benjamins
from album (It's All About The Benjamins 12") by Puff Daddy
featuring The Lox Verse One: Puff Daddy Now... what y'all wanna do? Wanna be ball.. 
Dream Is Still Alive
from album (Dream Is Still Alive) by Wilson Phillips
Not so long ago we were so in phase You and I could never forget the days But then the fire seemed t.. 
Colour Of Your Dreams
from album (Colour Of Your Dreams) by Carole King
Live in the colour of your dreams Know everything you see is not quite what it seems Take everything.. 



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