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from album (Castle) by Castle
Billions of years ago, sudden I was there Placed on a rock, around it a lake, the borders that far I.. 
Keeper Of The Castle
from album (Keeper Of The Castle) by The Four Tops
Lay me down There's a lot of us been pushed around Red or yellow, black or white and brown With.. 
Castle On A Cloud
from album (Castle On A Cloud) by Les Miserables
There is a castle on a cloud, I like to go there in my sleep. Aren't anyfloors for me to sweep,.. 
Little Plastic Castle
from album (Little Plastic Castle) by Ani Difranco
In a coffee shop in a city Which is every coffee shop in every city On a day which is every day.. 

The Castle Hall
from album (Into The Electric Castle) by Ayreon
At last! you enter the Electric Castle! Here in this vast hall where even shadows fear the light - h.. 
Castles Of Gold
from album (Castles Of Gold) by Pan Morigan
Times were hard for Mayo farms; there was no room for me My parents then concluded I must ship acros.. 
Alter Reality
from album (Castle) by Castle
Everything is tied, even God has his strings There's left much pride... Heritage of old kings..... 
Bridge Of Snow
from album (Castle) by Castle
Travelling... lands of Snow I came across a bridge of choice Meeting... The One below Recognizing hi.. 
from album (Castle) by Castle
Since long... been floating... through oceans... alone... Big walls of ice protect me for the outsid.. 
The Emperor's Children
from album (Castle) by Castle
Children... on their way Travelling... lands of Snow They are... on a mission Five... so they say E.. 
The Seventh Empire
from album (Castle) by Castle
I am the Emperor, ruling all known universe I have absolute power and absolute thirst... Thirsty for.. 
from album (Castle) by Castle
Travelling space and time, swooping down from skies Fourth-dimension crime, fields of hope the prize.. 
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
In the dark, We come out and play We are it's children, And were here to stay Running through, H.. 
Xxzxcuzx Me
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
We can insist on having robots bugs and insects useless leave me for dead how can you love? program.. 

Untrust Us
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
la cocaina no es buena para su salud.. 
Through The Hosiery
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
You want it all but dont care what you want Feel complete, uh its good You sleep by my side, its und.. 
Tell Me What To Swallow
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
Through the wall he threw me, I knew he'd never hurt me, Daddy watched me sleeping Praying for y.. 
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
is this the hiv? angels die with you.. 
Good Time
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
Good times keep rolling, got to escape now. Good times keep rolling, dance to escape now... 
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
Eyes lit On sharp threats From darks lips But lights press The soft skin To rough hands... 
Courtship Dating
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
how do i feel for thee your smile brings disease cuz we're young willing from the start when yo.. 
Black Panther
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
close my eyes all that i see is a group of spawn chewing at me turn to me instead of telling the tru.. 
Alice Practice
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
scars, will heal, soon, this drug in us, spins the earth, down. better, it surely, i don't follo.. 
Air War
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
Bronze by gold heard the hoofrons, steelyringing imperthnthn thnthnthn. Chips, picking chips off ro.. 
Love And Caring
from album (Crystal Castles) by Crystal Castles
Here's my genius plan to make superior man Anatomically built This half corpse can't guilt.. 
Castle Walls
from album (Grand Illusion) by Styx
Written by Dennis DeYoung Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung Once in a dream Far beyond these castle wal.. 
Castles Made Of Sand
from album (Angel (Acoustic)) by Jimi Hendrix
Down the street you can hear her scream "you're a disgrace" As she slams the door in.. 
from album (Axis: Bold As Love) by Jimi Hendrix
from album (Trial By Fire) by Journey
Jimmy wanted her the moment that she stumbled his way With a cocktail in her hand, she knew how she.. 
Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
from album (Keeper Of The Castle) by The Four Tops
(Ain't no woman like the one I've got.) (Ain't no woman like the one I've got.) (Ain.. 
A Castle Full Of Rascals
from album (Purpendicular) by Deep Purple
Nothing here for me today Garbaggio from the men in grey Don't do this You can't do that Wha.. 
Cucumber Castle
from album (The Bee Gees 1st) by The Bee Gees
There were the trees, see the grass, a thing gets inspired. Said "This is the place I wi.. 
Have You Got Any Castle Baby
from album (All I Remember Is You) by Tommy Dorsey
HAVE YOU GOT ANY CASTLE BABYTommy DorseyHave you got any castlesThat you want me to build babyHave y.. 
A Man's Home Is His Castle
from album (It Matters To Me) by Faith Hill
Linda works the diner pourin' coffee slingin' hash She said, "I wouldn't have come.. 
Castles In The Air
from album (American Pie) by Don McLean
Castles In The AirDon Mclean And if she asks you why you can tell her that I told youThat I'm ti.. 
Were That Couple In The Castle
from album (Album Unknown) by Glenn Miller
WE'RE THAT COUPLE IN THE CASTLEGlenn MillerWe're at Nineteen Moonbeam Terrace,Overlooking St.. 
Dracula's Castle
from album (Waiting For The Sirens' Call) by New Order
What's the matter here? Something ain't right Tell me it's not true tell me it's all.. 
Darby's Castle
from album (Eggshells) by Shawn Mullins
See the ruin on the hill where the smoke is hangin still like an echo of an age long forgotten th.. 
Come To Me/Fantines Death
from album (Castle On A Cloud) by Les Miserables
Fantine is lying in a hospital bed dileriously dreaming of her daughter Cosette Fantine: Cosette it.. 
Lovely Ladies
from album (Castle On A Cloud) by Les Miserables
I smell women Smell 'em in the air Think I'll drop my anchor In that harbor over there Love.. 

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