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Sublime - Santeria
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
I don't practice Santeria I ain't got no crystal ball Well I had a million dollars but I, I&.. 
Human Touch
from album (Human Touch) by Bruce Springsteen
You and me we were the pretenders We let it all slip away In the end what you don't surrender We.. 
from album (Human) by Rod Stewart
Ah… Ah…ah… Ah… Ah…human I been lookin' in the mirror somethin's gettin' clearer Wo.. 
Subhuman Race
from album (Subhuman Race) by Skid Row
Jesus knows my story, he knows the position that I'm in A hooker knows the feeling to get ***ed.. 

from album (Crash) by The Human League
Come on, baby, dry your eyes Wipe your tears Never like to see you cry Won't you please forgive.. 
I'm Only Human
from album (Crash) by The Human League
Come on, baby, dry your eyes Wipe your tears Never like to see you cry Won't you please forgive.. 
Humpty Dance
from album (Humpty Dance) by Digital Underground
The Humpty DanceDigital UndergroundAa'it stop whatcha doin' cause I'm about to ruin the.. 
from album (Substance) by New Order
I like walking in the park When it gets late at night I move `round in the dark And leave when it ge.. 
April 26 1992
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
April 26th 1992 there was a riot on the streets Tell me where were you you were sittin' home.. 
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
I don't wanna go and party I don't wanna shoot the pier I don't wanna take th.. 
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
I don't wanna go and party, I don't wanna shoot the pier, I don't wanna take the doggi.. 
Caress Me Down
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
mucho gusto me llamo Bradley I'm hornier than Ron Jeremy and if you wanna get popped in your kn.. 
Doin' Time
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Summertime and the livin's easy Bradley's on the microphone with Ras m.g. all the people in.. 
Garden Grove
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
We took this trip to garden grove It smelt like lou dog in the van This ain't no regg.. 

Get Ready
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Some folks say smoking herb is a crime if they catch you smokin they're bound to drop.. 
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Jailhouse gets empty Rudy gets plenty Baton stick gets shorter Rudy gets taller Can&#.. 
Paddle Out
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
i never thought that when i grew up i would be in a band and travel all the best spots in t.. 
Pawn Shop
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Down there at the pawn shop It's a nifty place to shop What has been sold is not stri.. 
Same In The End
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Down in Mississippi where the sun beats down from the sky They give it up but they never as.. 
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
I don't practice santeria got no crystal ball I had a million dollars but I'd spend.. 
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Janie always said I was a mess Sorry bout that mess I made her bleed I'm planting m.. 
The Ballad Of Johnny Butt
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
johnny butt was a man with a real strong will to survive he just keep pushin' on even t.. 
Under My Voodoo
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
be it your guide is so much to love you can hide your love its true it's the freedom game you c.. 
What I Got
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Early in the morning risin' to the street Light me up that cigarette and I strap shoes.. 
What I Got (Reprise)
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Early in the mornin' Risin' to the street Light me up that cigarette And I strap shoes on my.. 
Wrong Way
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Penny's 12 years old and tommorow she'll be a whore Nobody ever told her it's.. 
Stay Human (All The Freaky People)
from album (Stay Human) by Spearhead
Starvation is a creation of the devil a rebel I'm bringin' food to the people like a widow b.. 
Human After All
from album (Human After All) by Daft Punk
We are human... after all Arntcha' comin'... after all [8 times] Human, human, human, human.. 
Human Wheels
from album (Human Wheels) by John Mellencamp
This land today, shall draw its last breath And take into its ancient depths This frail reminder of.. 
Being Human
from album (Being Human) by Michael Peterson
(Tom Shapiro/Chuck Jones) Jenny's got a nose ring and tattoo on her skin All her friends are do.. 
No Substance
from album (No Substance) by Bad Religion
History doesn't make something right Consensus is not a fact-based exercise You're tied and.. 
2000 Years Of Human Error
from album (2000 Years Of Human Error) by Godhead
I thought you'd tell me the truth But when you opened your mouth Out came a family of flies.. 
from album (Subterranean) by In Flames
My tears fall like rain From the longlasting pain When I look at your eyes My heart just dies Beauty.. 
Suburban Muse
from album (Humanistic) by Abandoned Pools
Blue sky us holding down There's no why Only the sound of happy TV land Cue the canned applause.. 
New Way To Be Human
from album (New Way To Be Human) by Switchfoot
Everyday it's the same thing; another trend has begun Hey kids, this might be the one It's.. 
Fluting On The Hump
from album (Fluting On The Hump) by King Missile
I can't relate to people Who rush to catch the train So much strain For such a momentary gain W.. 
Pretend I'm Human
from album (Pretend I'm Human) by Orange 9mm
Body parts and torn thoughts held tight By the snapped strings Of a life an individuals course Drea.. 
The Subtleties That Make Mass Murderers Out Of Otherwise Decent Human Beings
from album (Make Yourself Sick) by Boys Night Out
As I red through the list it made it seem easier to make the choices choices make to stay half-way s.. 
from album (With No Human Intervention) by Aborym
Create a real time version Of a new kind of chain reaction Clock wise different effect Renames th.. 
With No Human Intervention
from album (With No Human Intervention) by Aborym
Imagine the godlike devil Representing the thesis Repress, redress and reform Still together unif.. 



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