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Gold Diggers Song
from album (Album Unknown) by Ted Lewis
The Gold Digger's Song (We're In the Money)Ted Lewis We're in the money, We're in th.. 
Gold Digger
from album (Business As Usual) by EPMD
*scratching* Brothers things done got too far gone (tell em bout it) We got ta let the girls.. 
Gold Digger
from album (Late Registration) by Kanye West
She take my money when I'm in need Yea she's a trifflin friend indeed Oh she's a gold di.. 
Gold Digger
from album (El Camino) by Thomas Helmig
I’ve got scars I’ve got scars from the inside and out And I’ve got trouble, oh yeah Whether alone.. 

The Grave Digger
from album (The Grave Digger) by Grave Digger
Six feet under I'm still alive Six feet under I've found my paradise When I left, the skies.. 
from album (Gold) by Spandau Ballet
Thank you for coming home I'm sorry that the chairs are all worn I left.. 
After The Gold Rush
from album (After The Gold Rush) by Neil Young
Well, I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming Sayin' something about a queen There were peas.. 
Heart Of Gold
from album (After The Gold Rush) by Neil Young
I want to live, I want to give I've been a miner for a heart of gold It's these expressions.. 
from album (After The Gold Rush) by Neil Young
Well, I dreamed I saw the knights In armor coming, Saying something about a queen. There were peasan.. 
from album (Silver & Gold) by Neil Young
Workin' hard every day Never notice how the time slips away People come, seasons go We got somet.. 
Goldie's Parade
from album (Gold Nigga) by Prince
U stick around Goldnigga (What U hear at our concert is the real thing) Be your own man Endless abys.. 
Goldnigga Pt. 1
from album (Gold Nigga) by Prince
Hey, what up y'all? NPG's in the house kickin' the gift Talkin' about us livin'.. 
Goldnigga Pt. 2
from album (Gold Nigga) by Prince
(Please stop) {repeat sample in song} Tony, I'll spend the night with U on one condition What&#.. 
Goldnigga Pt. 3
from album (Gold Nigga) by Prince
(Please stop!) {sample repeats in song} Tony, yo, what's... what's up, bitch? Oh shit, nigga.. 

Back Home
from album (Golden Earring) by Golden Earring
Goin' back right through the city through the country, rivers so pretty People wonder why I'.. 
A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
from album (Beggar On A Beach Of Gold) by Mike & The Mechanics
I didn't know when I was lucky Discontented feeling bad Filled with envy For possessions other p.. 
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
I searched for a cause I climbed the highest mountain I walked to the top I stopped and then looked.. 
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
So you've be thinkin' about it You think that you've got the answer now And you've b.. 
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
After all this time you're still asking questions You love to fill me up with emptyness I'm.. 
*** You And Your Cat
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
Oooh... Oooh... Oooh... Oooh... The night is chilly as the stars above The things you said that day.. 
Here In Your Bedroom
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
Here in your bedroom, I can turn my head off The less that I feel Is the less that I'm on top I.. 
I Believe
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
I haven't had this feeling lately I want to get up and go It's like I'm thinking crazy t.. 
King For A Day
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
Runnin' twice as fast, I see, you're getting sick again. You're runnin' faster all t.. 
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
I met her Sunday, that was yesterday The girl I knew from 1990 Her eyes are hazel, her name is Mable.. 
Miles Away
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
How deep is your love? How deep is the ocean? How deep is the sea? and how deep is my love? How dee.. 
Mind's Eye
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
And if you could see me The way that I am Every time that I see you I act like a different man [Cho.. 
My Girlfriend's Shower Sucks
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
The temperature changes It chills me to the bone It makes me wish that I was cleaning myself at home.. 
Nothing To Prove
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
Fly off the handle once again and now it's too late I hear the door slam shut you've gone an.. 
Only A Day
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
As I look out outside I can see the rain about to start The air is damp but warm And I remember how.. 
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
Here I am and I found you I thought I'd never be here I told myself so many times I have to let.. 
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
Well if I'm sorry Does that mean I have to change 'cuz change does scare me I'd like to.. 
The City With Two Faces
from album (Goldfinger) by Goldfinger
I tried once to be civil But I just got put on hold I'm sick of hearing complaints The espresso.. 
What's Golden?
from album (What's Golden? 12") by Jurassic 5
[Zaakir] Check it out now... I work the pen to make the ink transform On any particular surface the.. 
The Golden Age Of Grotesque
from album (The Golden Age Of Grotesque) by Marilyn Manson
All our monkeys have monkeys We drive our deathcrush diamond Jaguar limousines We're not fanta.. 
Fields Of Gold
from album (Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-1994) by Sting & Police
You'll remember me when the west wind moves Upon the fields of barley You'll forget the sun.. 
Goldie's Last Day
from album (Goldie's Last Day) by PFR
(Intro) Puppy love puppy love Yes, she gave all she had Not like a brother or sister More lik a Mom.. 
Hey Goldmember
from album (Austin Powers: Goldmember (Soundtrack)) by Beyonce
Solid Gold, Solid Gold, It's Gold, Go,Go It's Gold, Choo, Choo It's Gold, It's Go.. 
from album (Gold) by Linda Eder
I wonder if when all is done Anyone heard my voice But from the start we have no choice Our journeys.. 
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
from album (Once Sent From The Golden Hall) by Amon Amarth
Rumbling thunder cracks the sky And rain starts pouring down Lightning strikes a cold bright light U.. 
Fools Gold
from album (Fools Gold) by The Stone Roses
The gold road's sure a long road Winds on through the hills for fifteen days The pack on my ba.. 



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