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Cab Driver
from album (Cab Driver) by Daryl Hall
Standing in the rain Cab comes into view Ask me where am I goin’ to Running for so long Been gone t.. 
from album (Drive) by The Cars
Who's gonna tell you when It's too late Who's gonna tell you things Aren't so great.. 
Drive (For Daddy Gene)
from album (Drive) by Alan Jackson
It was painted red the stripe was white It was eighteen feet from the bow to the stern light Secondh.. 
from album (Drive) by Bic Runga
I know it's late now I know I Ought to go Ride in your car now But please don't drop me ho.. 

Ocean Drive
from album (Ocean Drive) by Lighthouse Family
(P. Tucker) Say it's true, black and blue, I can share your situation Been holding our emotion.. 
Communication Drive-In
from album (Acrobatic Tenement) by At The Drive-In
you keep telling me this voltage hurts just a little in the thickness of the van you drop anchor if.. 
The Bus Driver's Prayer
from album (The Bus Driver's Prayer And Other Stories) by Ian Dury And The Blockheads
Our Father, Who art in Hendon Harrow Road be Thy name Thy Kingston come Thy Wimbledon In Erith as it.. 
Drive In Movies And Dashboard Lights
from album (Drive In Movies And Dashboard Lights) by Nanci Griffith
Sister had a crystal voice She played a Silvertone from Montgomery Ward Baez songs and Monroe hair S.. 
I Drive Alone
from album (I Drive Alone) by Esthero
Can't move on But I can't go home And I'm not so strong But I make my way To the place I.. 
Blue Drive Monster
from album (Blue Drive Monster) by The Pillows
Megane ni haritsuiteru yô ni doko o mitemo kawari baeshinai kono keshiki kyô mo taikutsu de gakkar.. 
All My Shootin's Be Drive-Bys
from album (All My Shootin's Be Drive-Bys) by MC Hawking
[MC Hawking] Ah-yuh That's right mother***ers I'm back, driving a funky track I've got.. 
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
For lack there of I can’t define Is there another way? I’ve had enough, I’ve paid the price To ke.. 
Dead Horse
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
Go ahead my friend it's all a game for you So go deny it How you've succumb to glut, Model o.. 
Deja Vu
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
Finding out what it’s all about In your eyes I know Need a way to figure out Going for the flow Eno.. 

from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
Why the hell can’t I say? "Will you just go away?" I guess it takes some time To get this.. 
Lost Inside
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
By the wayside, you will be thrown and pushed away On the downside, you will crawl back into the cav.. 
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
I need to find a way to say the things I need to say But it's so hard to find the perfect words.. 
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
All things want to be all A picture perfect for everything small We're all insects Marching one.. 
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
Nothing, was real, i wanted Something, to feel, so jaded Somehow, they breathe, i'm choking See.. 
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
The reason you lose, The reason you cry, There's nothing to say to make things right. Always.. 
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
Tell me another lie Cause lies are what you're made of Amuse me To think that I can’t see throu.. 
See You Crawl
from album (Mercy Drive) by Mercy Drive
There are some things that I can't face There are some dreams that I can't chase There is no.. 
Lake Shore Drive
from album (Lake Shore Drive) by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
There's a road I'd like to tell you about Lives in my hometown Lake Shore Drive the road is.. 
Drive Drive Drive
from album (Hold On) by Name Taken
Gotta gotta get out alive To know once what its like to have my own breath and we know its no use to.. 
Drive In Drive Out
from album (Crash) by Dave Matthews Band
I hear more than I like to... so I boil my head in a sense of humor... I laugh at what I cannot chan.. 
from album (Baby) by Yello
Tonight you gotta look in my eyes You got it, you drive me out of my mind Drive, driven Gave, given.. 
Drive, Baby Drive
from album ((It's Been) A Long Time) by Trooper
Jesus Murphy, Peter and Paul The white lines rise and the deadlines fall Aiyah, Aiyah, raise your ha.. 
Drive On, Driver
from album (Distortion) by ZeR0
Drive on, driver There's no one home You've waited hours she didn't come It's such a.. 
Drive Me Crazy
from album (Dancing Undercover) by Ratt
Hey, yeah It's just another weekend I'll never settle down You always got the bacon Wheneve.. 
from album (Different Stages) by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Driven up and down in circles Skidding do.. 
Drive By
from album (Lemonade & Brownies) by Sugar Ray
* = Mark left speaker # = Stan right speaker $ = Rodney right speaker * Chile Taco's, may I ta.. 
*** Drive
from album (Flashpoint) by The Rolling Stones
(Jagger/Richards) I got this ***drive Driving me mad I've got to drive you crazy Best you'.. 
You Drive Me Crazy
from album (Baby, One More Time) by Britney Spears
Baby, I'm so into you You've got that something, what can I do Baby, you spin me around, o.. 
Soul Driver
from album (Human Touch) by Bruce Springsteen
Rode through forty nights of the gospels' rain Black sky pourin' snakes, frogs And love in v.. 
Drive All Night
from album (The River) by Bruce Springsteen
When I lost you honey sometimes I think I lost my guts too And I wish God would send me a word send.. 
Baby Driver
from album (Bridge Over Troubled Water) by Simon & Garfunkel
My daddy was the family bassman My mamma was an engineer And I was born one dark gray morn With musi.. 
Drivers Seat
from album (Album Unknown) by Sniff 'n' The Tears
Doing alright A little jiving on a Saturday night And come what may Gonna dance the day away Jenny.. 
Driven To Tears
from album (Zenyatta Mondatta) by The Police
How can you say that you're not responsible? What does it have to do with me? What is my reactio.. 
Drive Me
from album (Jamie Walters) by Jamie Walters
I am a bright red Stingray, from 1968. Think I got something here, you will appreciate. We can g.. 
from album (Sleeps With Angels) by Neil Young
It's a random kind of thing Came upon a delicate flower I can't believe a machine gun sings.. 

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