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Where Do We Go From Here
from album (Max Herre) by Max Herre
They say that you're righteous when you know that you're down. You fight for your right to w.. 
Here, Here And Here
from album (Here, Here And Here) by Meg & Dia
The time of my life, a record of myself An accurate sketch of perfect health A roof on my head,.. 
There's A Kind Of Hush
from album (The Very Best Of Herman's Hermits) by Herman's Hermits
There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight. All over the world you can hear the sounds of.. 
You Won't Be Leaving
from album (The Very Best Of Herman's Hermits) by Herman's Hermits
The hour is very late, And I can see you're getting worried Coffee's finished, candles low A.. 

Get Here
from album (Get Here) by Oleta Adams
You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway You can reach me on an airplane, you can r.. 
Here We Go
from album (Robyn Is Here) by Robyn
I couldn´t wait another minute when I had you here again I couldn´t wait no longer ´Ca.. 
Robyn Is Here
from album (Robyn Is Here) by Robyn
Robyn is here Robyn is here Robyn is here gotta let you know Lend me your ears can you.. 
(Come Round Here) Im The One You Need
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Now you say every time you need some affection The one you love goes in another direction And you ju.. 
Just To See Her
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Just to see her Just to touch her Just to hold her in my arms again one more time If I could feel h.. 
Christmas Is Almost Here
from album (Christmas Is Almost Here Again) by Carly Simon
There's a hand that's old and rough And it's holding on To one that's new and small.. 
My Ride's Here
from album (My Ride's Here) by Warren Zevon
I was staying at the Marriott With Jesus and John Wayne I was waiting for a chariot They were waitin.. 
Wish You Were Here
from album (Wish You Were Here) by Pink Floyd
So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, Blue skys from pain. Can you tell a green field.. 
You Oughta Be Here With Me
from album (You Oughta Be Here With Me) by George Jones
If you think it's lonesome where you are tonight. You Oughta Be Here With Me. If lonliness is ca.. 
I Dont Want To Be A Hero
from album (I Dont Want To Be A Hero) by Johnny Hates Jazz
I Don't Want To Be A HeroJohnny Hates JazzOh, send me off to warWith a gun in my handBut I won&#.. 

Loving Her Was Easier
from album (Loving Her Was Easier) by Kris Kristofferson
LOVING HER WAS EASIERKris Kristoffersonwritten by Kris Kristofferson.Verse 1: C/G.. 
A Man Holdin’ On (To A Woman Lettin’ Go)
from album (This Is Ty Herdon) by Ty Herndon
Two young lovers with their bodies on fire Aching to swim that river of desire Leaving innocence the.. 
Living In A Moment
from album (This Is Ty Herdon) by Ty Herndon
Well the world just lost Two lonely people The world just lost Two broken hearts The odds were agai.. 
What Mattered Most
from album (This Is Ty Herdon) by Ty Herndon
I thought I knew the girl so well If she was sad I couldn’t tell I missed the point I missed the si.. 
from album (Heritage) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Rap: The boys We're just chillin' with Earth, Wind & Fire This is my desire Talking.. 
After Here Through Midland
from album (After Here Through Midland) by Cock Robin
9. After Here Through Midland Thought my days here were given up for forgotten Can't burn ced.. 
By Her
from album (By Her) by Beck
5 men ga BENBEN ni hajiku zenmenteki HAADO na menmen sententeki NOO BUREEKI FUREKI SHIBURU rekishi m.. 
I'm Glad You're Here (with Me Tonight)
from album (I'm Glad You're Here With Me) by Neil Diamond
We'll there's no need explaining It doesn't really matter anyway So you let the rain in.. 
After Her
from album (After Her) by Dave Matthews Band
Sun will shine no matter what I do Sun shines bright now with you What a wonderful thing for you to.. 
Be Here Now
from album (Be Here Now) by Oasis
Wash your face in the morning sun Flash your pen at the song that I'm singing Touch dow.. 
from album (Here) by Tony Martin
HereTony Martin(Words and music by Dorcas Cochran and Harold Grant)Here, in this enchanted place;Her.. 
Back Here
from album (Back Here) by BBMak
Baby set me free From this misery I can't take it no more Since you ran away Nothing's been.. 
Here By Me
from album (Here By Me) by 3 Doors Down
I hope you’re doing fine out there without me ‘Cause I’m not doing so good without you The things.. 
Here We Go Again
from album (Here We Go Again) by SR-71
I met her just last Wednesday By Friday she was mine Saturday she spent the night And everything was.. 
From Her Mama (Mama Got Ass)
from album (From Her Mama (Mama Got Ass)) by Juvenile
she get it from her momma (Daa-aaa-aamn) she get it from her momma she get it from her momma (Brin.. 
Here Come The Horns
from album (Here Come The Horns) by Delinquent Habits
Here comes the horns... (Verse 1) Step back when I bring the swing Like the american.. 
That's Why I'm Here
from album (That's Why I'm Here) by James Taylor
Written by James Taylor Person to person And man to man I'm back in touch With my long lost f.. 
Here To Save You All
from album (Here To Save You All) by Chino XL
From a single seed off of a man A man with countless hopes and dreams And as he grew he t.. 
Here Come The Lords
from album (Here Come The Lords) by Lords Of The Underground
[DoItAll] Hey yo Funke wake up! [Mr. Funke] Huh? [DoItAll] Turn your radio up! [Mr. Funke.. 
There's A Hero
from album (There's A Hero) by Billy Gilman
There's a flower, in the smallest garden, reaching for the light, there's candle, in the.. 
Last Action Hero
from album (Last Action Hero Soundtrack) by Tesla
Evil, do ya feel the thunder? This time he's got your number, comin' after you. Hate to th.. 
from album (Alkohol) by Herbert Grönemeyer
sie sehen die vögel nach süden ziehen sind längst schon bereit die zeit hat nichts mehr übrig.. 
Reines Herz
from album (Bleibt Alles Anders) by Herbert Grönemeyer
REINES HERZ verkauf meine mutter, behalt deine seele setze alles auf nummer null geh' nur gerad.. 
Hard To Find Her
from album (Hard To Find Her) by Zed
All the time I was running around trying to get me some When you were there on my shoulder Telling.. 
The World Needs A Hero
from album (The World Needs A Hero) by Megadeth
An Iron fist quietly sits inside the Velvet Glove Take control, untouchable just like God above I.. 
African Herbsman
from album (African Herbsman) by Bob Marley
All twinklin' lee Can't see the right roads when the streets are paved The old slave men mig.. 




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