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Electric Wizard
from album (Electric Wizard) by Electric Wizard
One day we were sitting and wondering where it's at When down came a dragon with a wizard on.. 
from album (Electric Ladyland) by Jimi Hendrix
Electric Ocean
from album (Electric) by The Cult
Oh yeah Ah-ah Oh yeah Standin' at the shore A hurricane calls my name Beyond all I dream The el.. 
from album (Electricity) by Apoptygma Berzerk
All I want is some energy The ultimate discovery Electric blue for me Never more to be free Electric.. 

Metaphysical Electric
from album (Dead Electric Nightmares) by Aurora
Silently flew away Away from sun, moon and big dismay Away from earth and all the stupid people Away.. 
from album (Electric) by Melody Club
I cut my finger on the phone I never thought it'd take me so long Girl, don't ever let them.. 
I Sing The Body Electric
from album (The Body Electric) by Wade Lassiter
the Lyrics to the first verse are I sing the body electric, I celebrate the me yet to come, I toast.. 
Electric Demons In Love
from album (Fire) by Electric Six
I got so much love, I don't know where to put it I feel so good, I don't know what to do and.. 
Inside The Electric Circus
from album (Inside The Electric Circus) by W.A.S.P.
A scream unlock the cage The roars rock the stage Hunger of the animals are calling Thrive upon the.. 
The General Electric
from album (The General Electric) by Shihad
You better run as fast as you can 'cause this passenger's not a happy man start running just.. 
Weird Tales / Electric Frost / Golgatha / Altar Of Melektaus
from album (Dopethrone) by Electric Wizard
From ancient Yuggoth, black rays emit Evils narcotic cyclopean pits In dark babelian towers await Li.. 
Electric Pink
from album (Electric Pink EP) by The Promise Ring
I live on a small street, with very small shoes but in a big house, with a big wardrobe. I've go.. 
Electric Spanking Of War Babies
from album (Electric Spanking Of War Babies) by Funkadelic
{spoken} Hi there (hi, are you talking to me? What is that?) You probably don't remember me, rig.. 
Roll (Electric Kissing Parties Pt. 1)
from album (Electric Kissing Parties) by Ultimate Fakebook
Well, you know, I didn't mean to look your way, but you knew why I was there - to know who's.. 

March On Electric Children!
from album (March On Electric Children) by The Blood Brothers
Join the skin army! (skin army boys!) (skin army girls!) Join the skin army! [x3] Camouflage your h.. 
Mr. Electric Ocean
from album (March On Electric Children) by The Blood Brothers
We Coming through Mr. Electric Ocean! [x2] Mr. Electric we are dying to dine in your house of mirro.. 
from album (Electricidad) by Los Abandoned
Esto no parecio como el tipo de lugar en que tu querias estar no se que hiciste, no se que quisiste.. 
Electric Intro
from album (Electric) by Melody Club
Stone Magnet
from album (Electric Wizard) by Electric Wizard
Drawn by the power of the ultraviolet sun Spinning eye of the Lord, it looks upon Magnetic cobs sp.. 
Mourning Prayer
from album (Electric Wizard) by Electric Wizard
Poison clouds in the sky Acid rain in my eyes Starving children of my TV Victims of technology.. 
Devil's Bride
from album (Electric Wizard) by Electric Wizard
Dressed in black Satan's bride No turning back She'll bear his child Devil's bride.. 
Black Butterfly
from album (Electric Wizard) by Electric Wizard
Terror above, beautiful as the night Black butterfly in full flight Traveling through the void of.. 
from album (Electric Wizard) by Electric Wizard
His blackened wings shadow the Earth This age of fire is his rebirth Awakened now in these trouble.. 
True Love And Other Fairy Tales
from album (Electric Angels) by Electric Angels
Once upon a time, you were a queen And I was your king In a castle like Adam and Eve We had every.. 
Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
from album (Electric Feel) by MGMT
all along the western front people line up to receive. she got the power in her hands to shock you l.. 
Electric Jewels
from album (Cum Hear The Band) by April Wine
Ah, ah, ah, ah You've been had by a fool, he's been all over you And you've been seen.. 
Weeping Widow
from album (Electric Jewels) by April Wine
Weeping widow, don't you cry Dressed in black, i don't know why All the time that you've.. 
The Body Electric
from album (1981-87 Retrospective II) by Rush
One humanoid escapee One android on the run Seeking freedom beneath a lonely desert sun Trying to.. 
Electric Los Angeles Sunset
from album (A Man For All Seasons) by Al Stewart
Shots split the night, a bullet lodged in his brain He must have died instantly, he felt no pain A c.. 
Electric Guitar
from album (Fear Of Music) by Talking Heads
Electric guitar gets run over by a car on the highway This is a crime against the state This is the.. 
The Electrician
from album (Nite Flights) by The Walker Brothers
baby its slow when lites go low theres no help no baby its slow when lites go low eres no help.. 
Electric Eye
from album (A Touch Of Evil) by Judas Priest
Up here in space I'm looking down on you My lasers trace Everything you do You think you've.. 
Are You Ready
from album (Album Unknown) by Pacific Gas & Electric
There's rumors of war Men dying and women crying If you breathe air, you'll die Perhaps you.. 
from album (Bilingual) by Pet Shop Boys
(Tennant/Lowe) --------------- I'm an artist honey you'll see me sometimes making crazy p.. 
Electric Chair
from album (Batman) by Prince
I saw your friend 1st That's who I danced with All the time I was watchin' U The music rock.. 
Electric Requiem
from album (Operation Mindcrime) by Queensryche
[ Nikki: "Anybody home? Mary?" ] Even in death You still look sad Don't leave me Don&.. 
The Free Electric Band
from album (Album Unknown) by Albert Hammond
My father is a doctor, he's a familiary man, My mother works for charity whenever she can, They&.. 
In A Little While
from album (Live And Electric: The Best Of Hanson) by Hanson
In a little while Surely you'll be mine In a little while I'll be there In a little whil.. 
from album (Live And Electric: The Best Of Hanson) by Hanson
Flies are buzzing round my head Vultures circling the dead Picking up every last crumb The big fi.. 
Electric Blue
from album (Crazy) by Icehouse
Electric BlueIceHouseFrom the Album: Man of ColoursIf a boy had a chancea chance with someone like y.. 

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