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Bed Of Roses
from album (Chinese Work Songs) by Little Feat
she had a drive-by childhood a plastic jesus on her chest a mean mean girl with a certain snake allu.. 
Rag Mama Rag
from album (Chinese Work Songs) by Little Feat
rag mama rag ..... i can't believe its true rag mama rag ...... what did ya do i go on up to the.. 
from album (Dirty Work) by The Rolling Stones
(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Living high, sitting in the sun Sit on your***till your work is done Y.. 
A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done
from album (A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done) by Sonny & Cher
Ride I used to jump my horse and ride I had a six-gun at my side I was so handsome women cried A.. 

from album (The Best Of Icicle Works) by Icicle Works
It was sometime after midnight I was looking for a friend My headlights lit her body By some pine t.. 
Songs From The Wood
from album (Songs From The Wood) by Jethro Tull
Let me bring you songs from the wood: to make you feel much better than you could know. Dust you dow.. 
Songs In Red And Gray
from album (Songs In Red And Gray) by Suzanne Vega
the reproach in your daughter's most beautiful face made me wonder just how she could know of th.. 
Night Songs
from album (Night Songs) by Cinderella
Workin this job aint payin the bills Sick and tired rat race takin my thrills Kickin down a road, no.. 
Hard Workin' Man
from album (Hard Workin' Man) by Brooks & Dunn
I'm a hard workin' man I wear a steel hard hat I can ride, rope, hammer, and paint Do things.. 
Hard Luck Story
from album (Contraband: The Best Of Men At Work) by Men At Work
Don't ask me to love my neighbour Cause I don't love the man Don't ask me for my favours.. 
Man With Two Hearts
from album (Contraband: The Best Of Men At Work) by Men At Work
Like a man who has two hearts Both of them worlds apart Both of them play their part you know Like.. 
from album (Contraband: The Best Of Men At Work) by Men At Work
Maria was born in the country She loved her homeland Maria was from a poor family For their girl the.. 
Snakes And Ladders
from album (Contraband: The Best Of Men At Work) by Men At Work
I could stand but I don't like the feeling I could fall but I'm always on the floor You coul.. 
Still Life
from album (Contraband: The Best Of Men At Work) by Men At Work
There's a picture in the hall, I know And it's from a time when feelings showed Though I hol.. 

Not Working For You
from album (Songs By Morrison Without Albums/unknown Albums) by Van Morrison
Diabolic pressure. It keeps getting worse before it gets better. It keep killin' ya', killin.. 
Songs From An American Movie Part 1
from album (Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How To Smile) by Everclear
*dog barks* The only thing that ever made sence to me Is the world that I saw from an American movie.. 
from album (A MILLION LOVE SONGS) by Take That
Put your head against my life What do you hear A million words just trying to make The love song.. 
My Music At Work
from album (Music @ Work) by The Tragically Hip
Everything is bleak. It's the middle of the night. You're all alone and the dummies.. 
Go To Work Wasted
from album (45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records) by NOFX
I'm overhung overslept ripe Disheveld perfectly Unkempt I like my drink Mit toast and eggs The b.. 
Work The Angles
from album (Work The Angles 12") by Dilated Peoples
"Dilated Peoples" Hook: I work the angles sharp and precise Dilated Peoples s.. 
The Working Hour
from album (Songs From The Big Chair) by Tears For Fears
These things That I've Been told Can rearrange My world My doubt In time But inside out This is.. 
Workin' On It
from album (Workin' On It) by Adam Gregory
I won't lie sometimes it seems just to much to ask for love to last I play the strong one holdin.. 
from album (Songs For Drella) by John Cale
Words and music: Lou Reed & John Cale Andy was a Catholic, the ethic ran through his bones He l.. 
Their System Doesn´t Work For You
from album (Their System Doesn´t Work For You) by Anti-Flag
One day while sitting in my room you came in preaching your words predieting doom You've never o.. 
Computer Love
from album (Computer World) by Kraftwerk
Computer love Computer love Another lonely night Stare at the TV screen I don't know what to do.. 
Home Computer
from album (Computer World) by Kraftwerk
It's More Fun To Compute It's More Fun To Compute It's More Fun To Compute It's Mor.. 
Work It
from album (Work It) by Missy Elliot
This is a Missy Elliott one-time exclusive (Come on) Is it worth it, let me work it I put my thang.. 
Computer Games
from album (Computer Games) by Mi-***
I fidget with the digit dots and cry an anxious tear As the XU-1 connects the spot But the matrix gr.. 
Are The Songs My Disease?
from album (Are The Songs My Disease?) by Queen Adreena
I used to know this wretched girl, I made her open for me, I took her heart, And I kissed it clean,.. 
Songs From The Earth
from album (Songs From The Earth) by Son Of Sam
As the thorns grow with care start to twist they make new colored eyes, As the flesh starts to split.. 
Songs Of Praise
from album (Songs Of Praise) by The Adicts
Sing to me And I'll whistle along Because I haven't learnt the language And I might get it w.. 
A Godly Work Of Art
from album (The Godly Work Of Art) by Arise
Welcome to my exhibition, welcome to my hell, upon the altar lies my human sacrifice, distorted ima.. 
Various Songs
from album (Various Songs) by Juan Gabriel
from album (Shift-Work) by Fall
She's ten to five But I'm shiftwork And my woman alive Shiftwork Shiftwork I thought shi.. 
from album (The Kids From Fame Songs) by Coco Hernandez & Troy Phillips
Songs are around whenever you need them Songs follow you wherever you lead them Songs, they seem to.. 
Once Again We Sing These Songs Of Failure
from album (Once Again We Sing These Songs Of Failure) by Who Nose
thinking back to the times you told me things will work out fine you'll see i stayed long enough.. 
Under The Scotsman's Kilt
from album (Irish Drinking Songs) by Irish Drinking Songs
A Scotsman clad in kilt left the bar one evening fair And one could tell by how he walked he'd d.. 
Do You Remember
from album (Other Songs Lyrics) by DJs @ Work
Do you remember? Do you remember, Do you remember, the night was our friend, Can you still imagi.. 
Give In Tonight
from album (Other Songs Lyrics) by DJs @ Work
Here it comes, Here it comes, It's been calling you to see you, To feel it, to face it again... 
Let Me Be
from album (Other Songs Lyrics) by DJs @ Work
All the way I'm running, I am thinking about you, I wanna show you something, Let me make you.. 



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