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The Heart Of Worship
from album (Worship) by Michael W. Smith
When the music fades All is stripped away And I simply come Longing just to bring Something that'.. 
Here I Am To Worship
from album (Worship Again) by Michael W. Smith
Light of the World You stepped down into darkness Open my eyes Let me see Beauty that made This hear.. 
Holes In The Floor Of Heaven
from album (Craig Morgan) by Craig Morgan
One day, a child of eight years old, when Grandma passed away. I was a broken hearted little boy, bl.. 
I Want Us Back
from album (Craig Morgan) by Craig Morgan
Lately I've been lonely Lord knows I don't like that feeling Anymore than you like feeling l.. 

from album (Craig Morgan) by Craig Morgan
I don't know why I left (I don't know why I left) But I know it won't be long (But I kno.. 
Something To Write Home About
from album (Craig Morgan) by Craig Morgan
Hello mom and dad What's been goin' on I know it's been a while Since I've written h.. 
Morganne De Toi
from album (Morganne De Toi) by Renaud
Y a un mariolle, il a au moins quatre ans Y veut t' piquer ta pelle et ton seau Ta couche culott.. 
Here I Am To Worship
from album (Here I Am To Worship) by Tim Hughes
Light of the world, You stepped down into darkness, Opened my eyes, let me see Beauty that made this.. 
White Azaleas
from album (Morgan, By George) by George Morgan
When the white azaleas start bloomin' I'll come back to you. When spring 's in the air,.. 
I Worship You In The Spirit
from album (I Worship You In The Spirit) by Shekinah Glory Ministries
Luv Ya
from album (J-wess Presents Tha L.P.) by J-wess Featuring Kulaia And Digga
[J Wess repeat x2] Do you really want him or? Do you really want me? If you really want him You'.. 
The Ultimate Death Worship
from album (The Ultimate Death Worship) by Limbonic Art
O'Darkness my master and mentor. Witness the blood I shed. Victorious dreamlike death I enter. F.. 
Worship Him
from album (Worship Him) by Samael
He is life, He is death He is virtue, He is vire He is the flame of reason He is the verbe of our t.. 
Thee I Worship (Fairytales De Infernal Part 2)
from album (Thee I Worship) by Abused Majesty
Black, as the sky above me My soul wanders into the night Beneath the shadows of thee almighty Emper.. 

Let The Worshippers Arise
from album (Let The Worshippers Arise) by Phillips, Craig & Dean
Father I see that you are drawing a line in the sand And I want to be standing on your side, holding.. 
Choosey Lover
from album (One In A Million) by Aaliyah
*Choosey Lover, Boy Im So Proud Of Ya. Im So Glad You Chose Me, Baby. And Ill Make You So Happy.. 
If You Choose To Go
from album (Chris Rea) by Chris Rea
There's a street outside my window There's a light outside my door There's a road straig.. 
from album (Spirits Dancing In The Flesh) by Santana
Tell me What you gonna do Where you gonna go You¡¯re running out of time. Hey baby What¡¯s it.. 
Beggars And Choosers
from album (Hang Time) by Soul Asylum
Beggars And Choosers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. 
You Choose
from album (Release) by Pet Shop Boys
He’s gone You’ve lost Stay behind and count the cost You try You lose You don’t fall in love by c.. 
I Choose You
from album (Rhythm & Blues) by Robert Palmer
(R Palmer) I choose you When love comes along you go with the flow You should trust your feelings.. 
Choose Your Poison
from album (The Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again) by House Of Pain
[CHORUS] I said hey now C'mon y'all If there's money in your pocket and your walk.. 
Did We Not Choose Each Other
from album (Whaler) by Sophie B. Hawkins
I'm a wounded soldier on a downtown train to your place You've launched a secret heart with.. 
Got To Choose
from album (Hotter Than Hell) by Kiss
Baby, you know I heard the neighbors say Baby, you might be leavin' me today Oh yeah, mmm, someo.. 
As Always You Were Wrong Again
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
We`ll raise the price of parking fines A boost for the economy If that don`t work we close the m.. 
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
When me reach me yard Me got one thing on me mind, To hold me little woman And fe make her fee.. 
I'm Not Fooled
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
I`ve been listening to what you said And wondering if it could be true If it`s as bad as you say.. 
If It Happens Again
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
(Chorus) If it happens again I`m leaving I`ll pack my things and go If it happens again Ther.. 
Nkomo A Go Go
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
Riddle Me
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
(Chorus) Riddle me who, riddle me why, answer me this, Who owns the chians that bind your wrists.. 
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
Like the seasons you change your mind It seems like loving you is a crime. I remember those d.. 
The Pillow
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
A smile for every passing car And when they stop with door ajar She shrugs and whispers que sera.. 
You're Not An Army
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
We can drag you out of bed in the middle of the night Drive tanks along your street looking for a.. 
Your Eyes Were Open
from album (Geffery Morgan) by UB40
Oh doctor help me please I`m dying, crippled with disease My Body`s aching limb to limb My bon.. 
from album (Misc) by Color Me Badd
You know I'm not much on words But I've got to tell you how I feel Open your eyes, don't.. 
The Way I Choose
from album (Bad Company) by Bad Company
live my life the way that i choose I'm satisfied nothing to lose I dont ask no favor i dont know.. 
Who Do U Worship
from album (De La Soul Is Dead) by De La Soul
RONALD CHEVALIER: Aha! What a beautiful day in the concrete jungle. I think I'll go down.. 
Tennessee Bird Walk
from album (Tennessee Bird Walk) by Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
TENNESSEE BIRD WALKJack Blanchard & Misty MorganTake away the trees and the birdsAll have to sit.. 
Clock Of St. James
from album (Birds Of A Feather) by Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
The clock of St. James looking down through the rain In a city blackened with time Alleys and the do.. 
Hero Worship
from album (The B-52's) by The B-52's
Heroes falling to the ground Like Hell's magnet Pulls me down On my knees I try to please his ey.. 

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