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Sumthin' Sumthin'
from album (Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite) by Maxwell
[1] If it's cool we can do a little sumthin' sumthin' Let me grove with you so we can.. 
Cruel Summer (Blazin' Rhythm Remix)
from album (Cruel Summer) by Ace Of Base
Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning I sit around Trying to smile, but the air is so hea.. 
All Summer Long
from album (Endless Summer) by The Beach Boys
Sittin' in my car outside your house (Sittin' in my car outside your house) 'Member when.. 
Could It Be Magic
from album (Greastest Hits - Endless Summer (1995)) by Donna Summer
Spoken: Oh baby it's been so long I've waited so long and now that I have you I want you.. 

from album (The Best Of Donna Summer) by Donna Summer
For too long she was feeling that her love had lost it meaning she was looking for a reason not to b.. 
Cruel Summer
from album (Cruel Summer) by Bananarama
Cruel SummerBananaramaWords & Music: Sarah Dallin - S. Jolley - T. Swain - Siobhan Fahey - W. Wo.. 
Sausalito Summer Night
from album (Sausalito Summer Night) by Diesel
We left for Frisco in your Rambler The radiator running dry I've never been much of a gambler.. 
Summer Side Of Life
from album (Summer Side Of Life) by Gordon Lightfoot
He came down through fields of green On the summer side of life His love was ripe There was no illu.. 
Summertime Dream
from album (Summertime Dream) by Gordon Lightfoot
Where the road runs down but the butternut grove To old Bill Skinner's stream Do tell at the noo.. 
The Hissing Of Summer Lawns
from album (The Hissing Of Summer Lawns) by Joni Mitchell
He bought her a diamond for her throat He put her in a ranch house on a hill She could see the valle.. 
Summer Girl
from album (Summer Girl) by Jessica Andrews
I drive an Army Jeep My bumper sticker reads 'Drink 'til he's cute' That's what.. 
Summertime In The Void
from album (Summertime In The Void) by I Mother Earth
i felt the break and roll of the nexus on a day when the whole world elected to sell us out these a.. 
End Of The Summer
from album (End Of The Summer) by Dar Williams
The summer ends and we wonder where we are And there you go, my friends, with your boxes in your ca.. 
from album (All Killer No Filler) by Sum 41
It's far beyond your reach, it holds a place in time Somewhere ahead is the back of the time I c.. 

Boys Of Summer
from album (Boys Of Summer) by DJ Sammy
Nobody on the road Nobody on the beach I feel it in the air The summer's out of reach Empty lake.. 
The Final Push To The Sum
from album (Sumday) by Grandaddy
I never know their names But I smile just the same New faces, strange places Most everything I see.. 
When Summer's Over Will We Dream Of Spring
from album (The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song) by Cursive
"When Summer's Over Will We Dream Of Spring" A safe position -- a back against the wa.. 
Summer Teeth
from album (Summerteeth) by Wilco
Like a cloud his fingers explode On the typewriter ribbon, the shadow grows His hearts in a bowl beh.. 
Summon The Beast
from album (Summon The Beast) by The Aybss
Hell storms on the winds of fire Ripping the weak jesus christ Slice into pieces Until nothing remai.. 
Summoned By Astral Fires
from album (Summoned By Astral Fires) by Amortis
I've walked alone for Centuries Beneath the Moon Alone so cold out in the Dark I've searc.. 
Last Summer
from album (Last Summer) by Frickin' A
Sneakin out with you midnight in June picked you up couldnÂ’t stand to be apart you said you knew ab.. 
Sweet Summer Rain
from album (Sweet Summer Rain) by Rushlow
Three or four miles down a red dirt road, An' a green-eyed girl an' I used to go to see her... 
What Do You Do In The Summer When It's Raining
from album (What Do You Do In The Summer When It's Raining) by The Beu Sisters
I got your picture in my pocket I got your name tatooed on my back Outside my window, thunder's.. 
Diabolical Summoning
from album (Diabolical Summoning) by Sinister
Black pentagrams resurrect as a dark treacherous death reflects the eyes of everlasting disgrace, a.. 
Wait For Summer
from album (Summer Fling) by The Red Hot Valentines
One by one they melt away From the sun they turn to rain, running in the streets I've been sav.. 
Summer's Gone
from album (Summer's Gone) by Aberfeldy
One two, one two three Well, we get along Yeah we really do And there's nothing wrong With what.. 
Goodbye Summer
from album (Secrets Of Summer) by Your Emotions In 3 Minute Intervals
Every little bit still hurts. (Every little bit) I can't figure out what to do no more. My hopes.. 
Summer Snow
from album (Summer Snow) by Sissel
It's summer snow in the deep blue sea I try to touch, but it fades away It must be a dream I wil.. 
Girl Of 18 Summers
from album (Album Unknown) by 18 Summers
Summer Regrets
from album (Summer Romances) by Watch The Sun Go Down With You
Wishing every second of everyday, That I could have the chance to just say, "I'm sorry, and.. 
If I Could
from album (Audio Summer) by Audio Summer
Baby, don't let this go 'Cause I need you. And baby, don't be so sad Because when you go.. 
I'll Love You Forever
from album (Audio Summer) by Audio Summer
I'll say goodbye and then we'll kiss. Remember this Could be the last time That we see each.. 
Here With Me
from album (Audio Summer) by Audio Summer
I want you to know that I love you. You're my best friend and it's hard to Understand this,.. 
Be There
from album (Audio Summer) by Audio Summer
What do you do When you've been so in love That you have everything To lose, and her tears aren&.. 
Sumpah Takkan Cari Yang Lain
from album (Sumpah Takkan Cari Yang Lain) by Edry
36-27-32..Turutan nombor pilihanku Sekenyit matanya cukup menggoda Untuk kucar-kacirkan hidup Tak.. 
Cut Your Hair
from album (All Girl Summer Fun Band) by All Girl Summer Fun Band
Do the stars shine the same over there While she runs her fingers through your hair The hair I won&#.. 
Say Hey
from album (Summer Hero) by Summer Hero
I've studied things I thought I'd never see Like the heart of a good man as it starts to ble.. 
Liquid Lifeline
from album (Summer Hero) by Summer Hero
As the night gets cold another day is over You talk to your friends but they're just sitting in.. 
An Empty Seat
from album (Summer Hero) by Summer Hero
I think it's out of control I grip the seat and I check the window An aisle over I see A flower.. 
Sumerian Daemon
from album (Sumerian Daemons) by Septic Flesh
On the land between the rivers where lions fly and serpents rule I cross the road to the ziggurat as.. 



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