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Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
from album (Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again) by The Angels
Went down to Santa Fe, where Renoir paints the walls, described you clearly, but the sky began to fa.. 
Sha La La La Lee
from album (The Small Faces) by Small Faces
Picked her up on a Friday night. Sha la la la lee, yeah. I knew everything gonna be alright. Sha la.. 
Here Comes The Nice
from album (There Are But Four Small Faces) by Small Faces
Here come the nice, looking so good He makes me feel like noone else could He knows what I want hes.. 
Tin Soldier
from album (There Are But Four Small Faces) by Small Faces
I'm a little tin soldier that wants to jump into your fire. You are a look in your eye, a dream.. 

Funny Face
from album (Funny Face) by Donna Fargo
Funny FaceArtist: Donna Fargo (peak Billboard position # 5 in 1972)Words and Music by Donna FargoFun.. 
Everything's Your Fault
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
have you heard them talk about it? you say they're wrong but they know all about it have you tr.. 
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
it's really easy if you try to tell another hundred lies but i'm not going down this time.. 
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
what's it going to take to be done? what's it going to be right or wrong? i don't have.. 
I Won't Lie Down
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
does anybody see him? another set up for the fall does anybody hear him? he's screaming at th.. 
Take It Back
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
i won i worked too hard to get it so what? it's over just forget it too much, too soon too.. 
Everytime I See Your Face
from album (Everytime I See Your Face) by Live
I was looking everywhere to find you By and by, my intentions were good But I know I don't watch.. 
from album (Faceless) by Godsmack
Hate me with everything I'm better off without your animosity I'll even sleep better at nigh.. 
2 Faced
from album (2 Faced) by Louise
(Who does she think she is?) (I dunno) (Do you reckon they're real?) (Nah) (Hi, girls) (Hi, Loui.. 
Face Down
from album (Face Down) by Serial Joe
Lost in amidst this false reality Don't feel a thing anymore On your knees and begging.. 

Let's Face It
from album (Let's Face It) by Mighty Mighty Bosstones
It's so hard to face That in this day and age Somebody's race Could trigger someb.. 
Talk To Me (Angels With Dirty Faces)
from album (Angels With Dirty Faces) by Tricky
Someone talk to me now Energy won't move me Oceans won't soothE me Cry me a bayou Slime, sle.. 
Angels With Dirty Faces
from album (Angels With Dirty Faces) by Sugababes
I'm confused, i don't know which way do i really go this guy is fly but another one pass m.. 
Space In Your Face
from album (Space In Your Face) by Galactic Cowboys
Space in your face..... 
I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
from album (I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)) by Grace Jones
Strange, I've seen that face before, Seen him hanging 'round my door, Like a hawk stealing f.. 
Sea Of Faces
from album (Sea Of Faces) by Kutless
I see the city lights all around me Everyone's obscure Ten million people each with their proble.. 
Nice Legs, Shame About The Face
from album (Nice Legs, Shame About The Face) by The Monks
Met her on a blind date, helping out an old mate Waiting at the corner, she's be dressed in blac.. 
Legions Bow To A Faceless God
from album (Legions Bow To A Faceless God) by As Hope Dies
Legions bow to a faceless God faithful to their lord willing to die for this savior they can not see.. 
Face In This World
from album (Face In This World) by Mark Lowry
My hairline's moving But I am standing still A chin like Leno's Nose big as a hill A Face t.. 
Calling For Vanished Faces I
from album (Calling For Vanished Faces) by Current 93
If then, I meet You along the way Where the laurel treees surround us on every side If then, in a sm.. 
Calling For Vanished Faces II
from album (Calling For Vanished Faces) by Current 93
If only I could take You all at once: I would take You for ever and ever and only so lose myself in.. 
The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart
from album (The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart) by Eyedea
I'm here to break my own ball and chain Holding the plight to be completely sane Nothings to gai.. 
from album (Faces) by Greater Vision
Faceless World
from album (Faceless World) by U.D.O
Listen to me - this is a warning You have to wake up out of this dream Don't be a member of this.. 
Face In The Mirror
from album (Face In The Mirror) by Glen Burtnik
There's a face in the mirror, What do I see? Well, I know those eyes And I know that chin An.. 
from album (Faces) by Chris Caffery
V1: Every day awaken, in my mind, you're always there Photographs have been taken, of the crimes.. 
Auto Face Rendezvous
from album (Auto Face Rendezvous) by Dolphin Striker
as calm as this quiet seems a drowning scream is hard to hear as calm as this quiet seems i scream s.. 
Take A Long Line
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
He was selling postcards from a paper stand A whiskey bottle in his withered hand He put his finge.. 
No Exit
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
Tell me, why the secrets have disappeared Cover up, the traces of wasted years The traces of waste.. 
Can't Shake It
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
Young man in Morocco buys a diamond ring Takes it across the water just to see what luck it brings.. 
Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
from album (Face To Face) by Westlife
Went down to Santa Fe Where Renoir paints the walls Described you clearly But the sky began to fa.. 
Put You In Your Place
from album (Face To Face) by Face To Face
What was that you said to me? I'm not exactly sure I heard you right What is it you want from me.. 
I Finally Found Someone
from album (The Mirror Has Two Faces Soundtrack) by Bryan Adams
Bryan: I finally found someone, that knocks me off my feet I finally found the one, that makes me fe.. 
My Fist Your Face
from album (Adam's Apple) by Aerosmith
Wake up baby, what you in for start the day upon your knees What you pissin' in the wind for.. 
I Adore Him
from album (Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again) by The Angels
They say he doesn't love me but they don't know He makes me feel so happy when I'm feeli.. 
Let The Rain Fall
from album (Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again) by The Angels
blue skys turn to grey as the season changes so do they they go inside try to hide from it all kno.. 




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