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Dont Walk Away
from album (Dont Walk Away) by Jade
Don't Walk AwayJade(Verse 1)I've got all this love, waiting just for youI just gotta know th.. 
1,000 Miles Away
from album (1,000 Miles Away) by Jewel
It's morning time, wonder where you are Wonder who you're talking to Wonder if the sun has r.. 
I Ran So Far Away
from album (I Ran So Far Away) by A Flock Of Seagulls
I Ran (So Far Away)A Flock of SeagullsI walk along the avenue.I never thought I'd meet a girl li.. 
Sail Away
from album (Sail Away) by Randy Newman
In America you'll get food to eat Won't have to run through the jungle And scuff up your.. 

from album (Awake) by Godsmack
Wait another minute. Can't you see what this pain has *** done to me. I'm alive and stil.. 
Getting Away With Murder
from album (Getting Away With Murder) by Papa Roach
Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness I need to calculate What creates my own madness And I'm a.. 
Away From The Sun
from album (Away From The Sun) by 3 Doors Down
It's down to this I've got to make this life make sense Can anyone tell what I've done I.. 
Can't Stay Away
from album (Can't Stay Away) by Too $hort
Intro: Yeah thats right baby You rolling to the sounds of Too $hort Album #11 (Just Can.. 
Great Awakening
from album (The Great Awakening) by 4him
Like a machine in pursuit, on the horizon like a raging fire, we move, driven by questions in.. 
Flying Away
from album (Flying Away) by Smoke City
Goodbye sweet romance I am flying away now Goodbye sweet romance I am flying away now To num aviao.. 
Drift Away
from album (Drift Away) by Uncle Kracker
Day after day I'm more confused So I look for the light in the pouring rain You know that's.. 
Hell Awaits
from album (Hell Awaits) by Slayer
(Lyrics King; Music Hanneman/King) [Backwards: "Join us" x times] [Welcome back] Existi.. 
from album (AWAKENING) by Xymox
Keep Myself Awake
from album (Keep Myself Awake) by Black Lab
I hate to talk like this I hate to lie cuz if theres something wrong that i cant say i have this dre.. 

Wash It Away
from album (Keep Myself Awake) by Black Lab
Wash it in the sea Let it soak all night Wash it in the sea Let the saltwater wash it away Soak it i.. 
Dial Away
from album (Dial Away) by Sondre Lerche
I try to make sense of your words I try to read between the lines But I conclude another day's s.. 
from album (Awake) by Dashboard Confessional
Awake Through the years it takes to see you 'Til I almost lose my mind 'Cause I'll never.. 
Break Away
from album (Break Away) by John Mayer
Is next to me is all that you need to be? Would u settle for fantasy if it's the best you could.. 
from album (Over The Hill And Far Away) by Nightwish
The days were brighter Gardens more blooming The nights had more hope In their silence The wild was.. 
Over The Hills And Far Away
from album (Over The Hill And Far Away) by Nightwish
They came for him one winter's night. Arrested, he was bound. They said there'd been a robbe.. 
Get Away
from album (Get Away) by Earshot
Earshot Get Away You stay all in one piece when broken Kind remarks, and your words soft-spoken.. 
Come Away With Me
from album (Come Away With Me) by Norah Jones
Come away with me in the night Come away with me And I will write you a song Come away with me on.. 
Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)
from album (Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)) by Dropline
Sun comes up and goes away So does graduation day You did your walk of fame and that was it She turn.. 
Blow Me Away
from album (Blow Me Away) by Breaking Benjamin
[Verse 1:] They fall in line One at a time Ready to play (I can't see them anyway) No time to lo.. 
from album (Awaken) by Catch 22
[ chorus ] Awaken inside the crystal dream Transcending across the velvet scream [ verse 1 ] I can s.. 
Hide Away
from album (Hide Away) by Freddie King
I don't want you to be no slave I don't want you to work all day I don't want your mon.. 
Awaking The Centuries
from album (Awaking The Centuries) by Haggard
Awaking the Centuries In the books of what will be Written by the demon lord? Never lift your head.. 
Another Day Away
from album (Eight Days Away) by One Dollar Short
I'm on my way to somewhere / I've never been somewhere these eyes / have never seen another.. 
Far Far Away
from album (Far Far Away) by Slade
Slade Far Far Away I've seen the yellow lights go down the Missisippi I've seen the bridge.. 
Drivin' My Life Away
from album (Drivin' My Life Away) by Eddie Rabbitt
Well the midnight headlight find you on a rainy night steep grade up ahead slow me down makin no tim.. 
Walk Away
from album (Walk Away) by Corrinne May
Hey girl, what is the matter you're crying your heart out again Don't lie girl, this was not.. 
Fly Away
from album (Fly Away) by Corrinne May
"When will you be home?" she asks as we watch the planes take off We both know we have no.. 
They Walk Away
from album (They Walk Away) by Gary Barlow
Christine's depression never seems to end, 'cause she'll never be as skinny as the girl.. 
Fly Away
from album (Fly Away) by Nicole Kidman
I follow the night Can't stand the light When will I begin To live again? One day I'll fly a.. 
Don't Walk Away
from album (Don't Walk Away) by Toni Childs
don't walk away ripping out the root of love don't walk away ripping out the root of love t.. 
Walk Away
from album (Walk Away) by Barlow
Christine's depression never seeems to end Cause she'll never be as skinny As the girls on &.. 
One Step Away
from album (One Step Away) by Echo 7
I can't believe it's happening One more step away from being What I never thought I'd be.. 
Away From Home
from album (Roadside Heretics) by The Awakening
you've got hedonist isolation you've got a blood-drip *** smile and the last beat integrat.. 
Far Away
from album (Far Away) by Kindred The Family Soul
I'm tired of broken street glass. Not gettin' no***unless the babies sleep. But even t.. 
Take It All Away
from album (Take It All Away) by Ryan Cabrera
So much beauty in life Shining on the outside Empty on the inside I get lost sometimes Blinded by th.. 




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