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The Diamond Ring
from album (The Diamond Ring) by Adair
I'll peel back the skin from my head Let the sun melt you from my memory I'll drink myself t.. 
Hidin' From Love
from album (Bryan Adams) by Bryan Adams
I'm riding in the middle Halfway into you And halfway into something else, I dont't know w.. 
from album (Bryan Adams) by Bryan Adams
Pardon me, Have you got the time To let me say hello. Couldn’t help but see That you look like a la.. 
Adam's Apple
from album (Adam's Apple) by Aerosmith
back when Cain was able way before the stable lighting struck right down from the sky a mother ship.. 

Shamrock Diaries
from album (Shamrock Diaries) by Chris Rea
In waves of people you can lose your feet You've got to stay hard, to the ground It gets so easy.. 
Ballad Of Conley And Billy The Proof's In The Picken'
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Screamin' whitewall tires And a guitar by his side Billy's got the fever As he rolls on th.. 
It's Gone
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
I don't know how it happened but it did I don't know why it's over but it is I don'.. 
Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Well hello, it's good to hear your voice I hate to call so late, but I didn't have a choice.. 
Mirror Mirror
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Mirror, Mirror, on my wall, Tell me, who is the loneliest fool of all No, wait a minute, I believe I.. 
Norma Jean Riley
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Wish I had a car, top rolled down, the music up loud Follow that girl all over town and see Norma Je.. 
Nowhere Bound
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
You save up your money, buy you some shoes The highway's calling and she's right on cue Just.. 
Pick Me Up
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Sittin' in my pickup truck Listening to the country station Singer singing 'bout a lasting l.. 
Poultry Promenade
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
This State Of Mind
from album (Diamond Rio) by Diamond Rio
Chorus: Oh I can't go on living in this state of mind It's stay and go crazy or leave it all.. 

Diamonds And Rust
from album (Diamonds And Rust) by Joan Baez
Diamonds and RustJudas Priest (original lyrics by Joan Baez)I'll be damned, here comes your ghos.. 
Diamond Girls
from album (You Don't Bring Me Flowers) by Neil Diamond
Home town girl in a city of lights Sleeps all day, yeah, And she plays all night Takin' her turn.. 
Diamonds Are Forever
from album (Diamonds Are Forever Soundtrack) by Shirley Bassey
Diamonds are forever They are all I need to please me They can stimulate and tease me They won.. 
Diamond Sun
from album (Diamond Sun) by Glass Tiger
When they came to this land We gave our friendship, gave them our hands But it was never to be Oh, y.. 
Diary Of A Madman
from album (Diary Of A Madman) by Ozzy Osbourne
Screaming at the window Watch me die another day Hopeless situation endless price I have to pay San.. 
Diamonds On The Inside
from album (Diamonds On The Inside) by Ben Harper
I knew a girl Her name was truth She was a horrible liar. She couldnt spend one day alone But s.. 
Diary Love Song
from album (Diary Love Song) by A Perfect Circle
Screaming out the window watch me die another day hopeless situation endless price i'll have to.. 
Diary Of A Lovesong
from album (Diary Love Song) by A Perfect Circle
screaming out the window watch me die another day hopeless situation endless price i'll have to.. 
Diamonds In The Coal
from album (Diamonds In The Coal) by Badlees
My name is Jackson Jameson, a coal miner by trade From a part of Pennsylvania even Jesus couldn'.. 
Derelicts Of Dialect
from album (Derelicts Of Dialect) by 3rd Bass
The great will always soar, above, the mediocre They create, while others destroy [Pete N.. 
Adam's Rib
from album (Adam's Rib) by Melanie Doane
Once upon a time I was just a little bone I was just a little tiny rib and the rib cage was my home.. 
Diamonds Never Made A Lady
from album (Diamonds Never Made A Lady) by Modern Talking
Oh my heart is crying in the night for you Oh, my God, oh don't you feel like a fool You're.. 
Diamond Mine
from album (Diamond Mine) by Blue Rodeo
And our love shines Like a diamond mine You say the party's over But like a drunken fool I neve.. 
from album (The Diary Of Alicia Keys) by Alicia Keys
Lay your head on my pillow Here you can be yourself No one has to know what you are feeling No one b.. 
Dial Away
from album (Dial Away) by Sondre Lerche
I try to make sense of your words I try to read between the lines But I conclude another day's s.. 
Diary Of A Sinner
from album (Diary Of A Sinner: 1st Entry) by Petey Pablo
I feel you Pablo [Petey Pablo] This Petey Pablo April the 9th, 19-2000 Diary of a sinner, huh,.. 
+ 1 Dia
from album (+ 1 Dia) by CPM 22
Alguns anos passaram, tempos atrás Mesmo onde estiver, eu vou buscar Será que um dia vai mudar? N.. 
Dias Atrás
from album (+ 1 Dia) by CPM 22
Nunca mais espero te encontrar Por tudo que você me fez passar Tantos dias sem entender Esperand.. 
Carnival Diablos
from album (Carnival Diablos) by Annihilator
the devil has a play ground, nothing you can see wickedness disguised for you and me darkness rules.. 
Who Should I Choose
from album (Diamondz World) by Diamondz
VERSE:baby it's hard to choose cause i have feelings for you.you show me things that no other ma.. 
Rare Diamonds (Live)
from album (Rare Diamonds) by Doro
My heart is ragin' My love is waitin' To find somebody like you The world is changin' &.. 
19 Dias Y 500 Noches
from album (19 Dias Y 500 Noches) by Joaquin Sabina
Lo nuestro duró lo que duran dos peces de hielo en un güisqui on the rocks, en vez de fingir o.. 
Better Days
from album (Dianne Reeves) by Dianne Reeves
Silver gray hair neatly combed in place. There were four generations of love on her face. She was so.. 
Adagio For Strings
from album (Adagio For Strings) by DJ Tiesto
Diabolic Angel
from album (Diabolic Angel) by Bloodflowerz
Everyday I fade away Everyday I'm walking into danger A magic force drowns myself All fear is go.. 
from album (Diapositivas) by Jaf
No me pidas traduccion, no me exigas que te de amor, en el parque solo estoy, mientras mi guitarra.. 




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