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Mama Drama
from album (Mama Drama) by Mia X
featuring Fiend [Mia X] ya'll best to back the *** on up it's mama drama my ni.. 
Left, Right, Left
from album (Causin' Drama) by Drama
Chorus: Drama Left left left left left right left Get on up get on up get on up right left Left lef.. 
Drama Queen (That Girl)
from album (Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen Soundtrack) by Lindsay Lohan
There was a girl I knew Who always wanted to Be the one to stand out from the crowd Always believ.. 
Stabbing The Drama
from album (Stabbing The Drama) by Soilwork
My declaration hurts, just wanna stab it right now! Congratulations you've found yourself been p.. 

from album (Drama) by Beseech
the light fades up in a brand new heart first page of a manuscript not complete but full of life a l.. 
from album (Dramatic) by Yuki
(Kanji/Kana version follows) Nakushita yakusoku wa hoshi ni Omoide wa tokenai Yotsuba no kuroobaa.. 
Forbidden Drama
from album (Forbidden Drama) by Byron
-progression of manners, filthy gestures, cheap excuses, moistened words; -facing bullets of unkindn.. 
Me, Myself And I
from album (Dramatic Jackpot & Their Greatest Love Songs Vol. 2) by The Dramatics
I don't have no one But me, myself and I Listen - Loneliness, don't bother me I have pl.. 
Intro Dramatica
from album (Drama) by Yes
from album (Drama) by Yes
What does it mean when all is lost, but nothing is forgotten? I'll swallow my grief just so I ca.. 
from album (The Drama Club) by The Drama Club
We had everything we could have ever wanted now we're right back here right back where we s.. 
Does It Really Happen?
from album (Drama) by Yes
That's what you say Does it really happen to you Does that explain This is the season for this d.. 
Into The Lens (a.k.a. I Am A Camera)
from album (Drama) by Yes
Memories, how they fade so fast Look back, that is no escape Tied down, now you see too late. Lovers.. 
Machine Messiah
from album (Drama) by Yes
Part I Run down a street Where the glass shows That summer has gone Age, in the doorways Resenting.. 

Run Through The Light
from album (Drama) by Yes
I asked my love to give me shelter And all she offered me were dreams Of all the moments spent toget.. 
Tempus Fugit
from album (Drama) by Yes
Born in the night She would run like a leopard That freaks at the sight Of a mind close beside herse.. 
White Car
from album (Drama) by Yes
I see a man in a white car Move like a ghost on the skyline Take all your dreams And you throw them.. 
Dramatic Theme
from album (More) by Pink Floyd
Daytime Drama
from album (Rebel Yell) by Billy Idol
Day by day Hour by hour What haunts my nighttime Sharts my daylight Even good friends Have no answer.. 
Suzie (Dramas)
from album (Honky Chateau) by Elton John
I got frostbitten in the winter Ice skating on the river With my pretty little black-eyed girl She&#.. 
from album (Pop) by Erasure
One rule for us, for you another Do unto yourself as you see fit for yor brother Is that not within.. 
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
from album (Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get) by The Dramatics
Some people are made of plastic And you know some people are made of wood Some people have hearts of.. 
In The Rain
from album (25 Years Of R&B: 1972) by The Dramatics
I wanna go outside, in the rain It may sound crazy But I wanna go outside, in the rain Cuz I, I ... 
Drama, Love & 'Lationships
from album (***y And Grown) by Babyface
[Verse 1] Its not about who's right or who's wrong Its not about who's weaker or who'.. 
from album (Finally) by Blackstreet
with Terrell Phillips & S. Gary Yo, I know it's you. I had to run out for a minut.. 
from album (Baduizm) by Erykah Badu
The world is so dramatic..... I can't believe that we're still livin' oh in t.. 
No More Drama
from album (A Dream) by Mary J Blige
(talkin) So tired Tired of all this drama You go your way I got mine (no more no more no more) (sin.. 
Family Affair
from album (No More Drama) by Mary J Blige
Let's get it crunk, we gon' have fun Up on in this, dance for me We.. 
Selling The Drama
from album (Throwing Copper) by Live
and to love: a god and to fear: a flame and to burn a crowd that a name and to right or w.. 
So Much Drama
from album (Operation Stackola) by Luniz
featuring Nik Nack Verse 1 *(Nik Nack)* Nik Nack is in the house for the four my nig.. 
from album (Hear My Cry) by Sonique
Well here I go in the wind Got the face rockin' on the sound Got my phone in my hand My baby hit.. 
Me Against The World
from album (Me Against The World) by Tupac Shakur Featuring Dramacydal
It's just me against tha World ooohhhhh ooohhhhh just me against tha world baby ohhhhhh ohhhh.. 
Big Girl
from album (Drama) by Jamelia
I remember how it was a year ago You didn't wanna know a thing about me You said I wasn.. 
Boy Next Door
from album (Drama) by Jamelia
ummmmm yeah ah yeah yeah Never ever in a million years Was this what I was thinking of.. 
I Do
from album (Drama) by Jamelia
mmmm ummm mmmm I've been around but never found someone that compares to you my fri.. 
from album (Drama) by Jamelia
Money don't say you love me Cash won't make me stay I came here with my own things.. 
2 Pieces Of Drama
from album (White Trash Beautifull) by Everlast
2 pieces of drama The hammer's bout' to fall 2 pieces of drama there's gunplay in the ha.. 
from album (Vapor Transmission) by Orgy
I caught their sparkle from the runway Such a fool for the amazon Nothing's wrong but it's j.. 
from album (Power) by Ice T
Cruisin' for a bruisin' I'm talkin' no crap Pipe bomb in my trunk got a nine in.. 
Bring It On
from album (Mama Drama) by Mia X
[Featuring Fiend Mac Skull Dugery C Murder Mystikal] [Fiend] What's goin on out the.. 

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