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Halfway Down The Sky
from album (Halfway Down The Sky) by Splender
You've been pushing but I don't agree Cause there was nothing ever here for me If you could.. 
Halfway Thugs Part 2
from album (White Label "Halfway Thugs") by Noreaga
(singing like Joe "I Don't Wanna Be A Player") He don't wanna be a Muslim n.. 
from album (Halflife) by Lacuna Coil
I don't want to be just a branch of the tree I just want to learn how to grow my own seed My hor.. 
Half The Man
from album (Half The Man) by IBU
Can you hear me now Can you hear my voice in the rain Can you see the tears that fall from the sky.. 

(I'm Only) Half A Man
from album ((I'm Only) Half A Man) by Prism
In all the world and all that drives a boy to a girl ...some men die for...I'm gonna try for Jus.. 
(It Won't Hurt You) Half As Much
from album ((It Won't Hurt You) Half As Much) by Them
I've been up and down the highway And I've seen what a man can do To some little girl along.. 
Half Fiction
from album (Half Fiction) by Discount
eight hundred miles for you. eight hundred miles for me. what can i say? it's not so hapless. it.. 
Halfquake (Blueberry Hill Cover)
from album (Halfquake Amen OST) by Muddasheep
this is halfquake and you are here to die and this is our dragon oh isn't it sweet (ohhhhhh.. 
from album (Halfquake Amen Ost) by Muddasheep Feat. Chappi And Blackjack
you are here for punishment you can't escape, just write your testament you made a mistake, so.. 
Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour
from album (Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour) by Enter Shikari
His eyes are locked on her, Her eyes are fixed elsewhere, He's confident, but he's not aware.. 
Miss Halfway
from album (Miss Halfway) by Anya Marina
You oughts hear the mirror in my house You oughta fear her pretty, pretty mouth Says I'm imperfe.. 
Half Lit
from album (Half Lit) by Richard Swift
If I saw you here tonight half lit meloncholy night I got you here under my skin trying to make you.. 
Half Moon Silver
from album (Half Moon Silver) by Hotel
Half moon silver in a summer sky Stares at the road we travel by And we're a long, long, long, l.. 
Halfway Through The Tour
from album (Analogue) by A-Ha
Words and music by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy Halfway through the tour We'll be somewhere else tomorro.. 

Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
from album (Waterloo) by ABBA
You say she's been mad at you Then you say you'll be patient, ooh Still I see that she.. 
from album (The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken) by REO Speedwagon
How did we end up ending up this way I always thought that we could work it out At times I wondered.. 
Half A Woman, Half A Shadow
from album (Look Sharp) by Roxette
Daylight is breaking again. I hide in the dark. I'm watching the rain. You're out of touch... 
from album (Test For Echo) by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Half the world hates What half the world.. 
Half A Chance
from album (Another Passenger) by Carly Simon
You said we'd light the firmament You said our love was permanent You said we'd stick throug.. 
Halfway 'Round The World
from album (Letters Never Sent) by Carly Simon
Thank you for informing me That I've been banned from Canada It comes as no suprise to me Since.. 
from album (Daylight) by Duncan Sheik
I'm awake in the afternoon I fell asleep in the living room and it's one of those moments wh.. 
from album (All I Ever Need: The Kapp/MCA) by Sonny & Cher
My father married a pure Cherokee My mother's people were ashamed of me The Indians said I was w.. 
Half-Penny, Two-Penny
from album (Paradise Theater) by Styx
Written by James Young Lead Vocals by James Young Half penny, two penny, gold Krugerrand He was exc.. 
Half Of The Time
from album (A Life Of Illusion) by Joe Walsh
They say it's gonna get cloudy and storm And then the weather is fine And they say it's go.. 
Half A Man
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
If I only had one arm to hold you Well better yet if I had none at all Then I wouldn't have two.. 
Half Heaven Half Heartache
from album (Album Unknown) by Gene Pitney
My arms reach out for you I kiss you tenderly But you touch my lips you're kissing him not me, w.. 
Half Full
from album (Angel) by Pearl Jam
Climbing on a mountain. Floating out on the sea. Far from lights of a city. The elements they speak.. 
Half As Bad As You
from album (Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone)) by Hanson
You know that I want you You know that I need you too When you look at me I hope you believe that.. 
Half Moon
from album (Joplin In Concert) by Janis Joplin
Half moon, night time sky, Seven stars, Heaven's eyes. Seven songs on seven seas Just to bring a.. 
Half Moon ( In Album Pearl )
from album (Pearl) by Janis Joplin
Half moon, night time sky, Seven stars, heaven's eyes. Seven songs on seven seas Just to bring a.. 
Half On A Baby
from album (R.) by R. Kelly
(Bridge 1): Ooh na na na ( yo... yo body) yo' body na na na (2x) turn the lights down.. 
Halfway To Memphis
from album (Not 4 Sale) by Sammy Hagar
Halfway to Memphis, drivin in the rain Self confidence slippin, still runnin away From the face in.. 
Halfway To Paradise
from album (Album Unknown) by Bobby Vinton
I want to be your lover But your friend is all I've stayed I'm only halfway to paradise So n.. 
Halfway To Heaven
from album (Rock The Night) by Europe
Another day has come Can't face it on my own I almost let you walk away I guess I should have kn.. 
from album (Disintegration) by The Cure
Whenever I'm alone with you, You make me feel like I am home again. Whenever I'm alone with.. 
Half The World
from album (Big Scary Animal) by Belinda Carlisle
Only one shadow on the wall Just one candle burning bright I hold your picture to my heart I'm a.. 
Half Breed
from album (Alfie) by Cher
My father married a pure Cherokee My mother's people were ashamed of me The indians said I was w.. 
Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
from album (Creedence Clearwater Revival) by Creedence Clearwater Revival
I got to have all your love, night and day. Not just a little part, but all of your heart, sugar. C.. 
Half Your Angels
from album (Single) by Crosby Stills & Nash
Verse 1 Somewhere in Heaven Wings are taking flight Flying over a worldly weight of hatred Hanging o.. 
Halfway To Heaven
from album (A Better Place To Be) by Harry Chapin
There's no tick tock on your electric clock But still your life runs down. There's no tick.. 

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