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Livin' In The Limelight
from album (Livin' In The Limelight) by Peter Cetera
**Everybody wants to be a star Living in the limelight A big house and a fancy car Living in the lim.. 
No Limit
from album (Sky's The Limit) by Magic
featuring C Murder Snoop Dogg [C Murder] Say Magic Snoop bro The whole world know we.. 
The Thrash Of *** Limbs
from album (The Thrash Of *** Limbs) by My Dying Bride
Beauty is fragile, and time eats at it This passion play Smothered in effort, The thrash of *** l.. 
Amor Sin Limites
from album (Amor Sin Limites) by José Luis Perales
Ya podría yo tocar el sol y vaciar el mar; o inventar un lugar al sur para la libertad; conocer el.. 

from album (Javier) by Javier
{Verse 1} Kinda like a summer breeze You do exactly as you please Drop a brotha to his knees, just f.. 
In Your Hands
from album (Javier) by Javier
In your hands, my life begins and ends All that I am, I surrender to you I've never felt so weak.. 
Slow Motion
from album (Javier) by Javier
do do do do do dodo do do do do dodo ooooooohhh oooohhh oooooohhhhhh Goin in, I knew what I was ge.. 
from album (Limber) by VooDoo Blue
I want you back To catch me when I fall I took for granted even though I never knew it I love when.. 
Take It To The Limit
from album (Take It To The Limit) by Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings
All alone at the end of the evening and the bright lights have faded to blue I was thinkin' abou.. 
Amor En Vena
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Esta víctima llegó con su más linda diadema para retirarse el pelo y dar su cara de pena su desti.. 
Ciega Fe
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Por la mañana no sale el sol si tú no estás y por la noche hay luna nueva si te vás Te regalé.. 
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Aquí a esta hora, en este bar las seis, seis y media y tú no estás ya ves, ya lo sabes, es la eda.. 
De Aqui A La Eternidad
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Afuera el frío arruga la ciudad y el tiempo sólo existe para los que están deben ser cuatrociento.. 
En Esta Casa
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Antes eran otros tiempos, se querían las mocitas, los mocitos tutearse no era fácil, ni saltarse a.. 

La Edad Del Porvenir
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Nos dictan siempre somos la edad del porvenir nos van dictando cómo nacer, cómo vivir Nos dictan.. 
La Madre De Fabian
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Hoy me vino a la memoria la madre de Fabián aquel niño tan callado que vivía en mi portal no sal.. 
Las Casas De Cartón
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Qué triste se oye la lluvia en los techos de cartón qué triste vive mi gente en las casas de cart.. 
Luna De Menta
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
La luna silba nos da su menta y baila claqué la luna chula nos salva siempre con su pincel la luna.. 
Miss Universo
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
No tengo orgullo ni furia al pasar pero hubo rabia en algún que otro andar hay cicatrices de no com.. 
Piel De Pantera
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
Voy castellana abajo en plena primavera mucho árbol, noche, coches y neón la sangre alteran dejo a.. 
Un Dos Tres Cuatro
from album (Javier Alvarez) by Javier Alvarez
En la inmensidad de que el día va a empezar se nos nubla la visión tengo la impresión de que el c.. 
En Mi Viejo San Juan
from album (Javier Solis) by Javier Solis
En mi viejo San Juan Cuantos sueños forjé En mis noches de infancia Mi primera ilusión Y mis cuit.. 
No Limit
from album (No Limit) by Sowelu
* I will change my life, tatta ima kara change my mind. I'm dressed up just right now. I do. I.. 
No Limits
from album (No Limits) by U.D.O
One life - never been a riddle Black nights - live it to the max It's all extremely done No way.. 
Wake Dream
from album (Lime II) by Lime
It must have been a wake dream, I know I was walking in a place, you know A place where no one seeme.. 
Limbic System
from album (Limbic System) by Rootwater
my life is simple I response to stimulus I am just to be obedient - to open my eyes The stream of en.. 
In Limbo
from album (Limbic System) by Rootwater
Alasasya kuto vidyaa avidyasya kuto dhanam. Adhanasya kuto mitram amitrasya. Donâ??t be afr.. 
from album (*** Liminality OST) by Yuri Kasahara
I'll be there by your side In the land of twilight In your dream, I will go Till we find the sun.. 
The Sky Is The Limit
from album (The Sky Is The Limit) by Evidence One
I've had enough for oh so long Now I'm running for the edge of the wild It's time to let.. 
Take It To The Limit (Featuring Mick Mars)
from album (Take It To The Limit) by Willie Nelson Featuring Waylon Jennings
She's got a body I can barely believe She's indeed the devil, but on another level Her kind.. 
No Limit
from album (No Limit) by Sowelu
deai wa mirai ikusen no kibou sora, hatenai shinjitsu made wa tooi meiro no deguchi mada mienaku.. 
No Limit
from album (No Limit) by Beckah Shae
So, there's always gonna be critics out there You'll never go nowhere as long as you care So ya go.. 
from album (1981-87 Retrospective II) by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Living on a lighted stage Approaches the.. 
from album (Test For Echo) by Rush
Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Instrumental.. 
from album (Tattoo You) by The Rolling Stones
(M. Jagger/K. Richards/R. Wood) We used to ride, baby Ride around in limousines We looked so fin.. 
Lift Me Up
from album (Limbo - Soundtrack) by Bruce Springsteen
I don't need your answered prayers Or the chains your lover wears I don't need your rings of.. 
Stranded In A Limousine
from album (Greatest Hits, Etc. (1977)) by Paul Simon
He was a mean individual He had a heart like a bone He was a naturally crazy man And better off left.. 
from album (Freedom) by Neil Young
Though the river flows Gently to the sea He was on the shore Rooted like a tree She was here and the.. 
from album (Live Rust) by Neil Young
He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the new world In that palace.. 
Long Black Limousine
from album (A Little Less Conversation) by Elvis Presley
There's a long line of mourners Driving down our little street Their fancy cars are such a sight.. 




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