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The Good Hand
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
I am nothing without his ghost within and all your wooden eyes cannot see the good hand upon me I t.. 
Clap Your Hands!
from album (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Run the lip off sunshine shore Betray white water, delay dark forms Slap young waves on wooden bones.. 
Hold My Hand
from album (Hold My Hand) by Hootie & The Blowfish
Hold My HandHootie & the BlowfishAlbum: Cracked Rearview MirrorWith a little love, and some tend.. 
Give Yourself A Hand
from album (Give Yourself A Hand) by Crash Test Dummies
Hello, Mr. Fussy Hello, Mrs. Nice Have you ever shared a bathtub Full of beer and ice? I know you.. 

Hold My Hand
from album (Hold My Hand) by Don Cornell
So this is the kingdom of heaven So this is the sweet promised land While angels tell of love Don.. 
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Desert Eagle Discs Remix)
from album (Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See 12") by Busta Rhymes
featuring Kwesi Be [Busta Rhymes] Good evening wonderful women and men When Disaster St.. 
Put Your Hand In The Hand
from album (Put Your Hand In The Hand) by Ocean
REFRAIN Put your hand in the hand of the Man who stilled the water Put your hand in the hand of the.. 
(In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame
from album ((In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame) by Vaughn Monroe
Hard To Handle
from album (Hard To Handle) by Black Crowes
Baby here I am I'm the man on the scene I can give you what you want But you gotta' come hom.. 
The Back Of Your Hand
from album (The Back Of Your Hand) by Dwight Yoakam
when you give it up for gone but your still digging in the mind and your staring out the window say.. 
Hands In The Air
from album (Hands In The Air) by Eightball
[Eightball] Okay; comin' from the top of my Dome when I'm droppin' my Own type of style,.. 
Left Hand Path
from album (Left Hand Path) by Entombed
I am my own God Master slave and I will be beyond the grave No one will take my soul away I carry my.. 

Daddy's Hands
from album (Daddy's Hands) by Holly Dunn
DADDYS HANDS I remember daddys hands folded sighlently in prayer And reaching out to hold me when i.. 
Handful Of Rain
from album (Handful Of Rain) by Savatage
The night is growing dark From somewhere deep within It shelters like an ark That always takes you i.. 
Caught Red Handed
from album (Caught Red Handed) by Blind Radio
I'm not afraid but I am ashamed I'm not to blambe but I play the game I'm not the same b.. 
(Down)The Left Hand Path
from album ((Down)The Left Hand Path) by Cage
I was mislead, but once I found the way I convinced a group of 19 that they should drown today How I.. 
The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand
from album (The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand) by Devildriver
I'm just a human being A mistake made of feelings With a soul...wrapping in chains So fragile, f.. 
Born To Hand Jive
from album (Born To Hand Jive) by Grease
Before I was born, late one night, my papa said everything's alright The doctor paid, mama laid.. 
Black Hand Inn
from album (Black Hand Inn) by Running Wild
A scarred and rakish seadog, mysterious opacity Walks the grove, the phantom's home Cuts down fi.. 
The Phantom Of Black Hand Hill
from album (Black Hand Inn) by Running Wild
Moonbeams touch the soil, streak of fog surrounds the scene The eerie wind is howling, a lantern'.. 
I've Got All The Heartaches I Can Handle
from album (I've Got All The Heartaches I Can Handle) by Ernest Tubb
I just come into this bar To have a quick one Maybe give the bowling game a whirl Well you sat dow.. 
Brand New Second Hand
from album (Brand New Second Hand) by Peter Tosh
You're only acting like You are somebody But i don't no say You know nobody You're.. 
Out Of Hand
from album (Out Of Hand) by Gary Stewart
I never intended To even know your name Except for the woman waitin' at home They've all.. 
The Speaking Hands
from album (Consider The Birds) by Woven Hand
I Long To Be With God On His Mind And Behind Her Laughter Circle The Block, Come Back And Tell Me Yo.. 
Ain't No Sunshine
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone It's not warm when she's away Ain't no sunshin.. 
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
do tell how is the little pilgrims progress does he endeavour to perservere close mantled to knives.. 
Blue Pail Fever
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
thy will be done here on this highway in every house and field I pray all in meekness yield aided by.. 
Glass Eye
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
deeply shaken see I come that way ill at ease in my own skin I hum along to the down home drone down.. 
Last Fist
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
what are you about say something secret in an old order hush trouble and suffering in a lovely rhyth.. 
My Russia
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
the morning comes I've not yet closed my eyes cold and bright as I need it the sun does rise th.. 
Story And Pictures
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
shook out my salvation in all four corners of my room lowly is the dust trustworthy the broom white.. 
Wooden Brother
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
we hit the floor just like her blue silk slip dark puritan rose to the curve ofher hip I did not kno.. 
Your Russia
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
medicine tounge and a heavy hand together made a fist they put me down and i do not rise and now as.. 
In Your Hands
from album (In Your Hands) by Stella One Eleven
lost your nerve, did it fade before your eyes? try to look toward the light - it's time you real.. 
Hand Of Blood
from album (Hand Of Blood) by Bullet For My Valentine
There goes my Valentine again I'm soaked in red for what she said And now she's gone Oh my g.. 
Clean Hand Of The Eternal Gods
from album (Clean Hand Of The Eternal Gods) by Aeon
there's no good for me no beauty I can see no sins behind me no part of all I don't want to.. 
Free Hand
from album (Free Hand) by Gentle Giant
Who would believe me now that my hands are free, that my hands are free. I never thought it would ev.. 
Tied My Hands (EP Version)
from album (Tied My Hands EP) by Saron Gas
Can you remember when we used to cry But never in distress Or can you picture When we used to pride.. 




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