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Ballad Of Conley And Billy The Proof's In The Picken'
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Screamin' whitewall tires And a guitar by his side Billy's got the fever As he rolls on th.. 
It's Gone
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
I don't know how it happened but it did I don't know why it's over but it is I don'.. 
Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Well hello, it's good to hear your voice I hate to call so late, but I didn't have a choice.. 
Mirror Mirror
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Mirror, Mirror, on my wall, Tell me, who is the loneliest fool of all No, wait a minute, I believe I.. 

Norma Jean Riley
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Wish I had a car, top rolled down, the music up loud Follow that girl all over town and see Norma Je.. 
Nowhere Bound
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
You save up your money, buy you some shoes The highway's calling and she's right on cue Just.. 
Pick Me Up
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Sittin' in my pickup truck Listening to the country station Singer singing 'bout a lasting l.. 
Poultry Promenade
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
This State Of Mind
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Chorus: Oh I can't go on living in this state of mind It's stay and go crazy or leave it all.. 
Diamonds And Rust
from album (Diamonds And Rust) by Joan Baez
Diamonds and RustJudas Priest (original lyrics by Joan Baez)I'll be damned, here comes your ghos.. 
Diamond Girls
from album (You Don't Bring Me Flowers) by Neil Diamond
Home town girl in a city of lights Sleeps all day, yeah, And she plays all night Takin' her turn.. 
Diamonds Are Forever
from album (Diamonds Are Forever Soundtrack) by Shirley Bassey
Diamonds are forever They are all I need to please me They can stimulate and tease me They won.. 
Diamond Sun
from album (Diamond Sun) by Glass Tiger
When they came to this land We gave our friendship, gave them our hands But it was never to be Oh, y.. 
Diamonds On The Inside
from album (Diamonds On The Inside) by Ben Harper
I knew a girl Her name was truth She was a horrible liar. She couldnt spend one day alone But s.. 

Diamonds In The Coal
from album (Diamonds In The Coal) by Badlees
My name is Jackson Jameson, a coal miner by trade From a part of Pennsylvania even Jesus couldn'.. 
Diamonds Never Made A Lady
from album (Diamonds Never Made A Lady) by Modern Talking
Oh my heart is crying in the night for you Oh, my God, oh don't you feel like a fool You're.. 
Diamond Mine
from album (Diamond Mine) by Blue Rodeo
And our love shines Like a diamond mine You say the party's over But like a drunken fool I neve.. 
Who Should I Choose
from album (Diamondz World) by Diamondz
VERSE:baby it's hard to choose cause i have feelings for you.you show me things that no other ma.. 
Rare Diamonds (Live)
from album (Rare Diamonds) by Doro
My heart is ragin' My love is waitin' To find somebody like you The world is changin' &.. 
from album (A Diamond Is A Hard Rock) by Legs Diamond
There is no reason why I'm tired of believin', Or sick and grievin', cause I got you. I.. 
Cut Like Diamonds
from album (Cut Like Diamonds) by Span
She allways spoke her mind don't think too much just get it out Of one inch inside her turf and.. 
The Diamond Ring
from album (The Diamond Ring) by Adair
I'll peel back the skin from my head Let the sun melt you from my memory I'll drink myself t.. 
Swords And Diamonds
from album (Swords And Diamonds) by Cryonic Temple
Here I stand yeah I 'm alone But I know that I 'm free Used to go where no one went I am str.. 
Hindi Sad Diamonds
from album (Moulin Rouge Soundtrack) by Nicole Kidman Featuring Jim Broadbent, John Leguizamo & Diamond Dogs
Zidler: Is mine! Toulouse:I only speak the truth I only speak the truth I only spea.. 
She Loved Like Diamond
from album (Diamond) by Spandau Ballet
She ran the risk from unity Obsession dies alone with tragedy She loved like diamond She loved like.. 
Diamonds In The Rough
from album (Diamonds In The Rough) by John Prine
While walking out, one evening, Not knowing where to go Just to pass the time away Before we held ou.. 
Diamond Hoo Ha Man
from album (Diamond Hoo Ha) by Supergrass
Got my hobnails I got the jitter shakes Diamond Hoo Ha Man I do what it takes All I got, is all I n.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Herb Alpert
You tell me you love me You tell me you care But when I'm around you It's like I'm not t.. 
Ice Cream Man
from album (Diamond Dave) by David Lee Roth
(Dedicate one to the ladies...) Now summertime's here babe, need somethin' to keep you cool.. 
Diamond Time Again
from album (Collage) by Ratt
Oh no! Here we go again You're like a rattle snake When all you do is take You're like an ea.. 
from album (Deltics) by Chris Rea
Oh getaway and don't come back Who do you think you're fooling with lies like that? You have.. 
Give That Girl A Diamond
from album (Stony Road) by Chris Rea
Time to get up She shines her light where just before There was only A cold wind blowing She underst.. 
I Believe
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
Every now and then, Soft as breath upon my skin, I feel you come back again. And it's like you.. 
Imagine That
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
(Verse 1) What is the world coming to When lovers can't believe They got love comin' true An.. 
Love A Little Stonger
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
(Verse 1) I don't leave, any room for doubt When it comes to you and me You know all about the w.. 
Meet In The Middle
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
It was seven hundred fenceposts from your place to ours Neither one of us was old enough to drive a.. 
One More Day
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
Last night I had a crazy dream a wish was granted just for me it could be for anything I didn't.. 
Two Dozen Roses
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
(Verse 1) I brought roses to your door last night I done you wrong but I wanna make it right I know.. 
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
She's so kissable, huggable, lovable, unbelievable She's a mouthful of anything and every.. 
What Might Have Been
from album (I Believe) by Diamond Rio
Sure I think about you now and then, but it's been a long, long time. I've got a good life n.. 

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