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Run Like Mad
from album (Run Like Mad) by Jann Arden
My heart is in my hands My head is in the clouds My feet have left the ground My life is turning.. 
Made To Be Broken
from album (Made To Be Broken) by Soul Asylum
Guess I'll be leaving in the morning By the chill that you gave me I will ride I will tear out m.. 
Made In Heaven
from album (Made In Heaven) by Queen
Words and music by Freddie Mercury I'm taking my ride with destiny Willing to pay my part Livin.. 
Madman Across The Water
from album (Madman Across The Water) by Elton John
I can see very well There's a boat on the reef with a broken back And I can see it very well The.. 

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
from album (Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)) by Eurythmics
Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas-- Everybod.. 
Made In Japan
from album (Made In Japan) by Deep Purple
- A song called Highway Star, this one. Nobody gonna beat my car I'm gonna race it to the groun.. 
Cardiac Arrest
from album (Divine Madness) by Madness
Papers in the morning Bowler hat on head Walking to the bus stop He's longing for his bed Waitin.. 
The Sun And The Rain
from album (Divine Madness) by Madness
It's raining again I'm hearing it's pitter-patter down It's wet in the street Reflec.. 
Uncle Sam
from album (Divine Madness) by Madness
Here they come again hop scotching up to my door One by one again knockety knock knocking upon my fl.. 
from album (The Rise And Fall) by Madness
I've never had much cause for worry And I've not got a lot to say You'll never find me i.. 
Burning Up
from album (Madonna) by Madonna
Don't put me off 'cause I'm on fire And I can't quench my desire Don't.. 
from album (Madonna) by Madonna
I know you've been waiting Yeah I've been watching you Yeah I know you wanna get.. 
from album (Madonna) by Madonna
Holiday Celebrate Holiday Celebrate Chorus: If we took a holiday yeah Took some ti.. 
I Know It
from album (Madonna) by Madonna
I don't know why I thought that I could make you happy These tears I cry for you are so h.. 

Physical Attraction
from album (Madonna) by Madonna
You say that you need my love And you're wantin' my body I don't mind Baby all.. 
Think Of Me
from album (Madonna) by Madonna
I'm getting tired of waitin' around I feel like I'm always trackin you down I d.. 
Mad Season
from album (Mad Season) by Matchbox 20
I feel stupid but I know it won't last for long I've been guessing I coulda been guessin wro.. 
Touch Of Madness
from album (Midnight Madness) by Night Ranger
She wakes in the morning Got a smile on her face She's not sentimental About her night's emb.. 
Diary Of A Madman
from album (Diary Of A Madman) by Ozzy Osbourne
Screaming at the window Watch me die another day Hopeless situation endless price I have to pay San.. 
(In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame
from album ((In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame) by Vaughn Monroe
Made Ya' Look
from album (Made Ya' Look) by Nas
[Intro: Jadakiss] I need it from the top, AHHH! This is history baby Commissioner Steve Stoute, Lenn.. 
The Devil Made Me Do It
from album (The Devil Made Me Do It) by Paris
This is a warning another cut to move on Another beat that's so strong Hold on and I g.. 
Made In America
from album (Made In America Soundtrack) by Del The Funky Homosapien
Made in America where ya placed on the totem pole I got soul cause I'm a black man.. 
South Central Madness
from album (South Central Madness) by South Central Cartel
[ Havoc ] Yo, this Havoc the Mouthpiece from the S.C.C. I only got three words to say: South - Centr.. 
The Mad Scientist
from album (The Mad Scientist 12") by The Large Professor
I'm called the Mad Scientist Extra P About to set up shop and drop this next degree On.. 
The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
from album (The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh) by Cradle Of Filth
From the primeval mass let precious chaos vent Sacred flesh drenched in fornication beloved by Set m.. 
The Way I'm Made
from album (The Way I'm Made) by Adam Gregory
I'd like to think John Wayne's out there On his horse the wind in his hair Somewhere riding.. 
Diamonds Never Made A Lady
from album (Diamonds Never Made A Lady) by Modern Talking
Oh my heart is crying in the night for you Oh, my God, oh don't you feel like a fool You're.. 
Made Man
from album (Made Man) by Silkk The Shocker
[Silkk] Last Year I was the help, This year I'm the boss You don't like it? *** ya'll,.. 
The Day I Was Made
from album (Made Man) by Silkk The Shocker
[Intro] Today, we have a serious decision that needs to be made for our family There's a young c.. 
from album (Grid) by Madrugada
Madrugada-madrugada-madrugada-madrugada.... I saw the white I saw the green I saw the tainted black.. 
Amor Madre
from album (Amor Madre) by Aventura
...Trece de diciembre..del año ochenta... ...a las tres veintri cuatro... ...un niño blanco..con o.. 
Amor De Madre
from album (Amor Madre) by Aventura
13 de diciembre del año 80 las 3:24....a.m. nace un niño blanco, con ojos azules, cabello castaño.. 
Beautiful Madness
from album (Beautiful Madness) by Delta Goodrem
I'm a speeding car You're a postcard never posted I'm a velvet roar And you're a sol.. 
from album (The Madrigals) by Howie Day
I’m not so sure what i was dreaming About but i’m sure it was better Than this and i’ll hope yo.. 
The Willing Well II: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
from album (Good Appollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness) by Coheed And Cambria
What is this that I feel? And what is this that I fear? In these arms that horde out amongst the wor.. 
A Mad Blood Scenario
from album (Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends) by Ancient
Gaze into my broken eyes, where laughter and sorrow collide. Scattered are the pieces which time for.. 
Africanos En Madrid
from album (Africanos En Madrid) by Amistades Peligrosas
Madrid La noche se vuelve de esparto, cuando llega la despedida hay un hueco a medida, para el pol.. 
England Made Me
from album (England Made Me) by Black Box Recorder
I trapped a spider underneath a glass, I kept it for a week to see how long he'd last, He stared.. 
Mad Brilliant
from album (Mad Brilliant) by Ghost Of The Robot
We are bitter opposites, it stings when you hit Me like a kick to the head when I heard what you sai.. 




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