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The Wrong Page
from album (The Wrong Page) by Virus
What happens to your grades when your findin the wrong page? (the wrong page) It's the rage in y.. 
Talambuhay Ng Isang Tinapa (T.N.T.)
from album (Chicharon) by Teeth
Kung kayo man ay parang isang tahong Na nasa tubig ngunit puno ng tanong O kaya'y isang malaki.. 
Feeling Hot
from album (Coverdale & Page) by Coverdale & Page
Hey, gypsy woman, roll your dice for me, Read my Tarot cards, so I can see. I'm razor sharp, coo.. 
Take A Look At Yourself
from album (Coverdale & Page) by Coverdale & Page
The first thing in the morning, the last thing at night, I just wanna hold you, babe, and make you f.. 

Page Avenue
from album (Page Avenue) by Story Of The Year
I still recall every summer night like it was yesterday the time would never end and my friends were.. 
Kahit Isang Saglit
from album (Return To Forever) by Martin Nievera
Pa'no ang puso kong ito Ngayong lumisan ka sa buhay ko Kung kailan sumikat ang araw at Lumigaya.. 
Prophecies Of Pagan Fire
from album (Prophecies Of Pagan Fire) by Enthroned
The Dance Of The Pagan Slavesods
from album (From The Pagan Vastlands) by Behemoth
oh, cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me receive my every fall, my every pain and misfor.. 
Five Blank Pages
from album (Spaces To Occupy And Abandon) by Five Blank Pages
Just another waking up Let my mind waste on you My belly aches cause the taste is sour Your call is.. 
Winter Pageant
from album (Winter Pageant) by The Softies
was it really so long ago we were taking photographs of each other in our winter pageant clothes ski.. 
from album (Pagan) by Cruachan
A scourge on the world from the earliest days Christ, his church and his sinister ways Starter of.. 
from album (Pageant) by Moi Dix Mois
mayonaka-sugi no tokei no hari wa mugon no ai wo hiki-saku owari wo tsugeru kane no ne wa ima yasas.. 
Isang Gabi
from album (Strike While The Iron Is Hot) by Orange And Lemons
Isang gabi pa lamang tayong nagkakasama Isang gabi ngunit Para bang kay rami ng buwan ang nakalipas.. 
Non Cambi Mai
from album (Pago) by Pago
Io che guardo il cielo ogni secondo perchè sai, vorrei capire fino in fondo che strana vita amore.. 

Sa Bingit Ng Isang Paalam
from album (Album Unknown) by Al Wilson
sa isang tingin ko lang agad ko nang napupuna sa likod ng yong ngiti at kung paano ka tumitig sa kin.. 
A Pagan Storm
from album (A Pagan Storm) by Wolfchant
With power and Might this storm wind blows Tear down the Christian monuments this night Take hold of.. 
Sa Isang Bote Ng Alak
from album (Album Unknown) by Goobie Patch
Sa isang bote ng alak Tayo nagsimula Mga panahong tayo'y walang wala Pero kahit ganon Masaya tay.. 
Whisper A Prayer For The Dying
from album (Coverdale & Page) by Coverdale & Page
I hear the sound of distant thunder, echo all around, I see the tragedy of young ones lying on the g.. 
Over Now
from album (Coverdale & Page) by Coverdale & Page
You said you'd give me love, Instead you caused me pain You made me curse an' slam the door,.. 
Easy Does It
from album (Coverdale & Page) by Coverdale & Page
You said you needed love to warm you in the night, So you gave yourself to strangers, Who left you c.. 
Don't Leave Me This Way
from album (Coverdale & Page) by Coverdale & Page
I'm sick and tired and lonely, sitting in my room Staring at the shadows, blowing smoke rings at.. 
Absolution Blues
from album (Coverdale & Page) by Coverdale & Page
Bless me, Father, I have sinned, I've broken hearts, got drunk on gin An' still I lust for s.. 
Turn The Page
from album (Age Aint Nothing But A Number) by Aaliyah
Hmm, yeah, yeah, yeah A special smile, a certain touch I never had a love that I loved so much When.. 
4 Page Letter
from album (One In A Million) by Aaliyah
(Intro) *Yo Turn My Music Up. Up Some More Up Some More Up A Little Bit More.* Mama Always To.. 
Empty Pages
from album (Air Supply) by Air Supply
When you're out in front and your life is unsure What have you got goin' for you after every.. 
from album (A Show Of Hands) by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Nothing can survive in a vacuum No one ca.. 
Turn The Page
from album (Against The Wind) by Bob Seger
On a long and lonesome highway East of Omaha You can listen to the engine moanin' out his one.. 
Blank Page
from album (Adore) by The Smashing Pumpkins
Blank page is all the rage Never meant to say anything In bed I was half dead Tired of dreaming o.. 
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
Last evening, I turned by the pages of time. And tore out the chapters when you were mine. I attempt.. 
In The House Of Stone And Light
from album (In The House Of Stone And Light) by Martin Page
Oh mount Kailas uncover me Come my restauration wash my body clean I've been walking a long and.. 
Shape The Invisible
from album (In The House Of Stone And Light) by Martin Page
Just another day Love seems so far away There's no sign of life in Eden's garden Just anothe.. 
All My Love
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
All my love, I give you all my love The skies may fall, my love But I will still be true All my sigh.. 
Allegheny Moon
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
Allegheny Moon I need your light To help me find romance tonight So shine, shine, shine Allegheny Mo.. 
Another Time Another Place
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
Another time, another place We'll be together again This kiss, this same embrace, Will be more w.. 
Changing Partners
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
We were waltzin' together to a dreamy melody When they called out "Change partners" An.. 
Come What May
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
A gypsy with a crystal ball to gaze in Can look into the future, so they say But I am so afraid of f.. 
Croce Di Oro
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
You'll be gone when the dawn comes tomorrow You'll be far, far away out at sea So I give you.. 
Cross Over The Bridge
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
If you're a guy that's had a gal in each and every port And you've forgot the rules of l.. 
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
Detour, there's a muddy road ahead, detour Paid no mind to what it said Detour, oh these bitte.. 
from album (All My Love) by Patti Page
Honey you've been fibbin' Tellin' me such lies Know that you've been givin' Ev&#.. 

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