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Aurora Borealis
from album (Eos) by Aurora
sitting in the fields the blood coloured fields and wonder about the day i was coming back to life.. 
from album (Aura) by CMX
Elämän keskipäivässä minäkin eksyin synkkään metsään aamupäiväin kappaleisiin iltojen ik.. 
Esti Mireasa Vietii Mele
from album (Esti Mireasa Vietii Mele) by Ovidiu Komornyik
Ce liniste in suflet ma cuprinde, Cerul s-a deschis deasupra mea Eu cred ca a venit momentul sa ma d.. 
Eu Spun Da, Tu Spui Nu
from album (Chef De Chef 2006) by Sorin Copilul De Aur
Se dedica aceasta melodie din partea mea, Copilul de Aur, si din parte lu' sefu meu Dan Bursuc,.. 

Valurile Vietii
from album (Valurile Vietii) by Irina Loghin & Fuego
Fuego: Grea e despartirea, greu suspinul meu, Chipul mamei la fereastra asteptand mereu. Ochi-nlacri.. 
from album (Aura) by Asia
I saw the writing on the wall The story of our birth then fall Within their tombs of holy stone The.. 
Ready To Go Home
from album (Aura) by Asia
On the street below these walls Where I used to walk Now I can barely crawl All this darkness rising.. 
Wherever You Are
from album (Aura) by Asia
Whenever your shadow falls on stony ground And there's not a hand for you to hold Whenever the d.. 
Bron-y-aur Stomp
from album (Complete Studio Recordings) by Led Zeppelin
Ah caught you smiling at me, That's the way it should be, Like a leaf is to a tree, so fine. Ah.. 
Bron Y Aur Stomp
from album (Led Zeppelin III) by Led Zeppelin
Ah caught you smiling at me That's the way it should be Like a leaf is to a tree s.. 
from album ((In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame) by Vaughn Monroe
from album (There Is Nothing Left To Lose) by Foo Fighters
You believe there's something else To relieve your emptiness And.. 
Aural Pleasure
from album (Blazing Arrow) by Blackalicious
In amidst, of the deep blue abyss, without your love found chance Energy surround, enhance spirit no.. 
from album (Aeroplane) by Bjork
Threading The glacier head Looking hard for Moments of shine From twilight To twilight Utter mundane.. 

Big Star
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
There it goes again, got a little habit Stay away from him Clinging gnawing things Tucked away like.. 
Come Around
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
Don't feel small when I'm looking down. Don't get too high if I'm looking up at you.. 
From Under The Dust
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
It gets loud down here. Fourteen scurrying feet getting as far away as feet can carry. From under.. 
Get On With It
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
The Sunday Paper is a mess and I'm not gonna pick it up you are if I could just get on with it... 
I See
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
I See I think I'll close my eyes and wait as the world goes by. Won't see the same old thin.. 
Mellie's Coming Over
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
And as I stood in the place where I once saw a friend standing I didn't mean to run away from yo.. 
Rim Shak
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
Like a gaping hole in the universe, as obvious as anything could be Trip and fall pants at ankles as.. 
Step Back
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
Appear and fade away, so far so good and I'll tell you the story this time. Plan too far ahead,.. 
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letters To Cleo
The saddest sound I've ever heard; the saddest sound I've ever heard. The quiet that takes.. 
Hungry For You (j'aurai Toujours Faim De Toi)
from album (Ghost In The Machine) by Sting & Police
Rien de dormir cette nuit Je veux de toi Jusqu'à ce que je sois sec Mais nos corps sont tous mo.. 
Beautiful In White
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
And i'm walking on the cold side of the moon, and i don't feel that peace of mind That i had.. 
Breath Into
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
And i walk, there's many i find Believing in honesty, favours, all hopeful, and i've learned.. 
Clear To Pass
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
Hold my flag high, sweet surrender, Fed myself and i'm so sorry, lifted up and I began believing.. 
Even Sacrifice
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
Your words have me on my knees, they cut so close, would you believe? Some prose from me to you so,.. 
Goodbye, Goodnight
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
So here we are, Today for another year You push me around, I'm hurt, but you'll see i'm.. 
More Than Kind
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
Promise of last night Few hours it's another day Keys and car to drive And fade into eternity I.. 
Nothing To Say
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
So they said you're a vagrant, Not your patch it's a carpark, Juveniles on my land go clear.. 
Road & Travel
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
Graduate of innocence Begins the road and travel, The call is out to join the fight and family line.. 
Running Now
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
Faded, faded fast, life flashed through in pictures frames And i have loaded and spun, the barrel of.. 
Technology Dictates
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
Feels like a misery, has followed me down Is draggin' around, feels like i've got no retreat.. 
Tried My Wings
from album (Aurora) by Antiskeptic
By saying nothing, i'm saying something else not victim to the cause, in time the voices fade, a.. 
Here And Now
from album (Aurora Gory Alice) by Letter To Cleo
Just living on a sunday morning, Got my toast and tea and I'm warm and I Just thought I'd th.. 
Elle En Aura Besoin Plus Tard
from album (Afrique Adieu) by Michel Sardou
Elle a gardé les clés de ses chambres d'hôtel Et piqué tous les cendriers Des restos italien.. 
A Rezervátum Mélyén
from album (A Rezervátum Mélyén) by Aurora
Ámen valahol Bin Laden ezt mondta halkan és akár a vajban a kés a pokoli toronyba fúródott a g.. 
Ágyból A Filmet
from album (A Rezervátum Mélyén) by Aurora
Úgy döntöttem lelépek közben amíg te ágyból a filmet Mint üveg alatt a tűre szúrt.. 
Drog Disco
from album (A Rezervátum Mélyén) by Aurora
már nem érdekelte semmi csak az anyag a lelkét is eladta érte a kemény fiúktól a drog discoba.. 

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