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Flick Of The Switch
from album (Flick Of The Switch) by AC/DC
Well there's a love gone down on mine Suicidal voltage line She sends signals outta distress She.. 
The Aeroplane Flies High
from album (The Aeroplane Flies High) by The Smashing Pumpkins
love is a sentimental heart life is a sentimental way spy the fragile heart so cursed as he walks.. 
Nite Flights
from album (Nite Flights) by The Walker Brothers
theres no hold the moving - has come thru the danger brushin you turns its face into the heat.. 
Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad
from album (The Coming) by Busta Rhymes Featuring Flipmode Squad, Def Squad
Verse One: Jamal Taking you to the other terrain, we mash strictly for the cream Here to kill your.. 

Flirtin' With Disaster
from album (Flirtin' With Disaster) by Molly Hatchet
I'm travelin' down the road, I'm flirtin' with disaster. I've got the pedal to t.. 
Last Flight Out
from album (Last Flight Out) by Plus One
Im so scared that you will see All the weakness inside of me Im so scared of letting go That the pai.. 
Flip Reverse
from album (Flip Reverse) by Blazin Squad
Hey (yeah) i wanna see you work it baby, I want you to be my lady, I love the way you move your body.. 
As The Crow Flies
from album (As The Crow Flies) by Rory Gallagher
As the crow flies, baby Will I ain't so far from you As the crow flies, baby Will I ain't.. 
Flip A Coin
from album (Flip A Coin) by Kelly Family
I recall a friend of mine With a tear in my eye I stand here at the altar He's out I'm left.. 
The Jackdaw's Flight
from album (The Jackdaw's Flight) by Skidbladnir
Skidbladnir... the ship of the Asa small day great night I was the sailor with the jackdaw at side.. 
All In My Head
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
shine minds’ eye – i can’t decide been left for toast – who knows why? not the holy ghost you.. 
Another Boring Day
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
this is just another boring day singing ooo la la la la la hooray (just another boring day) it’s c.. 
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
i will never be the same fill the trap amphetamine traquility of rope to tie me down and i don’t k.. 
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
beneath the glitter of the New York lights is a lady with no home tonight alone she sits and waits f.. 

Clone Me
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
i can't conceive the words to sing a song about you there’s never enough to go around can’t g.. 
Come Unglued
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
the world goes round and round me so fast it’s hard to see what’s going on besides me i lie awake.. 
Half A Brain
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
ah fun 2 3 4 clean up time once more i’ll try come out and fly the sun is sure to blind it’s real.. 
I Don't Care
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
i don’t care about much anymore i don’t care if the singer can’t sing i don’t care if i never he.. 
I Wish I Was A Planet
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
where is my galaxy? everybody’s laughin’ at the idiot savant as he’s flying under Borealis eatin.. 
Schizo Boy
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
somebody slipped somethin’ into my drink and ever since i haven’t felt the same (kaboom, varoom,.. 
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
i could have seen what might have been when you were so slick and cool back at school what happened.. 
Times Of My Life
from album (Flipp) by Flipp
go, you ***s! let’s get up! why won’t you let it go shake up your minds i’d like to see you m.. 
Burning Flies
from album (Burning Flies) by Belle & Sebastian
Burning flies I'm quite happy burnin' flies I'm quite happy burnin' flies They wen.. 
Fy Fan Svenska Flicka
from album (Fy Fan Svenska Flicka) by Storm
FY FAN SVENSKA FLICKA Våra Svenska flickor är mycket speciella Blonda, ariska och med rent vitt.. 
Second Flight
from album (Second Flight) by Kotoko
Kitto meguriawaseta Tenshi no hon no kimagure da yo Magarikado de atta mitai ni Futto hajimatteta.. 
Flip Your Wig
from album (Flip Your Wig) by Husker Du
Welcome to this world that we live in Normal people going for a spin And we don't realize That i.. 
from album (Flieger) by Nino De Angelo
Du und ich wir sind so hoch geflogen vor gar nicht langer Zeit ein Flugzeug voll mit jungen Träume.. 
Fina Flickor
from album (Fina Flickor) by Räserbajs
Första kvällen me fina flickan. Första kvällen för varann. Framför tv:n bakom bord.. 
from album (We The People) by Flipsyde
Thank God I woke up just another damn day First thing I'm gonna do is fall on my knees and pr.. 
Up Above
from album (High Flight Society) by High Flight Society
Once lost but now I've found the hope I've been without. And all this time, all I could want.. 
Time Is Running Out (Where To Start)
from album (High Flight Society) by High Flight Society
Far from the comfort that we've know to find A heart that's waiting, searching, fading Are y.. 
Sweet Redeemer
from album (High Flight Society) by High Flight Society
I only wanna stand up, move on Stand up and know I'm redeemed One last time is one more lie tha.. 
from album (High Flight Society) by High Flight Society
All I've got is what I'll give and even more. We walk together, oh. Of all decisions that yo.. 
Flies & Lies
from album (Flies & Lies) by Raintime
Sometimes I can't recognize My own self defaced by this mask That kills my image worn out By the.. 
A Kiss Is Not A Contract
from album (Flight Of The Conchords) by Flight Of The Conchords
A kiss is not a contract but it's very nice yes it's very nice Just because you've been.. 
Hip-Hopopotamus Vs. The Rhymenoceros
from album (Flight Of The Conchords) by Flight Of The Conchords
I'm the mother flippin' Rhymenocerous My beats are fly and the birds are on my back And I.. 
Inner City Pressure
from album (Flight Of The Conchords) by Flight Of The Conchords
Inner city life, inner city pressure The concrete world is starting to get ya The city is alive, the.. 
The Flight Of The Lord Of Flies
from album (Deggial) by Therion
Nervous Shakedown
from album (Flick Of The Switch) by AC/DC
Freeze, said the man cruisin' the beat You get your hands up and spread your feet Don't you.. 
This House Is On Fire
from album (Flick Of The Switch) by AC/DC
Yonder she walks Yonder she walks Hitting 103 A little tongue in cheek Hot personality She bring o.. 

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