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from album (Hangin' Tough) by New Kids On The Block
My favorite girl, oh, she's my favorite girl, don't you know, my favorite girl, oh, she'.. 
My Favorite Girl
from album (Baby Do Those Things) by Dave Hollister
Intro I'd like to dedicate this right here to my favorite girl I know I haven't been the.. 
Favorite Girl
from album (Redemption's Son) by Joseph Arthur
In your version of this world Your everybody's favourite girl But that don't mean i'll.. 
I'm Just A Girl
from album (I'm Just A Girl) by Bachelor Girl
Im just a girl 4X I might feel Little Put serns In my hair I might need comfort More than my share.. 

Girls On Film
from album (Girls On Film) by Girls Aloud
See them walking hand in hand Across the bridge at midnight Heads turning as the lights flashing o.. 
Girl Power
from album (Girl Power) by The Cheetah Girls
Well, throw your hands up if u know that your a star u better stand up if u know just who you are ne.. 
The Cheetah Girls Theme
from album (The Cheetah Girls) by The Cheetah Girls
Theres a time when we all choose To either quit or follow through To just lose faith Or trust your.. 
Average Girl
from album (Barlow Girl) by Barlow Girl
So what I'm not your average girl I don't meet the standards of this world Chasing after boy.. 
Girls Can Really Tear You Up Inside
from album (A Girl Called Eddy) by A Girl Called Eddy
There's a girl whose stuck inside a picture frame She's seen your face her mother's ment.. 
California Girls
from album (California Girls) by David Lee Roth
[] Brackets = Backing Singers Part Well, East coast girls are hip, I real-ly dig those styles they.. 
from album (Some Girls) by The Rolling Stones
M. Jagger/K. Richards) Some girls give me money Some girls buy me clothes Some girls give me jew.. 
Spoiled Girl
from album (Spoiled Girl) by Carly Simon
When you got a pretty boy You want a smart one When you got a smart one You want him pretty When yo.. 
Bad Girls
from album (Bad Girls) by Donna Summer
Bad girls Talking about the sad girls Sad girls Talking About bad girls, yeah See them out on the s.. 
Good Time Girl
from album (Lightning's Girl) by Nancy Sinatra
When you find that you don't love her When all the glitter rubs off of her. I'll be waitin&#.. 

Lightning's Girl
from album (Lightning's Girl) by Nancy Sinatra
I've told you that I'm Lightning's girl But you keep hanging round If Lightning ever cat.. 
Get Down With Me
from album (Spice Girls) by Spice Girls
Let me tell ya Bout the night I wanna have Gonna show ya How you're gonna make it last Are you r.. 
A Girl Like You
from album (A Girl Like You) by The Young Rascals
I don't know what it's all about. But I feel I"ll soon find out; I'm sure, ne.. 
Girl 6
from album (Girl 6) by Prince
Performed by The New Power Generation 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, girl 6 (Oh yeah) Girl 6 (Hi there, what's.. 
Girls And Boys
from album (Girl 6) by Prince
Girls and boys! He only knew her 4 a little while, but he had grown accustomed 2 her style She had.. 
Nasty Girl
from album (Girl 6) by Prince
That's right, pleased to meet u I still [don't wanna/won't] tell u my name Don't u b.. 
A Girl I Used To Know
from album (A Girl I Used To Know) by George Jones
George Jones There's a picture that I carry, One we made some time ago If they ask who's i.. 
Beautiful Girl
from album (Beautiful Girl) by INXS
Nicky’s in the corner With a black coat on Running from a bad home With some cat inside Now where d.. 
Cheated (To All The Girls)
from album (Cheated (To All The Girls) Single) by Wyclef Jean
featuring The Product, Queen Pen Wyclef: Chickenheads, gobble, gobble Thugs in the danc.. 
Girls Talk
from album (Girls Talk) by Dave Edmunds
There are some things you can't cover up With lipstick and powder Thought I heard you mention m.. 
Another Bridge
from album (Everything But The Girl) by Everything But The Girl
Your words stung me to the heart I hadn't even noticed how far we had drifted apart can I still.. 
from album (Everything But The Girl) by Everything But The Girl
Oh loverboy To you I belong But maybe one day you'll wake and you'll find me gone But lo.. 
Each And Everyone
from album (Everything But The Girl) by Everything But The Girl
If you ever feel the time to drop me a loving line maybe you should just think twice I don't wai.. 
Frost And Fire
from album (Everything But The Girl) by Everything But The Girl
You take the name of a man you hardly know and then you grow up and that name has to go married with.. 
Girlfriend/Boyfriend (Swizz Beats Remix)
from album (Girlfriend/Boyfriend 12") by Blackstreet
featuring Sauce Money Hello, can I can see you tonight? [Teddy] Naw, my girlfriend lo.. 
New Age Girl
from album (New Age Girl) by Deadeye Dick
New Age GirlDead Eye DickI've got a new age girl(Tell us what she's like)An environmentalist.. 
Daddy's Little Girl
from album (Daddy's Little Girl) by Al Martino
You're the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold, You're daddy's little girl to have and ho.. 
All The Girls In The World Beware!!!
from album (All The Girls In The World Beware!!) by Grand Funk Railroad
I got tarter on my teeth, but I don't care. I got dark brown stains, in my underwear. I'm a.. 
Around The Way Girl
from album (Around The Way Girl) by L.L. Cool J
Around The Way GirlL.L. Cool J Ya gotta shook up, shook down, shook up all your lovin'Ya gotta s.. 
Girls Girls Girls
from album (Girls Girls Girls) by Motley Crue
Friday night and I need a fight My motorcycle and a switchblade knife Handful of grease in my ha.. 
Candy Girl
from album (Candy Girl) by New Edition
When you were 17 and I was 19 We feel deep in love growin¡¯ up in Queens We didn¡¯t know a thi.. 
Jealous Girl
from album (Candy Girl) by New Edition
Fellas There's a jealous girl in our town Ohh, baby Fellas There's a jealous girl in our.. 
Come Back Silly Girl
from album (Come Back Silly Girl) by The Lettermen
COME BACK SILLY GIRLThe LettermenI go round moping, and I go around blueI made you cry cause I had b.. 
Highway Girl/Double Suicide
from album (Highway Girl/Double Suicide) by The Tragically Hip
(Cheers) Gordie - Thank You Well I'm going down to see my highway girl Yeah she just got bac.. 
Funeral Of A Good Girl
from album (Funeral Of A Good Girl) by Bif ***
Bou I wanna get you alone Cover you in chocolate and turn off the phone Damn, I think I'm losing.. 
Summer Girl
from album (Summer Girl) by Jessica Andrews
I drive an Army Jeep My bumper sticker reads 'Drink 'til he's cute' That's what.. 




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