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Hum Bewafa Hargis Na
from album (Shalimar (1978)) by Kishore Kumar
Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na They Par Hum Wafa Kar Na Sake Humko Mili Uski Sazaa Hum Jo Khata Kar Na Sake.. 
Human Touch
from album (Human Touch) by Bruce Springsteen
You and me we were the pretenders We let it all slip away In the end what you don't surrender We.. 
from album (Human) by Rod Stewart
Ah… Ah…ah… Ah… Ah…human I been lookin' in the mirror somethin's gettin' clearer Wo.. 
from album (Crash) by The Human League
Come on, baby, dry your eyes Wipe your tears Never like to see you cry Won't you please forgive.. 

I'm Only Human
from album (Crash) by The Human League
Come on, baby, dry your eyes Wipe your tears Never like to see you cry Won't you please forgive.. 
Humpty Dance
from album (Humpty Dance) by Digital Underground
The Humpty DanceDigital UndergroundAa'it stop whatcha doin' cause I'm about to ruin the.. 
Stay Human (All The Freaky People)
from album (Stay Human) by Spearhead
Starvation is a creation of the devil a rebel I'm bringin' food to the people like a widow b.. 
Human After All
from album (Human After All) by Daft Punk
We are human... after all Arntcha' comin'... after all [8 times] Human, human, human, human.. 
Human Wheels
from album (Human Wheels) by John Mellencamp
This land today, shall draw its last breath And take into its ancient depths This frail reminder of.. 
Being Human
from album (Being Human) by Michael Peterson
(Tom Shapiro/Chuck Jones) Jenny's got a nose ring and tattoo on her skin All her friends are do.. 
2000 Years Of Human Error
from album (2000 Years Of Human Error) by Godhead
I thought you'd tell me the truth But when you opened your mouth Out came a family of flies.. 
New Way To Be Human
from album (New Way To Be Human) by Switchfoot
Everyday it's the same thing; another trend has begun Hey kids, this might be the one It's.. 
Fluting On The Hump
from album (Fluting On The Hump) by King Missile
I can't relate to people Who rush to catch the train So much strain For such a momentary gain W.. 
Pretend I'm Human
from album (Pretend I'm Human) by Orange 9mm
Body parts and torn thoughts held tight By the snapped strings Of a life an individuals course Drea.. 

from album (With No Human Intervention) by Aborym
Create a real time version Of a new kind of chain reaction Clock wise different effect Renames th.. 
With No Human Intervention
from album (With No Human Intervention) by Aborym
Imagine the godlike devil Representing the thesis Repress, redress and reform Still together unif.. 
The Human Bondage
from album (Of Human Bondage) by Angel Dust
Out of my darkness it's rising in me Discover s the feelings hidden so deep I lose myself Affect.. 
Only Human
from album (Only Human) by At Vance
On and on you keep telling me lies But what does it take to make your more wise Take a look at the t.. 
Kimi Ni Mune Kyun
from album (Ymo Versus The Human League) by Ymo Versus The Human League
Kimi ni mune kyun The summer brings the sun And can the summer tell What I hide so well? Kimi ni mun.. 
Human Circus
from album (Human Bomb) by Black Bomb A
Welcome, welcome to the human circus Let me show you the reality of these last few wild and dangerou.. 
Animal Humano
from album (Animal Humano) by La Mancha De Rolando
Al compás del destino yo me dediqué a vivir no quiero preocuparte pero mañana voy a seguir. Si.. 
Human Zoo
from album (Human Zoo) by Gotthard
Look at them all on the inside Look at them wasting away Walking around like they’re hypnotized Loo.. 
The Human Atom Bomb
from album (The Human Atom Bombs) by Randy
I played some Little Richard songs on my stereo Tutti Frutti and Ooh! My Soul He sang so wild and he.. 
The Human Factor
from album (The Human Factor) by Metal Church
I just can't believe my ears, some music out these days The human factor has diminished, in oh s.. 
Fall Of The Human Empire
from album (Fall Of The Human Empire) by [ INfEcT ]
The sun reverts to dust The dark unveiled A legacy of rust A kingdom failed Set forth before them a.. 
Granja Humana
from album (Granja Humana) by Azero
Mirando el tiempo que pasa del curro a casa y de casa a sobar. A veces poner la tele, como un pelele.. 
Asylum Of The Human Predator
from album (Asylum Of The Human Predator) by Hell Within
{chorus} save me one time wont you take this blackened heart and make it whole i dont fear for what.. 
Tell Me What You Want
from album (Human Television) by Human Television
Tell me what you want me to do Tell me what you want me to do I'll do what you want I'll do.. 
Hump For Joy
from album (Hump) by Carl Offender Colada
humpitty humpitty hump; hump hump humpitty humpitty hump; hump hump humpitty humpitty hump; hump hum.. 
Humiliations Libertines
from album (Libertine Humiliations) by Misanthrope
[5:20] Attached to evil Asylum of ravaged lunatics, expert in ***ual duties Nailed to the wall of.. 
from album (Humanity Hour 1 (hk)) by Scorpions
Humanity Auf wiedersehen It's time to say goodbye The party's over As the laughter dies An ange.. 
from album (Humeyra) by Humeyra
Sah desen kul desen beyhudedir beyhude Bu dunyanin isleri beyhudedir beyhude Zengin olsan fakir olsa.. 
How I Love You
from album (The Best Of Engelbert Humperdinck) by Engelbert Humperdinck
You hold me in your eyes In your own special way I wonder how you know The things I never say I can.. 
from album (Humanos) by Pastoral
Humanos quieren llamarse ellos, que matan a un ave al volar. Humanos son los que con sus manos la.. 
from album (Human) by Death
Theres one way out and one way in Back to the beginning Theres one way back to home again To where I.. 
Only Human
from album (Only Human) by At Vance
It;'s getting late Another argument lies unresolved I blame you Though I know that it was m.. 
from album (Humanoid) by Tokio Hotel
Against love against the fight against the sun against the night against the rules against the force.. 
Human Connect To Human
from album (Humanoid) by Tokio Hotel
We meet somewhere one night to share just you and me we spread the seed our schedule so natural hu.. 
No Puedo Volver Atras
from album (Mas Que Humano) by Mas Que Humano
Encontrarte en el mejor lugar Miradas que vienen y van Entre tú y yo Encuentro tu mirada y ya.. 
Ella Esta Bien
from album (Mas Que Humano) by Mas Que Humano
Ella juega con el viento En el torbellino final De la nostalgia. Hace ya tiempo Que su ropa pr.. 



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