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Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)
from album (Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)) by Dropline
Sun comes up and goes away So does graduation day You did your walk of fame and that was it She turn.. 
Fly Away From Here
from album (Just Push Play) by Aerosmith
Gotta find a way Yeah I can't wait another day Ain't nothin' gonna change if we stay .. 
Long Way From Home
from album (Silent Nation) by Asia
There's a black Siberian Look a white guy in the sun Miles away from where the quest begun From.. 
River Stay Way From My Door
from album (Album Unknown) by Kate Smith
You keep goin' your way, I'll keep goin' my way, River, stay 'way from my door. I j.. 

All The Way From New York
from album (Shadows & Light) by Wilson Phillips
I'm gonna ask you for something, and it may sound like a lot. I've never really asked you fo.. 
Long Way From Happiness
from album ((Ho! Ho! Ho!) Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas) by Elton John
I guess you're okay You seem to feel better these days.. 
A Long Way From Home
from album (Lola Vs. The Powerman) by The Kinks
You've come a long way from the runny-nosed and scruffy kid I knew You had such good ways I can.. 
Long Long Way From Home
from album (Blue Morning, Blue Day) by Foreigner
It was a Monday, A day like any other day I left a small town For the Apple in decay It was my de.. 
Long Way From Home
from album (Love Hunter) by Whitesnake
(Coverdale) I would do anything I could to be near you, Walk all night in the pouring rain To be at.. 
Lonesome And A Long Way From Home
from album (.44) by Eric Clapton
Out on an open highway, Such a lovely day but something's wrong. Something, something's gott.. 
Long Way From Liverpool
from album (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is...) by Die Toten Hosen
[Instrumental] My heart it gets so heavy by the end of May, But when it gets to August, you know.. 
Long Way From Home
from album (Family Style) by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Look over here....look over there Look all around me everywhere Well it doesn't really matter Wh.. 
Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home
from album (Album Unknown) by Mogwai
'Cause this music can put a human being in a trance like state and deprive it for the sneaking f.. 
All The Way From Memphis
from album (Album Unknown) by Mott The Hoople
Forgot my six-string razor - hit the sky Half way to memphis ’fore I realised Well I rang the infor.. 

Six Ways From Sunday
from album (Lochloosa) by Mofore
Six ways I ve been pulled Six ways to lose my mind They ll turn your pockets out Boy leave you dead.. 
You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
from album (Album Unknown) by Pearl Bailey Featuring Anita O’day, Ray Mckinley
You came a long way from St. Louis, you climbed the ladder of success. I've seen the Town and C.. 
Back From The Dead
from album (Back From The Dead) by OG Spanish Fly
Fall, white light fell. You fear, the point death sent. Rise the dead's awake. You, you like to.. 
By The Way
from album (By The Way) by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Standing in line To see the show tonight And there's a light on Heavy glow By the way I tried t.. 
Aint No Way To Treat A Lady
from album (Aint No Way To Treat A Lady) by Helen Reddy
Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady Helen Reddy (H. Schock) -Peaking at #8 in 1975, this was Helen'.. 
A Long Way Down From Stephanie
from album (To Whom It May Concern) by Al Stewart
Maid, truly I see now it must be a long way down And with love's bud shorn Now must all dallianc.. 
Back The Way (Dottie's Point Of View)
from album (This Is My Life (Music From The Motion Picture)) by Carly Simon
Back the way it was before Before the door was opened Back the way it was berfore Before the ice was.. 
Back The Way (Girls' Point Of View)
from album (This Is My Life (Music From The Motion Picture)) by Carly Simon
Back the way it was before Before the heart was broken Playing hookey, making cookies We were always.. 
The Girl From Ipanema
from album (My Way - The Best Of Frank Sinatra) by Frank Sinatra
Tall and tan and young and lovely The girl from Ipanema goes walking And when she passes, each o.. 
They Can’t Take That Away From Me
from album (My Way - The Best Of Frank Sinatra) by Frank Sinatra
There are many many crazy things That will keep me loving you And with your permission May i list a.. 
All Fly Away
from album (Dragon Fly) by Jefferson Starship
Moonrise above the Rio Grande On this fantasy of sand As I drift into a dream And I feel the come.. 
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
from album (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover) by Paul Simon
The problem is all inside your head she said to me The answer is easy if you take it logically I'.. 
Fly To The Angels
from album (Fly To The Angels) by Slaughter
Pictures of you-- oh, theyre still on my mind-- you had the smile-- that could light up the world-.. 
I Wont Stand In Your Way
from album (I Wont Stand In Your Way) by Stray Cats
I - I got a low down dirty feeling That I been cheated on and lied to If it's so then it's w.. 
Just The Way You Like It
from album (Just The Way You Like It) by The S.O.S. Band
You have been single for a long time And I don't wanna cramp your style Still, you insist you wa.. 
Pennies From Heaven
from album (Pennies From Heaven) by The Skyliners
Ev'ry time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven Don'tcha know each cloud contains pennies.. 
Make Way For A Better Man
from album (Make Way For Willie Nelson) by Willie Nelson
Give me talkin' now You tried to make her happy You couldn't make her happy Make way for a.. 
My Own Peculiar Way
from album (My Own Peculiar Way) by Willie Nelson
(I'll always love you in my own peculiar way) It would be a comfort just to know you never doubt.. 
I Love You A Thousand Ways
from album (To Lefty From Willie) by Willie Nelson
I love you I'll prove it in days to come I swear it's true darling you're the only one.. 
That's The Way Love Goes
from album (To Lefty From Willie) by Willie Nelson
I've been throwin' horseshoes Over my left shoulder I've spent most all my life Search.. 
No Way Out (Intro)
from album (No Way Out) by Puff Daddy
Damn I would have never thought it ever woulda been like this Life is crazy God please.. 
No Way Out (Intro)
from album (No Way Out) by The Pretenders
Damn I would have never thought it ever woulda been like this Life is crazy God -- please watch over.. 
Can You Fly
from album (Can You Fly) by Freedy Johnston
Can you hear me Now the wind is dead You fell from the cloud In the frozen mud Can you see me And m.. 
Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)
from album (Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)) by Icicle Works
love comes down upon us and it flows like water burning with the hope of insight feathered books the.. 
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
from album (The Little Old Lady From Pasadena) by Jan & Dean
Little Old Lady From Pasadena Jan and Dean It's the little old lady from Pasadena The little.. 
Songs From The Wood
from album (Songs From The Wood) by Jethro Tull
Let me bring you songs from the wood: to make you feel much better than you could know. Dust you dow.. 



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