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Cutting It Fine
from album (Asia) by Asia
The door swings open but you won't go in You hate the movie that you've never seen You could.. 
Here Comes The Feeling
from album (Asia) by Asia
All through the winter I thought I'd never see you again Oh God, where were you when I needed yo.. 
One Step Closer
from album (Asia) by Asia
Loneliness, a constant friend and lover I know well Crowded rooms, the iron bars that surround me Tr.. 
Sole Survivor
from album (Asia) by Asia
When I ride the hounds of hell Twist my foot, I nearly fell I was lucky I was alive One look back, I.. 

Time Again
from album (Asia) by Asia
Fate looks certain byt then nothing's guaranteed Want for nothing, but is nothing what you need.. 
Wildest Dreams
from album (Asia) by Asia
They decorated all the generals Who fought the war behind the lines They had forgotten all the soldi.. 
Without You
from album (Asia) by Asia
Gazing at a sunrise reflected in your clear eyes Misty morning forest, smoke fires Make our way thro.. 
Unchained Melody
from album (Early Years-Unchained Melody) by LeAnn Rimes
Oh my love My darling I've hungered for your touch A long lonely time As time goes by so slowly.. 
Asian Girl
from album (Asian Girl) by Kai
oh, yeah yeah, ohh, ohh (etc.) being with you, makes me believe the sun will always shine and i'.. 
Cast Me Aside
from album (Cast Me Aside) by Drowning Pool
So you think that you got it all figured out I told you, you have no idea what it is all about Now.. 
Identity Crisis
from album (Identity Crisis) by Thrice
Image marred by self-infliction Private wars on my soul waged Heart is scarred by dual volitions Jux.. 
Por Amarti Asi (Sera)
from album (Angel) by Cristian Castro
Por amarte así By Cristian Castro Siempre serás la niña que me llena el alma Como un mar inquiet.. 
Abrazame Asi
from album (Abrazame Asi) by Roberto Carlos
Abrázame asi Que esta noche yo quiero sentir De tu pecho el inquieto latir Cuando estás a mi la.. 
Melody Of Certain Three
from album (Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons) by Blonde Redhead
Crawl, crawl as a child Move like a man Pushing like a father Pulling like a friend Whatever it take.. 

No Me Dejes Asi
from album (No Me Dejes Asi) by Miranda
He pasado semanas en velas tratando de dar luz a mi oscuridad Soporte todas noches en vela pensan.. 
from album (Melodyssey) by Melodyssey
Tell me it's all right Tell me that's the sky Tell me it's all right Tell me that's.. 
from album (Melodyssey) by Melodyssey
Can't seem to understand The attraction makes you turn Stuperfied by her glare Just addicted to.. 
from album (Melodyssey) by Melodyssey
OPERATE!!! There right before my eyes Slowly we unfold I saw between you Slowly we unfold now And.. 
from album (Melodyssey) by Melodyssey
Now I see in different directions Misguides the twisted perceptions Sit back and watch it all go by.. 
The Problem
from album (Melodyssey) by Melodyssey
Your getting tracked by the stranger She's your number one danger I'd watch your back becaus.. 
from album (Melodyssey) by Melodyssey
It's gonna be it's gonna be something that was said Time passes you won't think again Pr.. 
Existing In A Crisis
from album (Existing In A Crisis) by Bayside
I'm so tired of the stupid games you play If I sat outside would you come watch me wait? If I ha.. 
from album (Asia) by Amedeo Minghi
[in japanese] tooi kanata umi no mukoo e haruka takaku hatate o koete tooi kanata umi no mukoo e h.. 
En Melody
from album (La Histoire De Melody Nelson) by Serge Gainsbourg
Melody voulut revoir le ciel de Sunderland Elle prit le sept cent sept, l'avion cargo de nuit Ma.. 
Valse De Melody
from album (La Histoire De Melody Nelson) by Serge Gainsbourg
Le soleil est rare Et le bonheur aussi L'amour s'égare Au long de la vie Le soleil est rar.. 
Bass, Beat & Melody
from album (Bass, Beat & Melody) by Brooklyn Bounce
Brooklyn Bounce is ur destination. Exellent choice, enjoy ur stay. Brooklyn Bounce is ur destination.. 
Asi Es El Rock & Roll
from album (Asi Es El Rock And Roll) by La 25
Las horas que haz perdido Peinándote en la suciedad La noche te dejo en la boca una bolsa de sal.. 
from album (Cristálida) by Pescado Rabioso
Algunas claras de Olimpos Que la diosa guarda Los caballos del día Que la diosa guarda Los caballos.. 
Apparitions Of Melody
from album (Apparitions Of Melody) by Kids In The Way
Can you feel the beat of a thousand marching feet Searching for passion in a lifeless dead-end stree.. 
Soy Asi
from album (Soy Asi) by Valentin Elizalde
Valentin Elizalde Soy Asi Eso que tu me pides es imposible yo se que no he nacido para rey ni para.. 
Dove In A Lion's Den
from album (Crisafulli) by Crisafulli
Crisafulli – Dove In A Lion’s Den Like a dove in a lion’s den, Desperate to fly away. Lik.. 
I've Fell In Love With An Angel
from album (Crisafulli) by Crisafulli
Crisafulli – I’ve Fell In Love With An Angel Intro Crisafulli: I love you Holly; you’re m.. 
from album (Crisafulli) by Crisafulli
Crisafulli - Irony There's a bitter taste of irony, Because of how much you mean to me. You wer.. 
Perfect Love
from album (Crisafulli) by Crisafulli
Crisafulli – Perfect Love Crisafulli: Holly you know that you and me, we have the perfect love... 
Thanks To You
from album (Crisafulli) by Crisafulli
Crisafulli – Thanks To You Thanks to you, I’m no longer afraid, Thanks to you, I can be who.. 
from album (Melody) by Sharleen Spiteri
We're out of talk, I know it's been a while There's still no cure for you I tried a lot,.. 
Unchained Melody
from album (A Place Where We Belong) by Air Supply
Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch a long, lonely time. And time goes by so.. 
Sounds Like A Melody
from album (A Victory Of Love) by Alphaville
It's a trick of my mind Two faces bathing in the screenlight She's so soft and warm in my ar.. 
Don't Cry
from album (Don't Cry) by Asia
Hard times you had before you I knew when I first saw you You girl you've always been mistreated.. 
from album (Don't Cry) by Asia
Dig for victory, go for gold I don't wanna die before I get old And I wonder where I'm going.. 

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