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Informe Saiko
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Yo no sabía lo que era yo con los años me confundo y no sabía dónde estabas tú si esta vida nos.. 
from album (Best Of Information Society) by Information Society
I'm coming back to you Just like before I've been a lonely boy Since I walked out your door.. 
from album (Information Society) by Information Society
Hot steamy night alone I wait for you Cold brittle morning alone And I cry for you And when you fina.. 
from album (12 Inches Of Snow) by Snow
What's up man! Hey yo what's up! Yeah what's goin' on here. Sick an' tired of f.. 

from album (Album Unknown) by The Information Society
ThinkInformation SocietyImagine if I said I sometimes need youI need you to this dayImagine if I sai.. 
Walking Away
from album (Album Unknown) by The Information Society
WALKING AWAYThe Information SocietyCold winds blow around me,And I can't help but think of you.A.. 
Whats On Your Mind
from album (Album Unknown) by The Information Society
WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND (PURE ENERGY)Information SocietyI wanna knowWhat you're thinkingThere ar.. 
Too Much Information
from album (Wedding Album) by Duran Duran
Destroyed by MTV I hate to bite the hand that feeds me So much information The pressure's on the.. 
Information Overload
from album (Super Hits) by Living Colour
Sometimes I feel Like my mind will explode Sometimes I feel Like I've got no control Sometimes I.. 
Thanks For The Information
from album (No Guru, No Method, No Teacher) by Van Morrison
Thanks for the information Never give a sucker an even break When he's breaking through To a new.. 
Information Overload
from album (Upstyledown) by 28 Days
too many messages multi media sponge too many to address I guess you could say I'm out lunch te.. 
from album (Heavy Mental) by Killah Priest
[Killah Priest] Information no doubt ya know don't stop don't stop don't sto.. 
Info Kill II
from album (Funcrusher Plus) by Company Flow
Flow some mo' Co shit (repeat 4X) [El P] My skit is sick (repeat 6X) Verse One: Bigg Ju.. 
Info Superhighway
from album (Real Things) by 2 Unlimited
[ANITA:] Technology [RAY:] Virtual Society Info superhighway interaction [ANITA:] Into the future, i.. 

from album (Infotainment) by Pitchshifter
Burn any bridge, (break) I'll break any necks. Tell any lie, I hate all my friends. Kiss any.. 
from album (Infotainment) by Pitchshifter
Victim (culture). Targets (counter culture). I've tried, I failed, can't make your leap.. 
from album (Infotainment) by Pitchshifter
You say you've got to get away, but where are you going to go? Raise down, (dis)town. Yo.. 
from album (Infotainment) by Pitchshifter
Coast to coast, your evil filthy lies. Boast the most, full malnutrition guide. Comfort, it'.. 
from album (Infotainment) by Pitchshifter
Lie to me, tell me I'm like you, tell me I'm beautiful, tell me I'm cool. Lie to me.. 
from album (Infotainment) by Pitchshifter
Replicate, divide, mutate, survive. Tame? Beat. You hungry? Control tastes so sweet. Species? W.. 
from album (Infotainment) by Pitchshifter
Perfect, your pictures, your lies. Promises can't reason can't hide. On and on(keep movi.. 
Too Much Information
from album (Ghost In The Machine) by Sting & Police
Too much information running through my brain Too much information driving me insane Too much inform.. 
Who Needs Information?
from album (Radio K.A.O.S.) by Roger Waters
Me and Benny went out last night Looking for fun Supping ale in the moonlight Waiting for the dawn t.. 
El Retocador De Calles
from album (Desviaciones De La Canción Informal) by Fernando Delgadillo
Hace tiempo conocí una vulcanizadora en cierta calle transitada y allí vivía un tipo solitario qu.. 
John Doe
from album (Informal Introduction) by Shade Sheist
feat. AMG, DJ Quik, Hi-C, Swift * from the forthcoming "Informal Introduction" {*scratchi.. 
Money Owners
from album (Informal Introduction) by Shade Sheist
[Intro: Timbaland] C'mon C'mon (kah, ok) Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah C'mon (kah, ok).. 
Wake Up
from album (Informal Introduction) by Shade Sheist
[Shade Sheist] Yeah bitch Where go the blaze at? That's right, yeah Ride with me, yeah Walk a bl.. 
Where I Wanna Be
from album (Informal Introduction) by Shade Sheist
[Chorus: Nate Dogg] This is where I wanna be Right here with my loved ones Smokin on some weed Y.. 
Information Travels Faster
from album (The Photo Album) by Death Cab For Cutie
i intentionally wrote it out to be an illegible mess you wanted me to write you letters, but i'd.. 
Amante Ideal
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Cuerpos sobre la cama desde mi ventana Veo, escucho, susurros, palomas al caer desde mi habitación.. 
Cuando Miro En Tus Ojos
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Cuando miro en tus ojos cuando le miento a Dios sigo quemando infinitos es nuestro fuego, esta pasi.. 
El Cuento
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
(Grité de frío en la calle quién eres y por qué simulas que olvidas) Cuando salgo enloquecida a.. 
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Maltrataron la verdad y nos dieron un final no nos quisieron ayudar dijo alguien tiempo atrás Y se.. 
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Estamos secos de amor mi piel tu piel no quieren parar con la ansiedad serás como un amanecer hecho.. 
Happy Hour
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Atascado en la salida te vi pasar entrando en la maquinaria cotidiana del vivir Nos rodeamos de peq.. 
La Fabula
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Era un placer, era un color tan nuestro ver niños con tiempo todo era hermoso todo esos vientos los.. 
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Patética esta ciudad patético el mismo bar y tú tan bella en el salón patético fue nuestro adi.. 
Uno Tras Otros
from album (Informe Saiko) by Saiko
Pasan los meses juntos llega otro invierno y todo es igual uno tras otros persiguen rostros sólo un.. 
Kind Captain, I've Important Information
from album (H.M.S. Pinafore) by Gilbert And Sullivan
DICK. Kind Captain, I've important information, Sing hey, the kind commander that you are, A.. 
Girl Inform Me
from album (Oh, Inverted World) by The Shins
Girl inform me all my senses warn me Your clever eyes could easily disguise Some backwards purpose.. 

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