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La Verdad
from album (Hermanos) by Dread Mar I
la noche es oscura y amanecera despues de la lluvia el sol saldra tu me has indicado el camino a la.. 
Abraham, Martin And John
from album (Abraham, Martin And John) by Marvin***e
Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham, Can you tell me where his gone, oh, He freeded alot of.. 
El Amor De Mi Vida
from album (Ricky Martin) by Ricky Martin
Yo no se como empezo Solo se que sucedió fue tal vez sin darme cuenta No podia ver la luz hast.. 
from album (Ricky Martin) by Ricky Martin
Un dos tres un pasito pa'lante María Un dos tres un pasito pa'tras Un d.. 

Marley Marl Scratch
from album (Marley Marl Scratch) by Marley Marl
featuring MC Shan Verse 1 All these beats and my rhymes attached Form the new creatio.. 
Natty Dread
from album (Natty Dread) by Bob Marley
Dread, Natty Dread now, (Natty Dread) Dreadlock Congo Bongo I. (Natty Dread) Natty Dreadlock in a Ba.. 
Marbles I
from album (Marbles) by Marillion
I Did anyone see my last marble As it rolled out and over the floor? It fell through a hole in the c.. 
Marbles II
from album (Marbles) by Marillion
II When I was a child I had marbles They brought admiration and fame They were pretty to look at and.. 
Marbles III
from album (Marbles) by Marillion
III There were almost four hundred until the black day I discovered how high they would fly to the s.. 
Marbles IV
from album (Marbles) by Marillion
IV That was almost the end of my marbles Confiscated, I choked back the tears I hung onto a handful.. 
Lily Marleen
from album (Lily Marleen) by Marlene Dietrich
Vor der Kaserne vor dem großen Tor stand eine Laterne und steht sie noch davor da wolln wir uns wie.. 
Lili Marlene
from album (Very Best Of Marlene Dietrich) by Marlene Dietrich
Outside the barracks, by the corner light I'll always stand and wait for you at night We will cr.. 
Buddha For Mary
from album (30 Seconds To Mars) by 30 Seconds To Mars
A simple fear to wash you away An open mind cancelled it today A silent song that's in your wor.. 
Panzer Division Marduk
from album (Panzer Division Marduk) by Marduk
Black, fearsome and grim and mighty Panzer division Marduk rolls over enemy land Striking hard and f.. 

Maria (Love To See You Again)
from album (Marty Stuart) by Marty Stuart
From the Fairbanks of Alaska Through the Rockies I did run Down the trail from Appalachia Hiding f.. 
Super Mario Land
from album (Super Mario Compact Disco) by MC Mario
[Verse One] Welcome and enter the center Of my Super Mario adventure My girl's trapped on the o.. 
Amor Cobarde
from album (Amor Cobarde) by Marta Sánchez
Todos tus miedos te conducen lejos y sabes bien que cuando tú te vas cada minuto que pasa es una.. 
Águas De Março
from album (Águas De Março) by Marisa Monte
(ó o biscoito globo aí madame, vai levar, vai levar?) Joga bossa nova samba DJ please play bossa.. 
Amor I Love You
from album (Águas De Março) by Marisa Monte
Deixa eu dizer que te amo Deixa eu pensar em você Isso me acalma me acolhe a.. 
from album (Les Ondes Martentot) by Les Ondes Martenot
Me lleva tiempo despertar el cielo esta nublado y hace tanto frio afuera no quiero volver a dormir v.. 
from album (Marvin, The Paranoid Android: <>) by Marvin, The Paranoid Android
I'm just a robot and I know my place A metal servant to the human race I work my can off trying.. 
Ci Vorrebbe Il Mare
from album (Marco Masini) by Marco Masini
Ci vorrebbe il mare che accarezza i piedi mentre si cammina verso un punto che non vedi ci vorrebbe.. 
La Llamada Del Amor
from album (Mi Formula De Amor) by Los Del Maranaho
Te haré una cama con mis brazos, para darte mas calor Y serás como una flor que acariciara m.. 
Aguante Marquesi
from album (Aguante Marquesi) by Martin Marquesi
El gato del pueblo se vino a la ciudad ya se puso piola no lo pueden parar lo pide la inchada las ch.. 
Quien No Sabe De Amor
from album (Quien No Sabe De Amor) by Maridalia Hernandez
Quien no sabe de amor no sabe nada (2v) Quien no sabe de amor no sabe nada No sabe la ilusion de.. 
Amor Imposible
from album (Amor Imposible) by She Amor Imposible
Llora porque no la puede ver, se pasa el dia pensandola hasta el anochecer. Llora porque no tien.. 
Just Married
from album (The Story Of My Life: The Best Of Marty Robbins) by Marty Robbins
Just married this mornin', how happy they are Just married written on the window of a-their car.. 
Amor Prohibido
from album (Amor Prohibido) by Selena
Con unas ansias locas Quiero verte hoy Espero ese momento En que escuche tu voz Y cuando al fin Est.. 
Dulce Amor
from album (Dulce Amor) by Selena
Yo, yo tengo un amor Un amor que me hace feliz Un amor que me hace sonreír Este amor Lo guardo en m.. 
Accidentally Like A Martyr
from album (Accidentally Like A Martyr) by Warren Zevon
The phone don't ring And the sun refused to shine Never thought I'd have to pay so dearly Fo.. 
A Cloak Of Elvenkind
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
A cloaking robe of elvenkind hangs in my wardrobe behind All those things that mother sai.. 
Ancient Walls Of Flowers
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Ancient walls of flowers tumblin' down Black cat petals and a smiling clown I like to k.. 
Dog And His Master
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Hey little boy see the Johnny and Janes Hey little boy you see them all go insane Look.. 
Gone Crazy
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Come back and be Come back for free Come back and stay child Have you gone crazy Molly.. 
One More Suicide
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Christopher O' Malley went out on a bridge Down in Chehalis And clutching his bible.. 
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Blue like water Blue like heaven is all of the time I'm all right I'm just gagg.. 
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Long long ago in China I'm told To England was traded some tea And so sealed the fate.. 
Saint Joe On The School Bus
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Saint Joe he said he's never been dressed up like a woman Saint Joe they said your dad.. 
*** And Candy
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Hangin' round downtown by myself And I had so much time To sit and think about myself And the.. 
Sherry Fraser
from album (Marcy Playground) by Marcy Playground
Oo I saw stars falling all around her head Red gold and blue Sherry Fraser where are yo.. 




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