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God's Great Banana Skin
from album (God's Great Banana Skin) by Chris Rea
Go down my road running just as fast as I can Nobody knows which is the better way But when that man.. 
In God We Trust
from album (In God We Trust) by Stryper
[Verse 1] It's been said money talks If so what does it say? Four simple words we see every da.. 
God Gave Me Everything
from album (God Gave Me Everything) by Mick Jagger
MICK JAGGER LYRICS "God Gave My Everything" You can see it in a clear blue sky You can s.. 
Goddess In The Doorway
from album (Goddess In The Doorway) by Mick Jagger
Demons in the bedroom Dogs are on the roof I am in the basement Looking for the truth Tired of bein.. 

God Shuffled His Feet
from album (God Shuffled His Feet) by Crash Test Dummies
After seven days He was quite tired so God said: "Let there be a day Just for picnics, with wi.. 
Thank God For Believers
from album (Thank God For Believers) by Mark Chesnutt
(Mark Alan Springer, Roger Springer, Tim Johnson) Last night I came home again Three sheets to the.. 
God Says No
from album (God Says No) by Monster Magnet
Fireing my friend But I come back again and again I just can't pretend One more step and I'l.. 
from album (Spine Of God) by Monster Magnet
I just had to get nice last night My mind is so free You wouldn't believe You wouldn't belie.. 
Bad Religion
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
can you feel i'm not like you anymore i can't see, i can't breathe.. 
Get Up, Get Out
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
why are you laughing as if you're my friend? i'm gonna slap you again and again a.. 
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
patience is how i'm living today, i lie before you stressing me out again.. 
Keep Away
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
sickness spilling through your eyes, craving everything that you thought was alive,.. 
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
let's take a blast up to the moon baby i sit around wishing you well how i.. 
Now Or Never
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
can't remember my name, can't remember at all finding you from past times, i thin.. 

from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
lyring in my sweat drying my tears, waiting for you - i am... making me feel l.. 
Someone In London
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
you think your head's achin, i'm not finished yet i won't be mistaken, how so.. 
Time Bomb
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
i am in a living hell, makes me wonder if i'm alive can't seem to bring myself to.. 
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
Im not the one Whos so far away When i feel the snake bite enter my veins Never did i wanna be here.. 
from album (Godsmack) by Godsmack
And I wonder day to day I don't like you anyway I don't need your shit today you're p.. 
Closer To God
from album (Closer To God) by Nine Inch Nails
you let me violate you you let me desecrate you you let me penetrate you you let me compl.. 
The Godz... (Must Be Crazy)
from album (In God We Trust) by Brand Nubian
[Lord Jamar] The Godz must be crazy! I said The Godz must be crazy The Godz must be crazy.. 
from album (Godspeed) by Dixie Chicks
Dragon tales and the Water is Wide Pirates sail and lost boys fly Fish bite moonbeams every night An.. 
Only God Can Judge Me
from album (Only God Can Judge Me) by Master P
[Master P] My military mind.. makes me a soldier And I'm the last one left (last one left) Ain&#.. 
Oh My God (Remix)
from album (Oh My God!) by A Tribe Called Quest
Chorus Q-Tip: Oh My God (16X) Q-Tip: Listen up everybody the bottom line I'm a black intell.. 
God Loves Ugly
from album (God Loves Ugly) by Atmosphere
[Girls talking] *honk honk* "Hey, hey what are you doing over there?" "I..I'm jus.. 
God Loves Ugly Reprise
from album (God Loves Ugly) by Atmosphere
[Slug] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 God loves you (x12) We can make sure you have fun! Yes we can, yes we s.. 
Like Gods Of The Sun
from album (Like Gods Of The Sun) by My Dying Bride
I live for your.. fond caresses Songs you sing to.. me Gather me up.. into your arms I need no one.... 
from album (Godfather Buried Alive) by Shyne
Uh huh, Uh huh, Brooklyn Vietnam What you, Uh yeah, Uh, Come on Oh no, big Shyne Po Back up in the.. 
God Bless The U.S.A.
from album (God Bless The U.S.A.) by Lee Greenwood
If tomorrow all the things were gone I worked for all my life And I had to start again With just my.. 
God Sent Death
from album (God Hates Us All) by Slayer
On your back look on to me You'll see genocide Face from death more than insane Profane pleading.. 
Fall Away
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
Equally distant From the path I've chosen for myself And the alleyway that I must navigate my.. 
I Am
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I live in your mind You've seen me before Can't leave.. 
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
Can't you see there's nothing left to do Nothing left to say Memories of you Never fade a.. 
No More
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
You search for me in places Where you'll never find me I've seen the empty faces I leave t.. 
Paper Needle
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
Can you feel me now? There is no way out Can you tell what's on my mind? I control you now Yo.. 
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
When I sit by myself I know it's the lonely way What I had in myself I have lost along the wa.. 
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
She takes my hand Far away from my home I take my head Wonder why I can't speak And I wonder.. 
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
You have no place yet to be I have not seen what you see Live through hell you've never known Yo.. 
Take The Hate
from album (Godhead) by Godhead
Keep away from me now I know how to kill myself Live behind the iron wall That you've built ar.. 




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