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Old Songs
from album (All The Time) by Barry Manilow
THE OLD SONGSBarry ManilowCandles burning, glasses are chilled and soon she'll be by Hope and p.. 
Old Songs
from album (Undying Admiration) by David Pomeranz
Candles burning, Glasses are chilled And soon, she'll be by... Hope and pray she'll say t.. 
I Still Sing The Old Songs
from album (The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy) by David Allan Coe
Grandpa I've been thinking bout you lately Wondering if you'd found your peace of mind I gue.. 
Old Friends 4 Sale
from album (Vault-Old Friends 4 Sale) by Prince
The sun set in my heart this evenin' Cuz an old friend of mine got lost in the jive Little did s.. 

Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)
from album (Pearls: Songs Of Goffin And King) by Carole King
Hi-de-ho, hi-de-hi Gonna get me a piece of the sky Gonna get me some of that old sweet roll A-singin.. 
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
from album (The Little Old Lady From Pasadena) by Jan & Dean
Little Old Lady From Pasadena Jan and Dean It's the little old lady from Pasadena The little.. 
Songs From The Wood
from album (Songs From The Wood) by Jethro Tull
Let me bring you songs from the wood: to make you feel much better than you could know. Dust you dow.. 
From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser
from album (Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young To Die!) by Jethro Tull
From a dead beat to an old greaser, here's thinking of you. You won't remember the long nigh.. 
Old Rugged Cross
from album (Songs For The Mama That Tried) by Merle Haggard
On a hill far away Stood an old rugged cross The emblem of suffering and shame And I love that old.. 
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down [Live 1966 Version]
from album (Live 1966) by Bob Dylan
Baby let me follow you down, baby let me follow you down Well I'll do anything in this godalmigh.. 
Songs In Red And Gray
from album (Songs In Red And Gray) by Suzanne Vega
the reproach in your daughter's most beautiful face made me wonder just how she could know of th.. 
Night Songs
from album (Night Songs) by Cinderella
Workin this job aint payin the bills Sick and tired rat race takin my thrills Kickin down a road, no.. 
Rebel Never Gets Old
from album (Rebel Never Gets Old) by David Bowie
3, 2, 1… Never ever gonna get old So I'm never ever gonna get high Never ever gonna get old So.. 
Old Lamplighter
from album (Old Lamplighter) by The Browns
THE OLD LAMPLIGHTERThe Browns He made the night a little.. 

That Old Feeling
from album (Album Unknown) by Shep Fields
THAT OLD FEELINGShep FieldsI saw you last night and got that old feeling, When you came in sight, I.. 
Indian Giver
from album (Indian Giver) by 1910 Fruitgum Company
I can still remember It wasn't long ago. Things you used to tell me, You said I had t.. 
from album (Older) by George Michael
I should have known it seemed too easy you were there and I was breathing blue strange don't y.. 
How Old Are You?
from album (How Old Are You?) by Robin Gibb
Driving my car, we stop for a while. It's getting so late and you're sending me wild. I kn.. 
Songs From An American Movie Part 1
from album (Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How To Smile) by Everclear
*dog barks* The only thing that ever made sence to me Is the world that I saw from an American movie.. 
from album (A MILLION LOVE SONGS) by Take That
Put your head against my life What do you hear A million words just trying to make The love song.. 
This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)
from album (Heart And Soul: New Songs From Ally McBeal) by Vonda Shepard
Oh, this old heart of mine Been broke a thousand times Each time you break away I feel you're.. 
200 Years Old
from album (200 Years Old) by Frank Zappa
I was sittin' in a breakfast room in Allentown, Pennsylvania, six o'clock in the morning, go.. 
Old And Grey
from album (The Old Record (1989-1992)) by Dance Hall Crashers
Sometimes i think that my life has just begun And someday I'll have my day in the sun But the be.. 
Just An Old Boyfriend
from album (Just An Old Boyfriend) by Kaci
I see you on the street My broken heart still skips a beat I hear your name Inside I go insane Baby.. 
Raggamuffin Girl
from album (Make Way For The Indian) by Apache Indian
Raggamuffin gal a yuh time fe shine Mek yuh mate we no seh one of a kind Right above front yuh no wa.. 
Badd Indian
from album (No Reservations) by Apache Indian
(Intro) (Chorus) Bad B-bad Bad Bad Indian And if a bwoy try a thing Them there youth have fe wrong.. 
About Life (Indian Talking)
from album (Real People) by Apache Indian
This are the Indian talking, About Life This are the Indian talking, About Life This are the Indian.. 
The Passenger
from album (Rodeo Songs Old And New) by Chris LeDoux
It was dark and I was driving down a lonley Texas road The night was hot and sleep pulled at my eyes.. 
Nothing But The Same Old Story
from album (Songs And Crazy Dreams) by Paul Brady
I was just about nineteen When I landed on their shore With my eyes big as headlights Like the th.. 
Are The Songs My Disease?
from album (Are The Songs My Disease?) by Queen Adreena
I used to know this wretched girl, I made her open for me, I took her heart, And I kissed it clean,.. 
The Oldest Path
from album (The Oldest Path EP) by The Coral
The oldest path beneath the grave Lies a myth that's still the same There ain't no way to ma.. 
I've Got That Old Feeling
from album (I've Got That Old Feeling) by Alison Krauss & Union Station
No matter what I say or do, I just can't seem to get inside your heart What have I done wrong? L.. 
Any Old Actress
from album (Any Old Actress) by Rasputina
They saw her break through barriers 40 feet high. It was the finest moment in a long life. Young b.. 
The Olde Headboard
from album (Any Old Actress) by Rasputina
What becomes a legend most? I'll let you think about it, Space ghost coast-to-coast. While I.. 
Songs From The Earth
from album (Songs From The Earth) by Son Of Sam
As the thorns grow with care start to twist they make new colored eyes, As the flesh starts to split.. 
Old Man
from album (Old Man) by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were. Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like yo.. 
Old And In The Way
from album (Album Unknown) by Old And In The Way
Chorus Old and in the way, that's what I heard them say They used to heed the words he said, but.. 
Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl
from album (Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl) by Broken Social Scene
Used to be one of The rotten ones And I liked you for that Now you're all gone Got your makeup o.. 
Lonely Old Lies
from album (Lonely Old Lies) by Neko Case
Sittin' here lost in my senses Drownin' in old memories Brought down from on high When you s.. 



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