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We Fall, We Fall
from album (We Fall, We Fall) by Dead Celebrity Status
We fall, we fall We fall, we fall We fall, we fall We fall, we fall The harder they come The harder.. 
from album (If We Fall In Love Tonight) by Rod Stewart
(James Harris III, Terry Lewis) Pain, flows like a river, just keeps on livin' with all them m.. 
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
from album (Could It Be I'm Falling In Love) by The Spinners
Since I met you I've begun to feel so strange Every time I speak your name (that's funny) Yo.. 
After The Fall
from album (After The Fall) by Journey
After the FallJourney(Steve Perry - Jonathan Cain)From "Frontiers"So now love is goneAnd I.. 

World Falling Down
from album (World Falling Down) by Peter Cetera
I never thought life would be easy Take it from me it's not easy When you're living on your.. 
Falling Into You
from album (Falling Into You) by Celine Dion
And in your eyes I see ribbons of color I see us inside of each other I feel my unconscious.. 
Stand Or Fall
from album (Stand Or Fall) by The Fixx
Crying parents tell their children If you survive don't do as we did A son exclaims there'll.. 
Rise And Fall
from album (The Rise And Fall) by Madness
These are the streets I used to walk On summer nights, sit out and talk That's the house where I.. 
Before I Fall In Love
from album (Before I Fall In Love) by Coco Lee
my heart says we've got something real can i trust the way i feel cause my heart's been fool.. 
When The Fallen Angels Fly
from album (When Fallen Angels Fly) by Patty Loveless
I have climbed so many mountains Just to reach the other side I near drowned myself in freedom Just.. 
We Fall Down
from album (We Fall Down) by Bob Carlisle
Bob Carlisle Cursing every step of the way, he bore a heavy load To the market ten miles away, th.. 
Falling Upside Down
from album (Falling Upside Down) by Rascal Flatts
There's no gravity up here It's kind of hard to explain Every time I'm holding you It.. 
Falls On Me
from album (Falls On Me) by Fuel
I've seen you hanging round This darkness where I'm bound And this black hole I've dug f.. 
Fall Back Down
from album (Fall Back Down) by Rancid
Don't worry about me I'm gonna make it alright Got my enemies cross haired and in my sight I.. 

Fall Behind Me
from album (Fall Behind Me) by The Donnas
I can't believe she bought it She got too close and she caught it Had a point but she forgot it.. 
Angels Fall First
from album (Angels Fall First) by Nightwish
An angelface smiles to me Under a headline of tragedy That smile used to give me warmth Farewell - n.. 
Hello (Fallen Version)
from album (Fallen) by Evanescence
Playground school bell rings again rain clouds come to play again has no one told you she's not.. 
My Immortal (Fallen Version)
from album (Fallen) by Evanescence
I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish t.. 
Seconds To Fall
from album (Seconds To Fall) by Fury In The Slaughterhouse
well it took years to climb that hill and now we look up to the mountains as high as you might cli.. 
Let Me Fall
from album (Let Me Fall) by Josh Groban
Let me fall Let me climb There's no moment When fear and dream must collide Someone I am Is wa.. 
Waking The Fallen
from album (Waking The Fallen) by Avenged Sevenfold
Wake the ones and rise tonight Fallen souls we shine so bright Rise now and ever forgotten memories.. 
The Fall Of Melnibone
from album (The Fall Of Melnibone) by Dark Moor
Young Kingdoms, Yougn Kingdoms Prepare the crimson war Young Kingdoms, Young Kingdoms Command the ri.. 
If I Should Fall From Grace With God
from album (If I Should Fall From Grace With God) by The Pogues
If i should fall from grace with god Where no doctor can relieve me If i'm buried 'neath the.. 
I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
from album (From Under The Cork Tree) by Fall Out Boy
I found the cure to growing older And you're the only place that feels like home Just so you kno.. 
from album (Fallow) by The Weakerthans
Wait until the day says it's closing, and public is put away. Write by the light of a pay phone.. 
All Fall Down
from album (All Fall Down) by Against All Authority
"It's all hopelessness, but we add hope in a sea of...of hopelessness." The air sting.. 
When The Rain Begins To Fall
from album (All Fall Down) by Against All Authority
Why do you see us as a threat? We're only helping those that you Forget or maybe you haven't.. 
Dawn Of The Fall
from album (Dawn Of The Fall) by Silverstein
It was yesterday you told me you loved me. But today I learned you found someone else, And everythi.. 
Friends In Fallriver
from album (Dawn Of The Fall) by Silverstein
Your life lives half a nation away, my heart hurts so. I believe letting you go was the biggest mi.. 
Aint Gonna See Us Fall
from album (Aint Gonna See Us Fall) by Sizzla
Intro: Huh At this appointed time I'd like to let you know. We give thanks and praise onto the m.. 
Fallen Angel Of Doom
from album (Fallen Angel Of Doom) by Blasphemy
Cursed soul bred by the fallen angel of doom will return Beyond the blackened burning skies 7th tr.. 
Absentee Without Leave
from album (After The Fall) by After The Fall
Verse 1: Are you so low in confidence That you take the next passer by? Don't want to be alone D.. 
Me + You = Breakdown
from album (After The Fall) by After The Fall
Verse 1: Teacher, teacher, please help me solve This equation i cannot resolve The chalk has run ou.. 
Mirror Mirror
from album (After The Fall) by After The Fall
Chorus: Mirror, mirror, am I just like you? Mirror, mirror, we look the same but is it true? Mirror,.. 
Signs For The Fallen
from album (Signs For The Fallen) by Suidakra
Blessed by the blind For their conscience won't collide With cruelty of sanity And the prophe.. 
Jim's "The Fall"
from album (Are You Are Missing Winner) by Fall
(We are new Fall) 799 or one million pounds The next fork is endless Fork out - I can't cover A.. 
Before The Moon Falls
from album (Dragnet) by Fall
Shhhh We are private detectives onward back from a musical pilgrimage We work under the name of the.. 
Win Fall CD 2088 AD
from album (I Am Kurious Oranj) by Fall
Check the record Check the record Check the guy's track record Appreciated - guy's Check.. 
from album (The Real New Fall LP) by Fall
I hate the countryside so much I hate the contraflow so much I hate the countryside so much I hate t.. 
Green Eyed Loco Man
from album (The Real New Fall LP) by Fall
To wear Chanel, you have to shave first And be a man; where do you stand, huh? A green eyed loco-ma.. 




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