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Are You That Somebody (Remix)
from album (Are You That Somebody (Remix) 12") by Aaliyah
featuring Danja Mowf, Mad Skillz, Lonnie B [Danja Mowf] Uhh, Danja Mowf (WHAT? Y'all kno.. 
Steelo (Remix)
from album (Steelo Remix 12") by 702
featuring Missy Elliott 7 7, 7-7-0-2 (ooh ah) 7 7, 7-7-0-2 (ooh, ooh ah) 7 7, 7-7-0-2 (.. 
Let's Talk About *** (remix)
from album (The Hits Remixed) by Salt-N-Pepa
Talk like *** like *** Talk like *** like *** Talk like *** [Let's talk about ***.. 
Did You Ever Think (Remix)
from album (Did You Ever Think (12" Remix)) by R. Kelly
featuring Nas [R. Kelly] No matter what ya'll say or do We gotta get this money W.. 

You Make Me Wanna (JD's Remix)
from album (You Make Me Wanna... Remix 12") by Usher
featuring Jermaine Dupri Intro: JD So So Def! (So So Def!) Get 'em up! (4X) (This is wha.. 
You Make Me Wanna (Timbaland's Remix)
from album (You Make Me Wanna... Remix 12") by Usher
featuring Timbaland Intro: Timbaland Uh, hahaha! Can you feel me? Uh! Say what, say what, uh.. 
Cold Rock A Party (Remix)
from album (Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix) CD 5) by Mc Lyte
featuring Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott Puff Daddy [Puff Daddy] I thought I told y.. 
Secret Love (SoSoDef Remix)
from album (Secret Love Remix 12") by Kelly Price
featuring JD Da Brat [JD] Uh uh uh So So Def Crossed us you know not So So Def.. 
Forgot About Timmy (Southpark Remix)
from album (Forgot About Timmy (Southpark Remix)) by Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem
[Dr Dre] Ya'll know me still the same Timmy!! But I been low key Hated on by most these niggas.. 
808 (Remix)
from album (808 (Remix)) by Blaque
Yo, See what I believe is,uh huh uh huh 808 needs a REMIX Oh Babe,is it true your girl don't do.. 
Bring It All To Me (Remix)
from album (808 (Remix)) by Blaque
(Brandi) Natina, Intro: See what I believe in (what you believe in Tina) I believe that Bring It All.. 
E.I. (The Tip Drill Remix)
from album (E.I. (The Tip Drill Remix)) by Nelly
[Hook] I said it must be ya***cause it ain't ya face I need a tipdrill, I need a tipdrill I.. 
E.I. (The Tipdrill Remix)
from album (E.I. (The Tip Drill Remix)) by Nelly
[Hook] I said it must be ya***cause it ain't ya face I need a tipdrill, I need a tipdrill I.. 
I Still Love You (remix)
from album (I Still Love You (remix)12") by Next
featuring Big Pun *talking* Yeah nine eight ya'll all 'round tweety teelo.. 

Judith (Renholder Remix)
from album (AMOTION (Bonus Remix CD)) by A Perfect Circle
You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never ever choose to be Oh so many ways for.. 
Emotional (Remix)
from album (Emotional (Remix)) by Carl Thomas
Uh, oh, oh yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah (Emotional) I always dreamed that everything would be okay.. 
Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton Remix)
from album (Shimmy Shimmy Ya 12" Studio Ton Remix) by Ol' Dirty Bastard
featuring MC Eiht E 40 * clean version is the only version that exists Intro: Oo.. 
The Militia Remix
from album (The Militia Remix 12") by GangStarr
[Featuring Rakim W.C.] "A special guest" "It's the militia... It's the m.. 
You Know My Steez (Remix)
from album (You Know My Steez (Remix) 12") by GangStarr
[Featuring The Lady Of Rage Kurupt The Kingpin] "The real. *chattering and clapping in bac.. 
Pushin Weight Remix
from album (Pushin Weight Remix 12") by Ice Cube
featuring Gilly the Kid Noreaga [Clark Kent] What if I get that nigga Ice Cube to do another.. 
Nothin' Move But The Money (Remix)
from album (Nothin' Move But The Money (Remix) 12") by Mic Geronimo
featuring Black Rob DMX Mic Geronimo: Uhh yea. Its a hies nigga come on. DMX: Wor.. 
Guerilla Radio Remix
from album (Unrealeased And Remixed) by Rage Against The Machine
Turn That Shit Up! Lights Out, Guerilla Radio Turn That Shit Up! x3 Lights Out, Guerilla Radio Yes.. 
Major League Remix
from album (Major League Remix 12") by Rasco
featuring Defari and Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) [Defari] Dangerous up in here Don.. 
Horse & Carriage Remix
from album (Horse & Carriage Remix 12") by Cam'ron
featuring Big Punisher Charli Baltimore Silkk Wyclef Intro: Silkk (Cam'Ron) Remi.. 
Pure Uncut Remix
from album (Pure Uncut Remix 12") by Eightball
[Featuring Canibus DMX McGruff] [Eightball] DMX McGruff and Canibus. You know where you h.. 
Stylin' (Remix)
from album (Stylin' (Remix) 12") by Foxy Brown
REEEEMMMI***!! [Baby] Boss, I see you there! I see you Mike! I see you Roy! Keep your hands up nigg.. 
Oops,Oh My (Supa Remix)
from album (Oops,Oh My (Supa Remix)) by Tweet
[Verse 1: Danja Mowf] Uh Uh Hey what you doin' shorty? (yeah) Danja Mowf (?) for real Hey girl w.. 
Talkin' To Me (Trackmasters Remix)
from album (Talkin' To Me Remixes 12") by Amerie
[Intro: Foxy Brown] Oh (oh) and it don't stop, okay This right here, TM what up baby Amerie, you.. 
In The Club (Remix)
from album (In The Club (Remix)) by Beyonce
Go shorty, it's Beyonce, We gon' party like, it's ya birthday, We gettin' naughty.. 
Ain't It Funny (Remix)
from album (J To Tha Lo - Remixes) by Jennifer Lopez Featuring Ja Rule & Cadillac Tah
[Ja Rule:] Murda Inc Haha it must be the***That got me like damn If they get any fatter Man the ru.. 
I'm Gonna Be Alright (Remix)
from album (J To Tha Lo - Remixes) by Jennifer Lopez Featuring Nas
[Jennifer Lopez & (Nas)] Oh yes (Uh, this for you girl) [Nas] Yo, I took you from the projects,.. 
Lap Dance (Nine Inch Nails Remix)
from album (Lap Dance (Nine Inch Nails Remix)) by N.E.R.D.
Dirty Dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog I'm a dirty dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog Dirty Do.. 
Curtain Call (Remix)
from album (Curtain Call (Remix)) by Cauterize
Two perfect silhouettes Faded nights as years go by Make feeling happening But we're too numb to.. 
I Smoke, I Drank (Do It Big Remix)
from album (I Smoke, I Drank (Do It Big Remix)) by D.A.R.P.
(I Smoke, I Drank (Do It Big Remix) I smoke (Yea!), I drank (Yea!) I'm supposed to stop but I c.. 
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops) (TrackMasters Remix)
from album (Hit 'Em Up Style (Remix) 12") by Blue Cantrell
Hehehehehe, brand new riddim! Now for dis creation, we need total dedication t'rew-out de nation.. 
One For The Money (Remix)
from album (One For The Money (Remix) 12") by Horace Brown
[Intro: Foxy Brown] Uh, what, c'mon Foxy Brown, uh, Horace Brown, what, remix, uh [Foxy Brown].. 
On Fire (Remix)
from album (On Fire (Remix)) by Lloyd Banks
new york city, you are now rocking with the best lloyd banks G-Unit!! Chorus: we on fire, up in her.. 
Jook Gal (Wine Wine) (Coolie Dance Riddim Remix)
from album (Jook Gal (Wine Wine) (Coolie Dance Riddim Remix)12") by Elephant Man, Twista, Young Bloodz, And Kiprich
It's the Elephant Man (That's me!) and the Twista with another hit song And my dogs Youngblo.. 
Jesus Walks (Remix)
from album (Jesus Walks (Remix)) by Young Buck
(Young Buck) Somebody came to die yall If i was u id hit that nigga from beside yall Hey yo im dru.. 
Artura Dublin Delight OC ReMix
from album (OC ReMix) by Makke
The night was cold and bitter He was looking for an inn When the devil shined before him Showing.. 



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