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Exploding Brains
from album (Exploding Brains) by Tenacious D
We've been sent, To issue all you people here a warning. I'm not at liberty to say, The det.. 
Exploiting Dysfunction
from album (Exploiting Dysfunction) by Cephalic Carnage
Before the tornadoes came, the sun never shined the same Rabbit freak on a bridge, pissing on cars d.. 
Blood Runs Blue
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
Cloud Cover
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
December spent in the back room I take my, taking my cues from you...... 

Ears To The Ground
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
Take a look at yourself now I can't abide you anymore Wait for this signal to fade before turnin.. 
From Five
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
Just ask the Question? And count down from five Distance means everything...... 
Play Softer
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
Play Softer "You can stay on the outside for one minute more" Thus ended These parks surr.. 
Sense Of Smell
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
Its highly unconventional (my being here) Shatter fall and fade The smell of winter makes it real M.. 
Throwing Salt
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
I knew that i'd told you this time you have won And once When time stood still We left him broke.. 
Turners Dance
from album (The Little Explorer) by The Little Explorer
Why don't you scream your own words And come back to the purest of mindsets Take all the time th.. 
Beautiful Explosion
from album (Beautiful Explosion) by Plajia
Fly down, hit bounds From rockefeller I slip a water balloon It took like Fifty seconds To get their.. 
Love Explosion
from album (Maladroit) by Weezer
Take a listen Around you All the people That crowd around In your house They've been wanting To.. 
from album (Pet Your Friends) by Dishwalla
Bouncing and pounding My head the backboard I need release to let it flow And I was ready.. 
Waiting For The Next Explosion
from album (Beach House On The Moon) by Jimmy Buffett
Missing link crouched upon a promontory rock Tryin' to figure out his biological clock. No one a.. 

Little Bit O Soul
from album (Album Unknown) by The Music Explosion
Little Bit O'SoulThe Music Explosion(Carter-Lewis) Now when you're feelin' low an.. 
Heads Explode
from album (Dopes To Infinity) by Monster Magnet
Keep that thing in your pants You got nothing for me no Your sister knows how to dance She might be.. 
M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)
from album (LoveHateTragedy) by Papa Roach
1, 2, 3, 4! YEEAHH! This music is our time To reel out and rewind I'll be brutal with truth An.. 
from album (Marvin The Album) by Frente
the telephone's a terrorist i'm not even listening i'm walking with an audience what isn.. 
Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
from album (Hello Rockview) by Less Than Jake
Sit down, remind me how, this is the same old story of growing up and getting lost. Sit down, remind.. 
from album (Tripping The Light Fantastic) by Lit
Oh, I can't feel my head All I see is the color red Oh, if you hold me hand Feel me tremble you&.. 
High Explosives
from album (Heavy Mental) by Killah Priest
[Chorus] I'm a space cadet with a tape and a cassette player mine faster than prayer.. 
from album (Riddim Driven: ***y Lady Explosion) by Beenie Man
Intro: Beenie Man Ok! Boom! Zow! Zagga zagga zow (Zagga zow) yagga yagga yagga now Yagga yagga yagga.. 
from album (Gran Turismo) by The Cardigans
Ease your trouble we'll pay them double not to look at you for a while And you rely o.. 
Bottle Up And Explode!
from album (XO) by Elliott Smith
bottle up and explode over and over keep the troublemaker below put it away and check out for the da.. 
from album (Folklore) by Nelly Furtado
Peso..Joga..Ginga..Hoda Vera's face burnt as a memory of bedroom fun With a ligther and some ha.. 
Youth Body Expression Explosion
from album (Piece Of Cake) by Mudhoney
Exploding Head Movie
from album (Refried Ectoplasm) by Stereolab
We got to keep the lift hope and struggle Where is the lift, the hope and the struggle give me the s.. 
from album (Besides) by Sugar
Heart holds mouth to words Said it's gone beyond the line this time Eyes twitch close Numb the l.. 
Explode And Make Up
from album (File Under-Easy Listening) by Sugar
Heart holds mouth to words Said it's gone beyond the line this time Eyes twitch close Numb the l.. 
Scent Explosion
from album (Cultural Minority) by Uranium 235
The light inside is flowing out A mother holds her pride, And glances to the ground A key was left f.. 
A New Starsystem Has Been Explored
from album (A Broken Whisper) by Wolfsheim
Ist dies noch mein Gesicht? ich hör' meine Stimme nicht! ich habe Angst zu sehen, dies könn.. 
Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited
from album (Winterheart's Guild) by Sonata Arctica
Wake up my child, hope is here. With the vengeance we have no time to bleed. My only world filled wi.. 
from album (Brand New Knife) by Shonen Knife
Nothing's gonna start if you and I do nothing. Nothing's gonna change if you and I are only.. 
Explosion (Japanese)
from album (Brand New Knife) by Shonen Knife
Nanimo sinakereba Nanimo hajimaranai. Matterudakeja Nanimo kawaranai. Jitto mitumetemo Nanimo ugokan.. 
from album (Audio Adrenaline) by Audio Adrenaline
I met a man locked away For things he hadn't done Innocence on a ball and chain He'll never.. 
Jimmy The Exploder
from album (The White Stripes) by The White Stripes
now jimmy well do u want an explosion now yeah jimmy do you want to explode now yeah monkey are you.. 
Back In The Loop
from album (The Explorer) by E-Type
Time has come to get the troops back together No one's cruising for a bruising It's a landsl.. 
Calling Your Name
from album (The Explorer) by E-Type
There is something I have to say to you before I am on my knees and I'm looking for some answers.. 
I Just Wanna Be With You
from album (The Explorer) by E-Type
It’s time to cut the slack now You’re gonna hear me ballin’ truth Back out from the underworld I.. 
from album (Exploding Brains) by Tenacious D
Friendship is rare. Do you know what I'm saying to you? Friendship is rare. My derriere, When.. 

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