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Baron Samedi
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
I'll show you man who walk on fire And don't get burned Don't get burned, don't get.. 
Clockwork Creep
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
"I'm a clockwork creep And I can't get to sleep They wind me up and let me go And I can.. 
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
On de uber side ob de island Dere's a sky so clear and blue Can see, cross water, to de mainland.. 
Oh Effendi
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
In the middle of a caravan On a four wheel drive oasis There's a man with a thought in mind To c.. 

Old Wild Men
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
Where are my boys? They are in deepest water Where are they now? They are over the hill and far away.. 
Silly Love
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
Hey toots, you put the life into living You brought a sigh into sight Ah hon, you make my legs turn.. 
Somewhere In Hollywood
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
Down on the casting couch A star is gonna be born A star with the stature of a Harlow Who's doom.. 
The Sacro-Iliac
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
Here's a new dance that you all can do Baby, baby, what's he gonna do? Sit back and relax &#.. 
The Worst Band In The World
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
It's one thing to know it but another to admit We're the worst band in the world But we don&.. 
Wall Street Shuffle
from album (Sheet Music) by 10cc
Do the Wall Street shuffle Hear the money rustle Watch the greenbacks tumble Feel the Sterling crumb.. 
Dancing In The Sheets
from album (Dancing In The Sheets) by Shalamar
I caught you smiling I know I've seen you here before Howcum you're hiding? hey don'cha.. 
All Day Music
from album (All Day Music) by War
music is what we like to play all day all day all day all day all day to soothe your soul, yeah down.. 
from album (Musicology) by Prince
Ooohhh... uh... funky... Heard about the party now, Just east o' Harlem. Dougie's gonna be.. 
Between The Sheets
from album (Between The Sheets) by The Isley Brothers
[Music Interlude] Hey girl ain't no mystery At least as far as I can see I want to keep you her.. 

Music Box
from album (Music Box) by Mariah Carey
When I am lost You shine a light for me and set me free When I am low You wash away my te.. 
Music Of My Heart
from album (Music Of My Heart Soundtrack) by 'N Sync
You'll never know What you've done for me What your faith in me Has done for my s.. 
from album (Music) by Madonna
(Spoken:) Hey Mister D.J. Put a record on I wanna dance with my baby Do you like to boogie-woogie D.. 
Power In The Music
from album (Power In The Music) by The Guess Who
Round about ‘20 the folks had plenty No, they couldn’t ask for too much more, THE FATHA kept thump.. 
3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)
from album (3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)) by Kid Rock
Ahh... I'm here and it's clear I'm gonna flow so yo black Just get on up or yo get the.. 
My Music At Work
from album (Music @ Work) by The Tragically Hip
Everything is bleak. It's the middle of the night. You're all alone and the dummies.. 
Music Makes Me High (REMIX)
from album (Music Makes Me High 12") by Lost Boyz
featuring Canibus Tha Dogg Pound [Mr. Cheeks] One time We bless the track rush to th.. 
Head Music
from album (Head Music) by Suede
Lonely skies empty minds we walk by to the rock and rhyme I said "Oh come on do it.. 
Make The Music 2000
from album (Make The Music 2000) by Rahzel
featuring Scratch TJ Swan Ladies and gentlemen we got TJ Swan in the house tonight Ladi.. 
Music & Me
from album (Music & Me) by Nate Dogg
Verse 1 Hey OG, could you tell me how to find some good weed I need it homie oh so bad That last bag.. 
The Sound Of Music
from album (The Sound Of Music (Original Cast)) by Mary Martin
My day in the hills has come to an end, I know A star has come out, to tell me it's time to go B.. 
The Winding Sheet
from album (The Winding Sheet) by Mark Lanegan
(Lanegan/Johnson) Saw God staring from the wall I was alone and lost Here to take me from this worl.. 
Music Box
from album (No More Sweet Music) by Hooverphonic
Sin is so much more than poetry better start to pray crime is sensual softly breathing down your nec.. 
No More Sweet Music
from album (No More Sweet Music) by Hooverphonic
Face your faith remove all the lace you love me to death but death may love you more you paint with.. 
Above The Music
from album (Above The Music) by Norah Jones
I'm so glad she broke my heart It's very useful for my art And who wants to be lost in life.. 
Dove C'e Musica
from album (Dove C'è Musica) by Eros Ramazzotti
ti porto dove c'è musica saremo tutti di noi e il mondo per una volta farai girare come tu vuoi.. 
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
Oh I was moved by your screen dream Celluloid pictures of living Your death could not kill our love.. 
Bitter's End
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
At last the crimson chord cascade To shower dry cordials within Too late to leap the chocolate gate.. 
Chance Meeting
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
I never thought I'd seen you again Where have you been until now? Well how are you? how have you.. 
If There Is Something
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
If there is something that I might find Look around corners Try to find peace of mind I say Where wo.. 
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
You've got me girl on the run around run around You've got me all around town You've got.. 
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
I tried but I could not find a way Looking back all I did was look away Next time is the best we all.. 
Sea Breezes
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
I've been thinking now for a long time How to go my own separate way It's a shame to think a.. 
The BOB (Medley)
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
I dreamed last night about your face Your star shone all night Over the moon it shone brighter Star.. 
Virginia Plain
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
Make me a deal and make it straight All signed and sealed, I'll take it To Robert E. Lee I'l.. 
Would You Believe?
from album (Roxy Music) by Roxy Music
Would you believe in what I do When the things that I make are all for you? And in a while I'll.. 




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