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A Grand Declaration Of War
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
Christendom.....Religion of pity.....God of the sick We have discovered our way.....We know the road.. 
The Declaration
from album (The Declaration) by Ashanti
Never thought you'd be like that be like that ooohh What you do in life comes right back comes.. 
Declaration (You Can't Destroy What You Can Not Replace)
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
The damned ascend upon impurities of heart We waste no time to start this war A declaration Cut you.. 
Precious Declarations
from album (Disciplined Breakdown) by Collective Soul
Hitched a ride to the peaceful side of town Then proceeded where things were no longer found.. 

Declaration Of Love
from album (Falling Into You) by Celine Dion
Come on yeah You are my knight in armor The hero of my heart When you smile at me I se.. 
from album (Supercharger) by Machine Head
In times of peace You must prepare for war In times of war You must prepare for peace In times of pe.. 
Live Out Loud
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
Imagine this... I get a phone call from Regis He says, "Do you want to be a millionaire?".. 
from album (Oxygen) by Wild Orchid
(Manuel Seal) If I told you once I've told you a thousand times But you never listen to me I ju.. 
Declaration Of Faith
from album (Mary Star Of The Sea) by Zwan
this man you love, this boy you hate the hills are his in all embrace enchanted and not soon lost th.. 
from album (The End Of Heartache) by Killswitch Engage
We will not return to the countless mistakes of the past I will not relive the failures of the man I.. 
Declaration Day
from album (The Glorious Burden) by Iced Earth
A desperate situation Forced to retaliation The task ahead a burden Men will suffer, that's for.. 
Declaración De Principios
from album (Impacto Certero) by Tiro De Gracia
Hermanos cruzando fronteras con las espaldas mojadas Espadas de llanto y de rabia, sabia impotencia.. 
A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
Developement came like a sudden death in the family No one could foresee the coming of... In the mul.. 
A Time To Die
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
The death throes of your final benediction echoes Down the spiral of the world's spine Down upon.. 

Completion In Science Of Agony
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
Do you hear with eyes The universe is crunching After the warre...silence Not in the black hole of s.. 
Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
You have now entered from the womb In my reconstruction from deconstruction Where instruments of gen.. 
In The Lies Where Upon You Lay
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
In the century where man dies, We the hunters of the hollow hills Must put ourselves above pity, Abo.. 
To Daimonion
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
In a cricle of stars In the afterglow of the last warre Do you hear the voice Nothing but demonashes.. 
View From Nihil
from album (Grand Declaration Of War) by Mayhem
For everything around me which I experience is cold and dead The blood of others are of a colder sub.. 
Wings Of Declaration
from album (O Agios Pethane) by Blood
Shining between the people in grey With arrogance and nothing in their brain Only adventures flow th.. 
Declaration Of Incompetence
from album (Owen) by Owen
I've got nothing to say I've got building block for teeth And a tube sock, for a tongue I c.. 
The Declaration Of Indifference
from album (A Burnt Offering For The Bone Idol) by Skyclad
There's a "Fat Cat" sitting in a Caddilac Riding ten feet off the floor Who says ".. 
Declaration Of Spiritual Independence
from album (The Shadows Madame) by Cadaveria
My will is invulnerable like air with the sound of my voice the universe shrinks in a wrinkle of pai.. 
The Declaration Of Our Neverending War
from album (Onwards To The Spectral Defile) by Cirith Gorgor
I will have no mercy For this moslim bane In my darkest fantasies They will die in pain Rulers of t.. 
Uma Declaração De Guerra
from album (Album Unknown) by Mv Bill
Hei mãe, o terror vai começar Coloca a janta, talvez a última, o bicho vai pegar Se eu não volt.. 
from album (Ascendancy) by Trivium
Freedom is all I have to say in defense Of what the world's becoming A nation hell bent on choos.. 
Declaration Of Freedom
from album (Jesus Christ Superstars) by Laibach
No need to be afraid When the light start to fade When minds disintegrate No need to be afraid No n.. 
Declaration (The Crucial Conspiracy)
from album (The Crucial Conspiracy) by The Dingees
Declaration, declaration Sufferer shake free Shake the sufferer free The people gather around The pe.. 
from album (High Flight Society) by High Flight Society
All I've got is what I'll give and even more. We walk together, oh. Of all decisions that yo.. 
Things You Make Me Do (Robin Thicke)
from album (The Declaration) by Ashanti
The things you make me do Woo Hoo ahh babe ahh darling oh nahhh The things you make me do The thi.. 
Declaration Of War
from album (Album Unknown) by Ann Lee
I'm walking wounded on the ground But I will stand here tall If you want a war with me If you w.. 
The Way I Love You
from album (The Declaration) by Ashanti
Now, after all of this time that we tried I found out we were living a lie That after all of this lo.. 
Sister Charlatan
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
I bear witness to an ugly reality I won't blink for the pure satisfaction As beauty fights with.. 
from album (The Declaration) by Ashanti
Boy if I was yo girlfriend I would let you touch everything that I am Boy if I was girl friend ah I.. 
There Was A Flood
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
Say goodnight young dagger have the years been kind to you? Or have they left you vacant with so muc.. 
The Loving Memory Of England
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
This road I know is dark and cold And I've given everything to these roads I know And I've g.. 
Seller's Market
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
I'm sick of this I'm tired of all the bullshit I don't care who the *** knows who I wan.. 
Reborn From Isolation
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
Swallowing rock and sand Arise from the dead Ten years of solitude And ten years left to destroy Sca.. 
Orange County Blonde And Blue
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
Name one thing you've ever *** had to give your goddamn life for I've endured enough bit.. 
from album (Declaration) by Steven Curtis Chapman
There was a wall constructed inside of my ripping through my heart And brick by brick I'll slave.. 

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