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Dressed In Black
from album (Dressed In Black) by Saybia
Dressed in black With a rose in my hand I now understand That I kept you For as long as I could.. 
My Favourite Dress
from album (My Favourite Dress) by The Wedding Present
Sometimes these words don't have to be said, I know how you both feel, The hurt can rule the hea.. 
Dressed Up Like Nebraska
from album (Dressed Up Like Nebraska) by Josh Rouse
Trying to tell me something here In this place All of your demons rest In my space I dreamed last n.. 
Best Dress
from album (Blood Red Cherry) by Jann Arden
drinking whiskey from an open toed shoe farm hand and an evening glove puttinÂ’ on a kiss that wil.. 

Lose The Dress (Keep The Shoes)
from album (DLR Band) by David Lee Roth
I respect your intellect More impressive still Are you sporting skills Do i detect Integrity and sel.. 
Devil With The Blue Dress On
from album (Album Unknown) by Mitch Ryder
Devil With The Blue Dress On Mitch Ryder (Shorty Long - Blackwell/Mariscalso) Fee, fee, fi,.. 
Leave Me Alone Ruby Red Dress
from album (Aint No Way To Treat A Lady) by Helen Reddy
LEAVE ME ALONE (RUBY RED DRESS) Helen Reddy Words and music by Linda Laurie Big ole ruby red dress.. 
Dressed For Success
from album (Almost Unreal) by Roxette
Dressed For Success Roxette Music & Lyrics by Per Gessle Tried to make it little by little tri.. 
The Prettiest Dress
from album (Album Unknown) by Red Sovine
Well hun, We both knew this time just had to come. But the thing we didn't know was, Which of u.. 
Lady With The Red Dress
from album (12 Inches Of Snow) by Snow
Started at the very second as she turned her head I looked deep into her eyes Caught a vision of lo.. 
Sharp Dressed Man
from album (Bad To The Bone) by ZZ Top
Clean shirt, new shoes and I don't know where I am goin' to. Silk suit, black tie, I don'.. 
Red Dress
from album (Dreamland) by Robert Plant
Walk right out of my life Keep your money in your hand Look out where you're headin mama Don'.. 
Anything For My Baby
from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
Anything for my baby I would steal anything for my baby I'd wheel and deal anything for my bab.. 
C'mon And Love Me
from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
She's a dancer, a romancer I'm a Capricorn and she's a Cancer She saw my picture in a.. 

from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
I've been tryin' to get away To get away To leave this old town I've been tryin'.. 
Ladies In Waiting
from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
So you been to the market And the meat looks good tonight And the ladies in waiting Will show you.. 
Love Her All I Can
from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
I remember the times I was lonely without her Now she's mine and I spend my times dreamin'.. 
Rock Bottom
from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
I can't wait a day I don't care what you say Oh yeah, you got to pay When you hit rock bo.. 
Room Service
from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
I'm feelin' low, no place to go And I'm a-thinking that I'm gonna scream Because a.. 
Two Timer
from album (Dressed To Kill) by Kiss
She thinks she's high fashion She thinks she looks divine And that's what I keep tellin.. 
Dressed To Kill
from album (Dancin' On The Edge) by Lita Ford
You're dressed to kill Come a little closer, so I can look you in your eyes So I can see what I.. 
Dressing Up
from album (Paris (Live)) by The Cure
Going under slowly It never seems too late Going under so slow Dressing up to kiss Dressing up t.. 
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
from album (Pop) by U2
Tonight the moon is playing tricks again Feeling sea sick again An the world could just dissol.. 
Sunday Dress
from album (A Little Something) by Crash Test Dummies
I can barely feel the sheets with all these crumbs down in my bed How can I get to sleep with all t.. 
Dress Rehearsal Rag
from album (Songs Of Love And Hate) by Leonard Cohen
Four o'clock in the afternoon and I didn't feel like very much. I said to myself, "Wh.. 
Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing
from album (Greatest Hits) by Brooks & Dunn
She said hey cowboy get off of that couch Yeah the party's on and we're goin' ou.. 
Sharp Dressed Man
from album (Tailgate Party) by The Charlie Daniels Band
Clean shirt, new shoes and I don't know where I am goin' to. Silk suit, black tie, I don&.. 
Dressed In Black
from album (Black Celebration) by Depeche Mode
She's dressed in black again And I'm falling down again Down to the floor again I'm begg.. 
New Dress
from album (Black Celebration) by Depeche Mode
*** jibe husband murders wife Bomb blast victim fights for life Girl Thirteen attacked with knife P.. 
Blue Dress
from album (Violator) by Depeche Mode
Put it on And don't say a word Put it on The one that I prefer Put it on And stand before my eye.. 
Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue
from album (To Make Me Who I Am) by Aaron Neville
Lovely lady, dressed in blue, Teach me how to pray Cause God was just your little boy, And you kn.. 
Dress You Up
from album (All By Myself) by Madonna
DRESS YOU UPMadonnaLike A VirginYou've got styleThat's what all the girls saySatin sheetsAnd.. 
Dressed To Kill
from album (The Fool Circle) by Nazareth
Here we are in the west And our cars are glistenin' The bear he roars in the east But we ain'.. 
Dress Me Up As A Robber
from album (Tug Of War) by Paul McCartney
Well You Can Dress Me Up As A Robber But I Won't Be In Disguise Only Love Is A Robber And He Liv.. 
I'm Gonna Dress In Black
from album (The Story Of Them) by Van Morrison
I'm walking the long road to Georgia, Yeah, the long road that's taking me back. Gonna live.. 
I'm Gonna Dress In Black (Alternate Mix)
from album (The Story Of Them) by Van Morrison
I'm walking the long road to Georgia Yeah the long road that's takin' me back Gonna live.. 
Best Sunday Dress
from album (20 Years In Dakota) by Hole
Put on my best sunday dress and i walk straight into this mess of mine Put on my best sunday dress.. 
Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)
from album (Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room) by Dwight Yoakam
She wore red dresses with her black shining hair She had my baby and caused me to care Then coldly s.. 
All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go)
from album (For My Broken Heart) by Reba McEntire
(Lisa Palas, Biff Fink, Ira Rogers) The sign says, "families welcome" At the Oaks Retirem.. 
from album (Portrait Of Their Best) by Sixpence None The Richer
In the middle of my mourning Sits joy like ahappy child In the middle of this death I must cry with.. 

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